Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Eliminate all Witnesses

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With a cry of surprise, the Fourth Elder who had been pushed back from the furious attack saw before his own eyes before he could even react, the Elder Senior’s broken sword being struck and sent flying away, and the Blue Edge with its brilliant blue glow being thrust right into the Senior Elder’s chest with a sickening swoosh…..

He could even see the wide eyed disbelief in the gaze of the Senior Elder.

He was looking like he wasn’t willing to accept, startled, and refusing to believe that he would die under the hands of an opponent he had slighted and despised.

The Fourth Elder watched as the Senior Elder fell over twitching horribly, his eyes showing he could not reconcile with his fate. The Fourth Elder’s heart jumped and he turned his eyes to look at the girl with her red clothes billowing out behind her. He saw her pulling the sword out and looking straight at him. And at that moment, his instinct was screaming at him to run!

Yes! Run!

That was the only thought in his head, and his body had reflexively responded and was about to make his getaway. However, his feet had just taken the first step and that demonic like voice suddenly sounded within his ears.

“I’ve told you, all who sees the Blue Edge, has to die!”

The moment the icy cold bloodthirsty voice dropped, a flash of red passed, suddenly standing before the Fourth Elder, smiling without a trace of mirth as she stared at the pale face that was twisted up in terror and fear.

“Where do you think you can run to?”


He shouted and raised the long sword in his hand while imbuing his mystical Qi into it, before slashing it down towards Feng Jiu.

Seeing that he had nowhere else to run, he had no choice but to fight to the death! Despite that he had been shocked by her strange skills when they had engaged earlier, there were no other options before him. To fight for a chance to live, he pushed out every single bit of the mystical Qi within him in an explosive surge. When the mystical Qi of a full Master Warrior was released, even the sand and dust stirred and lifted off the ground.

“I do not believe that a fully complete Master Warrior such as I, can be defeated by such a wrench!”

He shouted at her, the swirling mystical Qi around his body elevating his speed to its peak. When he struck, his body moved quick like a hurricane, ferocious as a tiger.

In response, Feng Jiu summoned all the mystical Qi within her, bringing it to a surge. Her advantage here was not in mystical Qi, but it was the Blue Edge Sword in her hand, and her fatal strikes delivered with lethal pinpoint precision!

She wasn’t about to compete with him in mystical Qi. She only wanted to kill her opponent in the shortest time possible, or else, the ruckus here would soon attract a bunch of cultivators here, and it would be hard for her to get away from here at that time.

The red figure moved in an endless flurry, borrowing from the Blue Edge Sword its unstoppable force, every single stroke of the sword a lethal strike, her technique quick and forceful. Even with the Four Elder with his guard up, he was unable to stand up against the Blue Edge Sword’s sharp slashes and Feng Jiu’s lethal attacks.

“Time to end this!”

She gripped the sword in two hands at the moment that the Fourth Elder was pushed back, and she pushed all her mystical Qi into the Blue Edge Sword, striking quickly with all her might in a slash right at him.

The Fourth Elder instinctively blocked the blow with the sword in his hand, but…..



A loud shriek tore through the sky. The sword in the Fourth Elder’s hand was slashed right through by Feng Jiu, together with his body, which was sliced in two halves as he fell to the ground.

Feng Jiu’s gaze quickly swept over the three corpses on the ground, the Blue Edge Sword in her hand lifting the Cosmos Sacks hanging at their hips. She summoned her Qi and leapt, over the wall in the tiny alley, quickly departing from there…..

Just as her front foot had just left the place, several cultivators immediately poured into the little alley. They had heard the sound of fighting and had come to investigate. But, when they entered the tiny alley and saw the gory scene there, their faces immediately changed colour, and some of them even vomited on the spot, unable to hold it in.

There was no need to be so merciless in killing a person, and the scene in there was really too bloody and gory, and all of them who saw it found it a little hard to stomach.

“The three people who died were Master Warriors!”

A braver elderly cultivator went to check the three people who died and when he realised the level of power they held, he was greatly shocked.

To have been able to kill three Master Warriors, just how powerful was that person! ?

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