Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Fiery Rage Out of Nowhere

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The Hell’s Lord’s piercingly frosty gaze fell upon the hand of Grey Wolf that was securing his belt, those eyes seemingly a chilling and icy blade, that turned people’s hearts cold.

“You helped to treat him?” The deep and jet black pair of eyes turned to fall upon Feng Jiu at the side, unable to see any emotion behind them. His voice was low and steady, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking.

Feng Jiu blinked her eyes and nodded: “Treated.” She stared a little puzzledly at the Hell’s Lord, thinking that the two men were a little loony.

“Took his clothes off?”

His gaze moved back over the completely frozen Grey Wolf, his voice already faintly sounding with a tinge of danger.

“Mm, took them off.”

Feng Jiu answered honestly as she nodded her head. [How would she administer acupuncture without him taking off his clothes? Of course he had to!]

“Then that means you seen it?”

That voice had already turned highly glacial, causing Grey Wolf to feel so chilled that he broke out in cold sweat, to wonder to himself in his heart just what he had done to displease his Lord? Or had he somehow unknowingly broken a taboo?

“Of course! How am I supposed to administer acupuncture without looking?”

She was thinking things were becoming rather absurd, especially when she could feel that the temperature in the entire room had suddenly dropped quite a bit, like there was a gust of cold wind blowing within, a highly bizarre phenomenon.

Looking at her completely bewildered face, a nameless rage rose out of nowhere within the Hell’s Lord’s heart. He stared right at her for a moment and then with a billow of his sleeves, he turned and strode outside with wide steps, his deep voice sounding highly chilling and dangerous and filled with rage as it sounded.

“Shadow One, have Grey Wolf thrown into the Clear Wind Tower!”

When Shadow One who had come chasing after his Lord hear those words, he was flabbergasted with surprise and he just managed to stutter: “Clear….. Clear Wind Tower?”

Shadow One’s gaze turned to look inside to see the equally stunned Grey Wolf standing frozen in there, his face contorted up in utter disbelief.

Feng Jiu stood there surprised for a moment, looking at the other two men. When he saw the two men’s faces showing expressions of disbelief, she could not help but blinked her eyes a few times and asked curiously: “What kind of a place is the Clear Wind Tower?”

Who would have known? It was still fine if she had not asked. With that one question from Feng Jiu, Grey Wolf’s entire person almost crumbled as he rushed outside immediately.

“My Lord! My Lord, your subordinate doesn’t want to go to the Clear Wind Tower….. My Lord…..”

Seeing Grey Wolf rushing out in such a hurry, Shadow One immediately snapped back to his senses and went after him in chase. If the Lord’s orders were not carried out, Grey Wolf might not be the only person going to the Clear Wind Tower. He himself might just very well be dragged down together with Grey Wolf.

Hence, instead of having two of them suffer that same fate, Shadow One would rather have just one among them suffer, so he had no choice but to let Grey Wolf down.

Feng Jiu stood just outside the door, hearing Grey Wolf’s howl of dismay sounding out and her face creased up in a frown as she thought to herself: [Just what kind of a place is the Clear Wind Tower? It can actually make the colour on Grey Wolf’s face change just by hearing it?]

“And, why had the Hell’s Lord come here for? Why had he then left in such a huff?”

Feng Jiu mumbled softly to herself, unable to understand it, then quickly decided she didn’t want to think any further on it. She returned to her room and closed the door, continuing with the things she had left unfinished earlier.

The next day, when she brought the fourth grade medicine that she had concocted to Old Lin, she saw that Old Lin was highly surprised and his expression excited and she quickly thought to ask with a disarming grin: “Old Lin, can I find out something from you?”

“Hahaha, what is it? Ask away, ask away!” Old Lin stowed the medicine carefully away like it was some kind of treasure, already thinking of bringing over to show the Lord later.

“What kind of a place is the Clear Wind Tower?” Feng Jiu asked as she nonchalantly picked up and nibbled on a piece of the snack on Old Lin’s table.

“The Clear Wind Tower is a brothel for gay men. Why are you asking me that for?” Old Lin had remained inside the Medical Tower the whole of yesterday and he was not aware that Grey Wolf had been thrown into the Clear Wind Tower under the Hell’s Lord’s orders.

“Cough cough! What? Gay….. gay men?”

Feng Jiu’s eyes stared wide with shocked surprise and then began laughing out loudly: “Hahahaha! A brothel for gay men!”

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