Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 192

Chapter 192: What Are You Doing?

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“Come in!”

Hearing the voice coming from inside the room, she gritted her teeth and opened her stride to walk inside. Coming to the inner portion of the room, she saw the Hell’s Lord half lying upon his bed, she then asked: “What is it?”

The Hell’s Lord glanced at her and it was not known what was going through his mind. After a brief moment, He then said: “Help me change into clean clothes.”

“Why didn’t you ask Shadow One to help you change?”

Her words had come out instinctively and they immediately brought about an icy gaze from the Hell’s Lord. Seeing that, she then cowardly backed down in weakness as she asked: “Where are your clothes?”

“In the wardrobe.”

His gaze fell upon her and saw her opening the cupboard to flip through his clothes into one big mess before pulling out a set of white inner robe paired with a black outer robe.

Coming to the bedside, Feng Jiu stared at him lying upon the bed and suddenly laughed as she asked: “You need me to help you strip off your clothes?”


His eyes were fixed upon her, thinking to see whether there would be any trace of a girl’s bashfulness. However, he was sorely disappointed when he saw her eyes immediately lighting up from the one word he said, her gaze looking suddenly like a wolf’s as they fixed upon his body, those eyes hungry and filled with lust.

Seeing her like this, he really could not imagine what kind of a family would groom a girl to grow up into someone like this!

There was another point that amazed him very much. Against her touch, he did not know from when that had grown to become a habit, that he did not feel the kind of disgust that he felt when touched by other women.

He attributed that strange phenomenon to be due to the fact that he had always mistakenly thought of her as a young male youth, which made his mind to not show any form of rejection.

Upon hearing him say that, Feng Jiu was suddenly rather excited. Her face split into a smile as she placed the clothes at the head of the bed, swallowing back her saliva as she reached her hand out, her voice tinged with excitement as she asked: “Then, I going to take them off now?”

“Just helping your Lord change clothes can get you so excited? What’s getting you so excited about?” He asked, thinking it rather hilarious, feeling that the way her mind worked was really rather strange.

“Heh heh, haven’t I said it before? I love handsome men the absolute most! Especially someone like you, the Hell’s Lord. With the rare opportunity given to me to change Hell’s Lord’s clothes, how can I hold back my excitement?” She said with a pair of highly smiling eyes, her hands undoing his top, the shirt front half opened, revealing the highly sexy bronze gold pectoral muscles on his chest, causing Feng Jiu to gulp incessantly.

[Damn! Is this a killer body or what! ?]

The beautiful specimen of a man lay on the bed with the front of his shirt half opened, the bronze gold chest teasingly exposed right before her eyes. The half face mask covering his face did not allow his countenance to be fully seen but that pair of deep and penetrating eyes were highly seductive like the devil’s, the alluring thin lips slightly opened from some unknown delight with the corners curled up faintly. The manly charm exuded from that body so strongly that Feng Jiu almost could not hold herself back from pouncing right onto him.

That was just a blatant bait for people to commit a crime on him! If it wasn’t because he held such dominating power, tsk tsk, she would have just pounced on him straight away!

At that same moment, the Hell’s Lord had because of her statement: love handsome men the absolute most! Especially men like the Hell’s Lord would make her heart thump.

The strange feeling in his heart that rose in his heart was a first for him, a little glad, a little pleasing, not even realizing that a faint arc had curled up the corners of his lips.

Seeing her gulping back her saliva because of his body and her eyes absolutely shining, he strangely felt a certain kind of pride and glee. When he realized the abnormality of the kind of feelings he had at that moment, a certain unease passed over his eyes and he coughed lightly before saying in a low and slightly strained voice: “Stop tarrying and make it fast!”

“Sure sure sure!”

Her eyes had become two arcs in smiles and she took off his shirt in quick order. Her hand had then just touched the top of his pants when he held her hand in a tight grip.

“What are you doing?”

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