Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Slightly Moved

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When the Hell’s Lord heard her voice, he immediately turned his head to look. When he saw her slipping upon the stones under her feet, he leapt forward towards the side of the pond, and went forward to catch her almost by instinct.

But, when her person fell into his arms, he was suddenly startled and he froze.

A young lady’s petite figure crashed into his arms, the soft body stuck against his sturdy and firm chest. The faint fragrant scent of herbs that belonged uniquely to her wafted into his nose, stirring up a tiny ripple in his heart…..

That pair of fair white hands were tightly gripped around his shirt collar before him, her tiny face buried within his chest. He could only see the smooth and luxurious ink black hair and the little person in his arms then raised her head in startlement, her eyes meeting his lowered penetrating gaze. At such close proximity, their four eyes meeting each other, an unnamed emotion then spread through his heart.

And that situation fell into the eyes of Shadow One who had been standing not too far away, which had turned into one where the two people looked tenderly into each other’s eyes, causing him to feel highly confused in his heart.

[Isn’t that so? That’s two big men there! Even if the youth was a little petite in size, but it was nevertheless still hard to disregard the fact that he was still male. But now, his Lord was actually embracing the man at the waist and not releasing his grip, with them sticking so close to each other and staring into each others’ eyes.]

That scene had made Shadow One instinctively look around at the surroundings, thinking that he should not let anyone witness this. Otherwise, his Lord’s whole life’s stellar repute would be completely destroyed!

Feng Jiu was however stunned as she stared at the Hell’s Lord who had an arm wrapped around her waist, her mind devoid of all those messy and nameless kind of feelings. Her only thought at that moment was: [She was a man at that very moment. Is it really appropriate for the Hell’s Lord to be hugging a man like this?]

Being stared at by the that highly penetrating gaze like this, she could not help but feel a shiver run through her and goose pimples broke out all over her body as she quickly retreated away.

“Apologies, apologies, I just slipped for a moment.”

Feng Jiu said as she backed away, laughing sheepishly while she said: “I just came over to offer a simple greeting. You just carry one with what you were doing. Carry on.”

Seeing the woman leaving like she was running for her life, the Hell’s Lord lowered his head and stared at his hand, seemingly recalling about something which made Shadow One who stood by the side unable to hold himself back but to speak up.

“My Lord, at the….. Beauty Tower, a few very beautiful ladies just arrived a couple of days ago.”

Hearing that, the Hell’s Lord turned to look at him and said: “And then?”

“And then….. And your subordinate was thinking whether my Lord needs me to summon them over to serve you tonight?”

Upon saying those words, Shadow One saw his Lord sweep an icy gaze upon him, making his scalp crawl so hard he almost could not endure it adequately and was about to fall to his knees.

On another side of the Hell’s Palace, Feng Jiu rubbed her arms vehemently as she walked, muttering to herself: “That Hell’s Lord, could he really have the broken sleeve habit? Even if he did, he wouldn’t really have set his sights on me would he? Afterall, my face is so badly disfigured and with this black green goo on my face all this time, how could he possibly have fallen for me?”

“He couldn’t possibly have, he wouldn’t have. I must be thinking too much into it.”

She breathed out deeply to calm her heart and seeing the Medical Tower in front of her, she widened her stride to walk towards it, to greet Old Lin who was checking the herbs in the yard: “Old Lin! It’s Ghostly!”

Old Lin turned his head back to look at her and then suddenly looked to his left and right before coming besides her to ask: “I heard, that the Lord asked you to guard his sleep throughout the night last night?”

“Mm.” Feng Jiu acknowledged with a nod of her head.

“Why would the Lord ask you to guard his sleep? What did he ask you to do?” Old Lin’s tone of voice was surprised, the gaze he looked at her with puzzled.

Hearing those words and then seeing Old Lin’s nosey demeanor, Feng Jiu’s mouth twitched…..

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