Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 191

Chapter 191: Remaining to Take the Night Watch

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Feng Jiu had not even been able to see what was happening inside before she saw a wind element force rushing straight at her, pushing her entire person right outside.

Not just Feng Jiu was stunned. Even Shadow One who was dressing the Hell’s Lord’s wound and Old Lin who had come rushing here were equally shocked.

“My….. Lord?”

“Get him out!” The Hell’s Lord said in a suppressed tone.

Seeing that, Shadow One immediately came walking out and said to the flabbergasted Feng Jiu: “You should go outside.”

Feng Jiu stretched her head out a little, seeking to peek inside a little to see what was going on when she heard the Hell’s Lord’s voice rang out.

“Shadow One, throw that person out!”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu immediately slipped herself outside, as she grumbled in displeasure: “It wasn’t my idea to come here, why is there a need to shout? That’s just preposterous!”

Old Lin then walked inside in a hurry as he asked: “Where is the Lord wounded?”

“He was bitten by a venomous snake at the back of his thigh. I have treated the Lord’s wound and purged the venom out. The Lord has also taken the Poison Clear Elixir and it should be alright now. But the sword wound upon the arm might not allow the Lord to move it too much for the next few days.”

As Shadow One spoke, he looked at the Hell’s Lord and said: “My Lord, the medicine hasn’t been applied onto the wound.”

Hearing that, the Hell’s Lord the flipped the blanket open, to reveal the wound on the back of his thigh near to the buttocks.

As the wound was caused by a bite from a venomous snake, Shadow One had cut a small cross over the wound and then summoned his Qi to purge the venom. He had been just about to apply the medicine when the two of them had come rushing in.

But, they were all men. So why had the Lord chased the Ghost Doctor out?

Although doubt filled his heart, he did not dare question his Lord as he retreated to one side, to allow Old Lin to take over. After applying the medicine, Old Lin bandaged up the wound and the Hell’s Lord then put his pants on before tying up the belt where he the worked on the wound upon the arm.

Outside in the yard, Feng Jiu sat feeling rather bored as she looked at the stars in the sky, thinking how Leng Shuang was doing. Having found no sign of her, Leng Shuang must be worried half to death!

When she thought about that, she felt that it was about time for her to slip herself out from the place.

But, having come here for several days already, she was not not able to see what kind of a person the Hell’s Lord was.

He had gone to the Poison Gorge to steal the Heavenly Heart Flame Lotus which was one of the most critical treasured magical herb for treating the Thousand Year Frost Poison. Thousand Year Frost Poison? The Hell’s Lord? And that big bearded uncle? Just how were these three people linked?

She was thinking deeply when she heard Old Lin’s voice ring out in her ears.

“Ghostly, are you still here? You can go back and sleep now! The Lord is fine.” Old Lin said rather apologetically. He had thought that the Lord had been severely wounded and had hence dragged Ghostly to come here together with him, but had not expected that he would be chased out by the Lord.

“Old Lin, the Heavenly Heart Flame Lotus is a herb that one cannot do without when treating Frost Poison. The Hell’s Lord had taken such great pains to go steal it from the Poison Gorge. Just who is this person to the Hell’s Lord that had been afflicted with Frost Poison?”

“This….. Haha, you will know about it in the future.”

Old Lin laughed heartily and said: “It had become so late and if you are not going back to sleep, I still have to return to catch a few winks for a little while more. I’m getting old and unable to compare with young ones like you.” As he spoke, he waved his hand and began making his way outside.

Seeing that, Feng Jiu also stood up and was all prepared to go back to sleep for awhile in her little courtyard. Who knew that a voice would then reach her from behind.

“Ghost Doctor, I am allowing you to remain behind and take the night watch.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu turned her head back in confusion as she said: “Night watch? For what?”

Shadow One cast his gaze to glance at the youth and then said: “With the Lord’s orders,, there shouldn’t be any what or why. The Lord’s leg and arm isn’t fine and you just have to do whatever the Lord tells you.”

Seeing that even Shadow One was leaving after speaking, Feng Jiu’s eyes stared wide.

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