Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Refusing to Let Go

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When the Hell’s Lord saw that all too familiar figure in red, his eyes narrowed as he shot himself forward to catch the person falling.

And Feng Jiu instinctively clasped her arms around his neck, burying her face in right by his head. It was till she discovered that she was safe that she raised her head up and when she saw the darkened expression on his face, she smiled a highly sheepish smile.

“Oh, Hell’s Lord. I hope….. I have not disturbed you have I?”

The moment the voice dropped, her gaze fell upon that face without his mask and she suddenly felt, that the face seemed somewhat familiar.

When Shadow One saw that it was that youth once again, he unconsciously raised his palm over his face as he thought: [Why is this kid everywhere? It’s just unfathomable!]

And seeing that it was the kid falling, the Lord had even immediately gone running up to catch him, like he was worried that the kid would be hurt. That one moment where the Lord had looked so anxious made his own face turn pale.

[Blast it! The Lord really has his eyes set on that kid!]

Cradling the person in his arms, the Hell’s Lord’s face was dark and his voice tinged with anger as he asked: “What are you doing up there on the roof? Don’t you know if you’re not careful you could very well be taken to be an assassin and be killed?”

[Damn it! How could this woman be such a handful! ?]

[If not for the fact that he had been able to see that it was her and that was why he had not lashed out with a palm, this woman here will already be dead!]

“Heh heh heh, I had climbed up to the roof to….. to….. admire the moon! That’s right! Admire the moon.”

Feng Jiu continued to smile sheepishly and suddenly seeing that the Hell’s Lord was still carrying her in his arms, she quickly added: “Hell’s Lord, you can put me down now.”

At that moment, the Hell’s Lord’s gaze had fallen instead onto Feng Jiu’s arm, where her red clothes had been torn to reveal a bleeding gash upon her fair skinned arm.

Seeing his gaze staring at her arm, Feng Jiu turned to look as well. And with that glance, she said with a laugh: “That must have been a scratch from the tiles when I fell. It’s nothing much. It will be fine after I go back and bandage it up.”

As she said that, she struggled thinking to climb down from his arms. Who knew that he would refuse to release his grip and then use such a chilling gaze so filled with rage that looked at her so threateningly that it made her freeze, not daring to move another inch.

[Just what is wrong with this guy? Completely ignoring two highly coquettish and graceful beauties standing right there and insisting so persistently on holding onto this “man”?]

“Hell’s Lord, you…..”

“Shut up!”

He shouted in a deep booming voice, carrying Feng Jiu to walk towards the table. Seeing the two ladies still kneeling there, he unconsciously furrowed up his brows slightly as he said: “Shadow One, send them back!”

“My Lord…..”


Feng Jiu shouted, as she stared at the Hell’s Lord carrying her and refusing to let go and then went on to say: “Aren’t they brought here to wait on you in sleep? Why would you chase them away? Look at these two beauties, so delicate and incredibly beautiful. With such alluring figures, what a pity it is to send them back!”

Shadow One was for once looking at Feng Jiu with approval in his eyes, feeling that those words completely reflected what he felt in his heart.

[It was only after so long that the Lord had opened his mouth to ask for two beauties to come wait on him and if he was to send them back right now, wouldn’t he have busied himself into a tizzy for nothing?

[It was alright for him to have busied himself for nothing but the problem was if the Lord was led astray this time, what was he then to do?]

“Wait on me in sleep?”

The Hell’s Lord looked Feng Jiu: “Who told you that they were here to wait on me in sleep?”

“Shadow One did!” She didn’t even think at all before she spoke.

Hearing that, the Hell’s Lord swept a frosty glance upon Shadow One and then lowered his head to look at the woman he held in his arms to ask: “So, you then came crawling secretly up upon my roof?”

“Heh heh, it was all because I haven’t seen such a fascinating kind of battle…..” Once those words came out, it didn’t feel right and she quickly clamped her mouth shut.

Shadow One could no longer make himself stand by and watch and with the high possibility he could be sent flying with a swat, he opened his mouth to suggest: “My Lord, do you want….. to put the Ghost Doctor down first?”

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