Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Feel Unwell All Over

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“What are you doing standing there in a daze?”

Hearing his Lord’s voice reaching his ears that was faintly tinged with displeasure, he immediately snapped back to attention and threw a quick glance towards the youth who was eating happily away, before hurriedly acknowledging.

“Yes, my Lord.”

He then walked outside and ordered the guards standing there to go ask the kitchen to bring in another round of breakfast.

Seeing the several steaming hot dishes of little snacks and various cuisines, Feng Jiu’s eyes immediately lit up. She then very helpfully picked a few pieces for the Hell’s Lord, in a show of ingratiation.

“Hell’s Lord, you should eat. Have some of this.” Thereafter, she did not even bother to see whether he ate or not, after just picking food that one round, she began to eat.

Seeing the youth helping his Lord pick out food, Shadow One who was standing at the side in waiting stared and said: “You can just pick and eat on your own, why are you picking food for the Lord? My Lord doesn’t eat…..”

The words “food picked by others” had not even been spoken when he saw his dominating and revered Lord staring at the food in his bowl a moment, before he picked them up with his chopsticks and eating it. That made him feel like a gasp of air had suddenly become lodged right inside his chest, neither going up nor down, making him feel highly uncomfortable.

When Feng Jiu saw him eat, her eyes narrowed up with smiles, completely thinking herself to be the host, forgetting just who was sponging on who in whose courtyard, as she picked some food for herself before picking up a little bit for for the Lord.

“Hell’s Lord, have a taste of this. You haven’t had any of this yet!”

She picked out the last piece of a snack within a little dish for him. Every single little dish had four pieces of the snacks and it was only after Feng Jiu ate the other three pieces, before she would pick out the last piece for the Lord, the kind of attention even causing the Hell’s Lord to raise up his eyebrow briefly.

Shadow One who watched from the side was almost about to cry. He wanted to shout out so much: [My Lord, can’t you be a little more aloof? Why are you accepting everything? You eat whatever that youth picks out for you? That is a man in front of you, you know? Where’s your integrity?]

The one meal of breakfast, had Feng Jiu feeling so happy in her heart. She caressed her rounded little belly and burped before standing up to say: “I need to go back now! Whew, so full.”

Seeing that fellow who just stood up with sweep of her behind to leave immediately right after breakfast, the Hell’s Lord then swept his gaze over the dishes that had been completely cleaned out and asked: “Haven’t he been provided with meals?”

Shadow One lowered his head and replied: “Yes, he was. But, the things others eat would definitely not be as good as what my Lord has.” The meals the Lord ate were all personally prepared by top grade chefs and every single dish was exquisite and delicious, naturally something that the food all the others ate could not compare with.

Hearing that, the Hell’s Lord nodded his head and stood up, walking towards the outside as well.

Shadow One saw it and immediately followed behind, to go out of the courtyard to order the guards there: “Get people to come clear up the table.” He then quickly moved to catch up to his Lord up front.

Returning back to her courtyard, Feng Jiu washed off the medical salve cleanly off her face and saw that the scars on her face were growing more faint by the day. She could not help but smile happily to say: “The biggest advantage in coming here would be this.”

She applied some more of the salve back on and she then went walking outside with her face covered with the salve, intending to walk around a little to help with digestion, never having thought that when she came to the side of the miniature rock mountain, she would see the black figure standing by the pond with his hands held behind his back.

Seeing that figure in black holding his hands behind as he stood, his half turned face handsome and stalwart, that silver half mask glinting brightly from the reflection under the sun’s rays. She secretly shook her head and then scolded in scorn: [demon.]

She had initially intended to walk away, but when she remembered the meal she had sponged at his courtyard this morning, she gave it another thought and finally went walking over.

“Hell’s Lord, you….. WHOA!”

Her words had barely just left her mouth when because her foot had slipped, her entire person went falling forward.

Shadow One who was standing not too far away saw him slip and his entire being lost his balance. Seeing that he was about to fall into the pond, Shadow one was secretly laughing to himself: [Kid, you deserve it!]

But the scene that his eyes saw after that made him feel unwell all over.

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