Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Preoccupied and Distracted

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“I didn’t do much but to merely help him change his clothes and then went to sleep.”

Feng Jiu said, sounding a little helpless. [She was now a man alright? Being stared at with a gaze like that while being questioned, did they really think that she might have committed some unspeakable deeds with their Lord?]

“Sle….. slept?”

Old Lin exclaimed in flabbergasted shock, his voice raising up in pitch due to surprise. And at the moment his words came out, everyone within the courtyard turned their heads to look at them.

“What are you shouting out so loudly for? We slept separately.” Feng Jiu said in resignation with a roll of his eyes.

“Whew! You scared this old man for a moment.”

Old Lin patted himself on the chest as he blew out a deep breath to say: “Oh right! In the next couple of days, concoct another few bottles of medicine for me! Third grade ones will do, best if it’s another two or three bottles of fourth grade ones, or the same one you gave me before will do as well.”

Hearing that, her eyes turned around and she said: “Sure, I’ll go up and get the herbs.” Upon saying that, she went on her own upstairs.

In regards to how the Lord treated the youth, he was to be allowed to take whatever herbs as he wished, and he would just need need to have it recorded. Hence, Old Lin did not follow the youth upstairs.

Two days later, in the main building.

At the stone table within the courtyard, the Hell’s Lord supported his head lightly with one hand, a book held in the other. His eyes did not leave the pages of the book and his demeanor was one where he was completely absorbed, but…..

A corner of Shadow One’s mouth twitched, gazing up into the skies in speechlessness.

He had already been standing there for close to two hours, struggling inside as he thought. [Should I inform the Lord that he is holding his book upside down?]

But seeing that his Lord would turn a page at certain intervals after moments have passed, he then thought to himself whether that book was supposed to be read upside down?

“Shadow One.”

Hearing his Lord call him, Shadow One immediately snapped back to attention and took a step forward to reply loudly: “Your subordinate awaits!”

The Hell’s Lord’s eyes lifted up from his book and he looked with a slightly confused gaze at Shadow One standing ramrod straight with his chest puffed up, looking highly stalwart and spirited as he asked: “What are you doing?”

“Your subordinate awaits the Lord’s orders!”

The Hell’s Lord’s gaze measured him from head to toe and after looking lost in thought for a moment, he went on to ask: “Tell me, when a person always unconsciously thinks of another person all the time, what could be the cause?”

“Thinking of killing him!”

Shadow One replied without even thinking. Because, when someone was always on his mind, that person would be someone he wanted to kill very badly.

Hearing that, the Hell’s Lord glanced at him with a strange gaze and then went on to say: “If it was not to kill but was instead thinking…..” His words paused, as it was hard to express what he had in mind.

“Not to kill him?”

Shadow One looked towards the Hell’s Lord and all of a sudden, looking like he just thought of something, he hesitated a moment before saying: “My Lord, if it was a man thinking about a woman, then that man must have certain designs towards that woman. But…..”

“But what?”

“But if it was a man thinking of a man, then….. then I’m afraid that man might be fond of other men.”

Shadow One said it very carefully, paying close attention to the expression on his Lord’s face.

“Have certain designs towards that woman?”

The Hell’s Lord mumbled, thinking it to be unimaginable. Because he had a strong dislike of women, how could he have any designs towards any woman?

But, his mind had always unconsciously given rise to the image of that person and that pair of smiling and highly crafty eyes. And the kind of strange feelings his heart had been filled with made him think that he had to clear it all up.

“Tonight, go to the Tower of Beauties and bring over two of their ladies.”

The Hell’s Lord sudden command shocked Shadow One greatly, causing him to become both surprised and delighted at the same time. He then asked a little uncertainly: “My Lord, what…. what did you just say? Was it for your subordinate to bring you two ladies tonight to wait upon my Lord?”

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