Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 197

Chapter 197: A Dragon with Two Phoenixes

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The Hell’s Lord swept him a glance and said in a deep voice: “Go when I tell you to. Why do you have so many questions?”

“Yes yes yes, your subordinate will go inform them now.” Shadow One acknowledged in delight, quickly moving outside.

[The Heavens has opened its eyes and the Lord is finally interested in women! These past two days had him really worried, afraid that the Lord would show some broken sleeve tendencies.]

Having been in the Clear Wind Tower for a few days, Grey Wolf was just coming back when he saw Shadow One with his face split with a foolish grin and Grey Wolf was somewhat puzzled so he stopped Shadow One to ask: “What is it? What made you so happy?”

“Eh? You’re back? Was your stay in the Clear Wind Tower good?” Shadow One asked teasingly with a laugh.

When he heard that being brought up, Grey Wolf’s face darkened. “Don’t even mention the Clear Wind Tower to me.” Saying that, Grey Wolf shot Shadow One a glance and asked: “You haven’t told me. What could have made you so happy?”

“Heh heh. Let me tell you. The Lord asked me to go to the Tower of Beauties to go make arrangements to have two beauties sent to him tonight.” Shadow One went close to say with a smile, his face filled with joy.

“La….. Ladies?” Grey Wolf asked, staring at Shadow One in astonishment. “The Lord really asked you to go arrange for two women to go serve him tonight? Could I have heard you wrongly?”

It’s true. I think, that the Lord has finally been enlightened.”

Grey Wolf’s face was one of disbelief as he continued to ask: “In the few days that I have not been around, did anything special happen? Has my Lord….. been agitated by anything?”

It must be known that their Lord usually could not even stand females coming close to him so how could it be possible that he would ask Shadow One to arrange for two women to go over? Could it be his Lord’s abhorrence of women had been cured?

“We’ll talk about it when I come back. I need to go over to the Tower of Beauties to inform them about it.” Shadow One said while he patted Grey Wolf on the shadow, taking wide strides towards the Tower of Beauties.

From his perspective, picking out two beauties to serve his Lord tonight was a big thing and he could not afford to be careless.

Night came and Feng Jiu came out to walk around a little, taking a stroll to aid with digestion. When she came to the outside of the pavillion, she saw Shadow One leading two ladies with ravishing countenances and highly shapely bodies walking over in approach from the direction of the rock garden. In a moment of curiosity, she then called out.

“Shadow One.”

Shadow One heard her voice and turned to look, to see the youth dressed in his red clothes and his mouth split into a grin. “So it’s the Ghost Doctor! What a coincidence.”

Feng Jiu went over, her gaze looking at the two highly ravishly ladies behind Shadow One as she asked: “Why are there two such peerlessly ravishing beauties here? They couldn’t be beauties from the Tower of Beauties could they?”

From what she had been able to gather, only the Tower of Beauties had beautiful women throughout the Hell’s Palace. In the other places, even in the Hell’s Lord’s own courtyard, people who served him were a bunch of shadow guards and it was rare to see women like this moving about.

“Heh heh. The Ghost Doctor is the Ghost Doctor indeed. You got it right with just one guess.”

Shadow One seemed to be willing to explain it a little further and after glancing at the two highly ravishing ladies, he said to Feng Jiu: “They are the newest additions to the Tower of Beauties and it was the Lord who instructed me to bring them over to accompany him in sleep.”

“Accompany….. Him in sleep?”

Feng Jiu stared wide eyed and stunned and her face had a strange expression as she asked: “Two at a time? will your Lord be able to withstand it?”

Hearing those words, Shadow One was immediately displeased and the colour of his face darkened. “What is there to withstand or not? You’ve seen my Lord’s strong and vigorous body. Are you saying that my Lord just looks good outside and useless on the inside?”

Hearing that being said, the corner of Feng Jiu’s mouth twitched and she was at a loss for words.

“I shall not stop the Ghost Doctor from his stroll anymore.” Shadow One said as he led the ladies towards the main building.

Seeing that, Feng Jiu’s eyes glinted and an evil smile curled up on her lips as she immediately followed right behind them.

One dragon against two phoenixes, how could she not go watch and learn from it?

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