Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 189

Chapter 189: Perpetually Standing

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Seeing the youth before him laughing so happily, Old Lin shook his head and said: “If you needs any more herbs, just help yourself to them upstairs. I will bring the medicine to the Lord first.” Saying that, he strode himself out, leaving Feng Jiu to chortle delightedly on her own.

When Old Lin came to the main building and he saw no sign of Grey Wolf who was always by the Lord’s side but instead found Shadow One standing guard in the yard, he went on to ask: “Shadow One, why do I not see Grey Wolf around?”

Hearing those words, a corner of Shadow One’s mouth twitched and he cast a quick glance towards the inside before he whispered with a hushed voice: “Grey Wolf is in the Clear Wind Tower serving customers!”

“What?” Old Lin was startled and he said in almost a squeal: “Serving customers in Clear… Clear Wind Tower?” [Did he just hear that correctly?]

Shadow One made a shushing action and pointed towards the inside, gesturing for Old Lin to keep his voice down.

Old Lin wiped at the cold sweat upon his face and said: “I have something I need to tell the Lord about. I’ll go in now.”

Before the study desk, the Hell’s Lord sat perusing news and information that had been sent here from various places. At that moment, two knocks sounded upon the room’s door and Old Lin’s voice came floating in.

“My Lord, your subordinate had something I need to report.”

“Come in.”

Old Lin drew in a deep breath and then walked himself inside. See the figure in black busy behind the desk, he went forward and bowed respectfully before he presented the medicine.

“My Lord. This medicine was concocted by Ghostly and your subordinate has seen it. It’s of the fourth grade.”

Hearing those words, the Hell’s Lord put down the scrolls he held in his hands and lifted his head up to say: “He concocted medicine that’s of the fourth grade?”

“Yes, and it’s of a superior fourth grade. Among all the medicine produced in our Medical Tower, we have never seen one of a superior fourth grade.” When he spoke of that, Old Lin was getting rather excited. He had not thought that the unremarkable looking Ghostly would really possess such capabilities. Little wonder the Lord had shown the kid such preferential treatment.

The Hell’s Lord was deep in thought for a moment before he spoke: “When you go back, let the youth imbue his own insignia onto the bottle and then send the medicine to the auction house. Ask them to auction it off under the name of the Ghost Doctor.”

Hearing that, Old Lin was slightly startled. “My Lord wants to elevate the fame of the Ghost Doctor?” If it was done through the hands of the Hell’s Palace, it would take less than three months before the name of the Ghost Doctor would be known throughout the entire Green Gallops Country!

“Get it done!” The Hell’s Lord did not want to say much more as he waved his hand to indicate that Old Lin should leave.

“Yes, my Lord.” Old Lin bowed and then retreated out from the room.

And on another side, within the Clear Wind Tower.

Grey Wolf who was hiding inside his own room glanced at his lower body and he clenched his jaws tightly together as he cursed: “That scoundrel! I should have known that he wouldn’t be so kind to treat me so easily! As expected, he has been up to no good!”

At that moment, the room door was pushed open and a delicate looking and fair skinned man came walking in. He glanced at a certain rigidly standing part on Grey Wolf and he could not help himself but to reveal a rather mischievous smile on his face.

“Grey Wolf, I’ll say what are you so frustrated about? Other people would wish so much to be able to perpetually stand and here you are. Look, how long has it been already? Still ramrod straight. That lasting power has all of us completely left behind in the dust you know! ?”

Hearing that, Grey Wolf glared at the man and said: “You’re still laughing? Shouldn’t you be helping me think of a way out of this? Do you still see me as a brother in arms! ?”

“I’m not entirely without any ideas.”

The man smiled as he walked over and said: “You know very well what kind of place this is here, and we have no lack of gay men. Why don’t I get you a couple of them to douse that fire?”

“Stop making it worse already! I am frustrated enough!” Grey Wolf said in a angry voice.

“Alright then!” The man clapped his hands together and following right after that, several attendants came in carrying a red coloured and almost transparent sheer robe with some rouge.

Seeing that scene, Grey Wolf immediately jumped back with his guard up and asked: “What are you thinking of doing?”

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