Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Fall Right Down!

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In the main building, the Hell’s Lord came out having just finished with his bath and beads of water were still hanging from the ends of his hair. He came to the table to sit down and was pouring himself a cup of water when he heard the voice of Shadow One coming in from outside.

“My Lord.”

“Come in.” His voice low and magnetic sounding from inside.

Shadow One came walking in when he heard the voice and seeing the Lord seated at the table, he went forward to ask: “My Lord, your subordinate has brought the people here. Do I let them come in now?”

“Ask them to come in.”

“Yes!” Shadow One’s voice was tinged with delight as he immediately went out to lead the people in.

The Hell’s Lord looked at him with a puzzled look in his eyes, not knowing what Shadow One was being so happy about.

What he really didn’t know at all was a certain little rascally one was climbing up onto the roof from a tree, silently creeping towards the roof right over the main house.

And as at Hell’s Lord’s courtyard in the main house had only two guards and no one else hidden among the shadows, no one discovered the red figure creeping silently over the roofs.

Shadow One retreated immediately upon leading the two ladies in, closing the door shut behind him as he left, to stand guard outside in the yard with a wide smile split across his face.

In the room, the Hell’s Lord looked at the two absolutely stunning ladies but in his mind, he was thinking of the disfigured face of that lass. His eyes flashed faintly and he was seemingly rather distracted.

“My Lord, let your servant her wipe my Lord’s hair dry!” One of the ladies said softly as she stared at the man who was as beautiful looking as a celestial deity, her eyes sparkling, mesmerized and filled with joy.

The Hell’s Lord snapped back to his senses. When he saw the lady who was dressed in a full red dress, his brows creased together and he said in a displeased tone: “Who allowed you to wear red?”

The highly oppressive aura flared out very naturally from the Hell’s Lord tyrannically and dominatingly, terrifying the two ladies so badly that they immediately fell to their knees.

“My Lord! For….. Forgive us.”

And at that same moment, Feng Jiu who was up above on the roof suppressed her presence and secretly pried open one tile to look inside, to see the two ladies kneeling on the ground as they trembled before the Hell’s Lord.

In her heart, she silently thought to herself: [He really doesn’t know how to treat the fairer sex tenderly.]

“Get up. Wring my hair dry.” The Hell’s Lord said with a darkened face, trying his best to retract his oppressive aura.

“Yes yes my Lord.” The lady in red replied hurriedly, getting up to walk over to the screen to pick up the towel hanging there before going forward to carefully help the Hell’s Lord wipe off the water beads hanging at the end of his hair.

The Hell’s Lord then stared at the other pretty lady standing in front of him with her head lowered and his brows knitted together before he said: “You. Come here.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

The other lady acknowledged and raised her head shyly with a tinge of timidness as she glanced at the Hell’s Lord, before shifting her tiny feet to come before him.

The Hell’s Lord stared at the slender waist before him and he raised his hand up to embrace it. But once his arm was clasped around it, the feeling immediately felt wrong. That was obviously a lady just the same, similarly a woman’s hips, so how come the feeling he got while his arm was around it felt so different?

The lady saw that the Hell’s Lord’s arm clasped around her hips was loosening and tightening intermittently and in a moment of delight, she leaned her entire body over as she breathed out softly: “My Lord…..”

Her voice had just sounded when her entire person was roughly pushed away, causing her to fall wretchedly onto the floor.

“Ahh!” The lady screamed out in shock, her eyes brimming with tears from having fallen so hard to the ground, her face looking doleful and bashful as she looked at the man who had changed his attitude so suddenly and drastically.

When Shadow One heard the cry of surprise in the room, he pushed the door open and came running inside in a hurry. “What happened?”

However, when he saw the scene within the room, he was a little stunned.

“Who allowed you to lean upon your Lord’s body?”

The Hell’s Lord stood up and all of his chilling oppressive aura came flaring out, highly terrifying, shocking the two ladies in the room to fall trembling on their knees, not daring to even raise their heads.

All of a sudden, a faint and tiny sound came from atop the roof and the Hell’s Lord’s eyes immediately turned icy as he shouted: “Who is that! ?” Energy gathered in his palm and he threw it straight up towards the roof.


Feng Jiu cried out in shock, her entire body falling down having been caught completely unprepared.

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