Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 187

Chapter 187: Forever Hanging Never to Wither

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On the other side, Feng Jiu stared at Grey Wolf whose face had taken an ugly colour as he stood at the door and her brows lifted up unconsciously. She folded her arms across her chest and lifted her chin up slightly and asked: “You have business with me?”

“I came to seek treatment for my condition.” Grey Wolf resisted the urge of wanting to kill someone, trying his best to speak in a calm voice.

But that highly stiffened voice and that murderous aura around his body still revealed his innermost true feelings within his heart.

“I might be the Ghost Doctor, but that does not mean that I will treat just anyone’s illness.” Feng Jiu said leisurely, a highly infuriating and thuggish smile hanging upon her face. “Moreover, weren’t you showing me you were all that great before? Why would you need me to treat your illness at all?”

Grey Wolf ground his teeth together and stared at that oh so infuriating youth and said: “If not because of you, why would I become like this! ?”

“Hey! Stop right there!”

Feng Jiu glanced at him and then said: “You’d better not spout such nonsense! You were the one who became interested in men yourself and you are blaming it on me instead? That’s no logic in that at all!”

Saying that, the corners of her lips then curled up and she swung her gaze over him from head to toe as she smiled sinisterly: “Actually, I think you’re doing rather fine like this! Since you are similarly inclined towards that, now that you can’t raise it up, you can just obediently be the bottom one and that would work out! Why would you even want to waste the effort to treat the condition at all! ?”


Grey Wolf was utterly humiliated by the graphic description in Feng Jiu’s words but could do nothing against her. Helpless, he could only clench his jaw to ask: “What must I do before you will help treat me! ?”

Seeing Grey Wolf turning red eyed from anxiety, the expression on Feng Jiu’s face was highly evil as she said: “For men, it doesn’t mean that it must stay up strong all the time! It’s healthier for you to leave it soft. Do you understand?”

Seeing him turn red faced from holding it in, Feng Jiu rubbed at her chin thoughtfully and then her face suddenly lit up in understanding as she said: “I know! No problem! You can just leave your condition in my hands and I’ll guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. But….. shouldn’t we start talking about remuneration for the treatment?”

Seeing that the youth was finally relenting, Grey Wolf secretly heaved a sigh of relief and asked: “What do you want?”

“I heard from Old Lin that there was an occasion where you managed to gain for yourself two pearls of the highest grade that was as big as chicken eggs?”

“The Lord bestowed that to me!” Grey Wolf stared fiercely at Feng Jiu. Those were his most highly prized treasures!

Hearing that, Feng Jiu arched up an eyebrow and then asked: “Does that mean you want it to forever just hang around, never to wither?”

The moment those words came out, Grey Wolf immediately deflated. He stared viciously at the despicable youth before his eyes and Grey Wolf pulled out two pearls that were of the highest grade, big as chicken eggs out from the Space Ring he wore on his finger and handed the pearls over to the youth.

“Hold them properly!”

Hefting the two high grade pearls in her hands, Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed as she turned herself around and went inside as she said: “Come on in! Strip off your shirt top and sit down on a chair.”

Grey Wolf did not stand on ceremony and immediately took off his outer robe immediately after he went inside and sat himself down upon a chair.

“Woo hoo, who would have thought? Your body’s not too shabby looking.” Her gaze fleeted over the prominent muscles clearly defined upon his body as she came to stand behind him. She pulled out her silver needles and stuck them into a few acupressure points around his hip.

“It’s done.”

“Just….. I’m cured just like that?” Grey Wolf was a little stunned. With just a few stabs with needles and he’s fine?

“What? You do not believe me?”

She glanced at him and her mouth then split into a grin as she said: “Heh heh. There’s no hurry. You can go back now! I guarantee you that you will see the results when you wake up tomorrow morning.”

At that moment, Grey Wolf did not see the evil and highly sinister smile upon Feng Jiu’s face. Otherwise, he wouldn’t believe her words all that easily.

Just as Grey Wolf was still half in doubt and was putting his clothes back on while securing his belt, a figure suddenly came walking inside. That chilling and terrifying gaze was like ice when they fell upon his body, making him feel like he had just been frozen, not daring to move another inch. Even his voice became a little flustered and trembled slightly because of the other party’s chilling and highly oppressive aura.

“My….. my Lord?”

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