Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Get Out!

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The man laughed evilly and said: “Of course I’m just carrying out the Lord’s orders! Do you really think that I can just let you remain hiding here inside this room?”

“Ay ay! Ren Yu, you’re being too much!”

“I’m just carrying out the Lord’s orders and I will not carry things too far. Rest assured, I will take care of you a little and will not let you lose your first time.” The man said with a smile, waving his hand to indicate that the attendants were to go forward to help Grey Wolf change his clothes.

“I’ll change myself! I don’t need them!” Grey Wolf shouted. But even he picked up that red pierce of clothing that was thin as a cicada’s silk, his face turned as black as the bottom of a pot and he exclaimed: “I… I’m just wearing this? This… this is completely transparent!”

Ren Yu shot a sidelong glance at him and said: “You can also choose to go out there completely naked. I strongly believe that with you being the star attraction, our business these few days will surely be just explosive.”

And like that, Grey Wolf was forced to change into that sheer red gauze, with makeup put on, and sent up on stage…..

Meanwhile on another side, upon hearing that the Hell’s Lord had gone out, Feng Jiu slipped out to the mountain behind to give herself a nice bath in the hot spring.

To Feng Jiu, being at this hot spring in the mountain behind felt safer than being in her little courtyard. Those people came into her courtyard as and when they pleased and they did not even bother to knock, which put her on tenterhooks even to take a bath, forcing her to quickly finish up to get it over and done with. How could that compare to her being able to comfortably and freely take her time here, without needing to fear people barging in any moment?

Having soaked herself for a good hour, she dressed herself up and pulled out the salve from the space and applied a layer over her face. Throughout the recent period, no matter whether it was night or day, her face was always covered with a layer of the salve. She had checked herself before. The scars on her face had faded by quite a bit and it would not be long before they would all disappear.

After applying the salve, she silently left the hot spring in the mountain behind and went back to her little courtyard. Back in her room, she closed all the windows and doors tightly and blew out the candle to shroud the entire place in darkness before she went into the space to cultivate her spirit energy.

Ever since coming here, she had not had much opportunity to cultivate as a single moment of carelessness might just lead to her possession of the Space Ring and her Spirit powers being discovered.

Once inside the space, she went to take a look at the Fire Phoenix who was still deep in sleep. Seeing that it was not showing any signs of awakening, she sat herself down in a lotus position and recited the Qi Gathering chant as she cultivated…..

It was till the second half of the night that she was startled awake within the space by the ruckus outside and she quickly went out of the space with a flash to appear on her bed where she immediately heard her room door being pushed open.

“Ghostly! Quick! Come with me quickly!” Old Lin was in a fluster as he rushed forward coming to drag her out.

“Old Lin?”

Feng Jiu stared at him in surprise and asked: “What happened? Where are we going in the middle of the night?”

“The Hell’s Lord went to the Poison Gorge to steal the Heartless Flame Lotus and got hurt. Quickly come with me to go take a look at him!” Knowing that Feng Jiu possessed great skills in Medicine, immediately upon knowing that the Lord had been injured, Old Lin had in the first instance rushed over here to drag Feng Jiu to go over with him.

Hearing that, Feng Jiu was bewildered as she asked: “Isn’t his cultivation very powerful? How did he get hurt?” Though while she spoke, she grabbed at the coat at the head of her bed and put it on, to follow Old Lin outside. “You wouldn’t know what kind of a place the Poison Gorge is. It is a place filled with venomous poison everywhere and the Lord of the Poison Gorge himself is highly powerful at the Nascent Soul stage, a cultivator of Immortality and he is well versed in poisons. Hence, regardless of how powerful our Lord is, it is inadvertent that he can escape unscathed.”

Feng Jiu followed Old Lin as they hurried over to the main building. The courtyard that belonged to the Hell’s Lord himself, it was also the first time Feng Jiu had come to this place.

Old Lin led Feng Jiu quickly into the room as he asked worriedly: “Shadow One, how is the Lord? Where is he hurt? Is it serious?”

Lying prone upon the bed with his buttocks exposed as Shadow One tended to his wound, the Hell’s Lord turned his head to the side and spotted the figure following behind Old Lin. He immediately pulled the blanket up to cover himself as he growled with a low and chilly voice tinged with an almost undetectable trace of humiliation.

“Get out!”

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