Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Blue Edge Tastes Blood

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A loud crack of breaking sounded, the Senior Elder’s eyes widened in shock as he stared at the sword glowing blue in her hand before turning to look at the long crack in the sword he held in his hand, and his heart sank.

The next moment, the long sword in his hand broke into two under his opponent’s sword’s Qi and fell with a loud clatter onto the ground. At the same time, he could not dodge the malicious Qi emanating from the sword in time and he found his entire person suddenly thrown back from his spot.


He lost his balance and was falling a few steps backwards. Fortunately, the Fourth Elder behind managed to hold him, preventing him from having to fall embarrassingly to the ground.

“How is that possible? It can’t possibly be the Blue Edge Sword!”

The Senior Elder stared in disbelief at the legendary sword that was giving out a blue glow held in his opponent’s hand. The glow being emanating from it was bright and brilliant! Throughout the lands, only the legendary Blue Edge Sword could glow such a brilliant blue on it own!

Not just him, the Fourth Elder and the Xu Family’s Second Master were showing great astoundment on their faces at that moment. However, besides the shock and astoundment, their eyes were also tinged with greed, greed towards the sword of legend before their eyes.

The legendary Blue Edge Sword, it was the legendary sword among legends!

The Blue Edge Sword that had disappeared for so many years had suddenly resurfaced today, and it was right before their eyes. How could they not be excited? How could they resist the urge that grew in their hearts to want to possess it as their own?

The Blue Edge was pointed in a slant towards the ground, its blue glow pulsating, red clothes billowing out as a bloodthirsty aura flared out from Feng Jiu’s being.

She stared at the astounded faces and the covetous eyes of the three men, and her lips arced as the corners lifted, to reveal a sinister and chilling smile as she said: “Anyone who lays eyes on this sword, has to die!”

The moment the voice dropped, the red figure immediately swept out like a demon. However, she did not move towards the Senior Elder and the Fourth Elder, but had instead spun back, and with a sweep of the Blue Edge in hand, a malicious wave of the sword’s Qi tore through the air.


The Xu Family’s Second Master was caught completely unawares was a slash across his throat!

It was too abrupt for him to defend against, and also….. It had been too fast!

Till the moment of death, his eyes were still staring widely in disbelief. Till death, his heart had still been aggrieved…..

“Second Master!”

The Senior Elder and the Fourth Elder shouted out in surprise as they saw the figure falling over stiffly. It had just been a blink, and their Second Master’s life had been taken right before their eyes.

As the sword had moved so fast, so much so that the blood had not flowed out from the throat, till the body fell over and moved the wound on the neck that had taken his life. It was only then that the blood gushed out like a scarlet pillar as it shot upwards, staining the entire area garishly red…..

That was the brother the Head of the House favoured the most, and he was now dead as well….. They really could not imagine how big a rage the Head would be in when they went back.

Seeing the expressions the two men were showing on their faces, Feng Jiu laughed and said: “Do you really think that you will be able to leave here alive?”

From the moment she had drawn the Blue Edge Sword, she had not intended to let any of the three men walk out of this place alive.

[This little alley, will be their final resting place!]

Her eyes narrowed and a cold glint flashed within. Her murderous aura flared and the figure in red immediately rushed towards the two men. She flicked the Blue Edge Sword in her hand and the cold and sharp Qi of the Sword was thrown out, morphing into blades as they flew forward!

“Kill her!”

The two men shouted out in rage. The Senior Elder held his broken sword before him as he charged forward, while the Fourth Elder drew his sword as well to attack simultaneously. With the two of them combining their attacks, the oppressive aura of full Master Warriors instantly pervaded the entire small alley, the air suddenly turning thick and stifling.

‘Clank! Schink! Schink!’

As the swords clashed the sharp outflow of Qi and the sounds of sword fighting was incessant. And fear slowly creeped into their hearts as they were slowly engulfed by Feng Jiu’s bloodthirsty murderous aura, coupled with her lethal attacks that aimed to kill, delivered with uncanny precision, causing the two men to be feeling overwhelmed and a little flurried.


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