Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 186

Chapter 186: So It’s Her!

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“What? Why are you staring at me like this?” Feng Jiu asked, not understanding.

And at that moment, the Hell’s Lord’s heart jumped slightly as he stared at that face that was covered in that black and green salve, with that pair of eyes with that sparkle of quick wit and craftiness, and it dawned upon the Hell’s Lord.

So it’s her!

It’s that little lass from the Nine Entrapment Woods! That little lass who had latched on tightly upon his leg and after having become tired of addressing him as Brother-In-Law, went on to call him Uncle…..

The one who had saved him when the Frost Poison had relapsed when he was being persecuted.

When he thought of that, a highly complicated glint flashed in his eyes, never having thought that after going round in circles, he had still met her once more, disguised as a young man that had him deceived. If he had not seen her with that green and black goo spread over her face with that pair of eyes showing, he really wouldn’t be able to recognize her.

Feeling a little discomfited at being stared by the Hell’s Lord, Feng Jiu’s face creased up as she said: “I’ll say. Shouldn’t the Hell’s Lord be sleeping at this time of the night instead of coming here to stare at me like this?”

The Hell’s Lord’s deep gaze passed fleetingly over Feng Jiu’s chest that was covered only by her inner robe and saw that it was flat, without the slightest rise in the cloth. But in his mind, memories of that scene back in the Nine Entrapment Woods when he had accidentally felt that soft sensation in his grasp. Immediately, his ears turned slightly red and he quickly took big steps to walk out.

“What an oddball.”

Seeing the Hell’s Lord walk off just like that, Feng Jiu only felt the Hell’s Lord temperament was just too strange. She went forward and locked the door before she went back to the mirror to apply another layer of the salve. She then went to sleep with all that gunk upon her face.

The next day, when Feng Jiu came to the Medical Tower with her face all covered with the salve, Old Lin could not help but be shocked as he came forward to say: “Ghostly, what is that on your face? Why have you come out without even washing your face?”

“It’s medicine. I can’t wash it off yet.” She said with a pursed smile on her lips. “Old Lin, I am going to the fourth level to pick out some herbs. You want to come with me?”

“Choose herbs again? Those that you took yesterday…..”

“The experiment yesterday failed. Neh, see, in order not to waste any of it, I have applied them all onto my face,” Feng Jiu pointed at the salve upon her face and said, her eyes narrowed with smiles.

“Err…..” Old Lin was speechless, and he really did not know what to say.

But when he remembered the Hell’s Lord’s attitude towards the youth and the instructions the Hell’s Lord had given him, he sighed out in resignation and said: “Go pick out the herbs you need by yourself. When you’re finished I will just have to make a record of it and that will do. I am still busy with something and I can’t go up with you.”

Feng Jiu’s eyes lit up and she said: “Old Lin, I had not thought that you trusted me this much. Aren’t you afraid that I will just waste all those herbs that could not even be bought with gold?”

Old Lin was thinking to himself in his heart: [It’s not that I trust you, but that the Hell’s Lord told me you can take them as you wish. Only the Hell’s Lord would allow you splurge and waste like this.

Old Lin’s gaze fell upon the youth’s face and at the very thought that all those absolutely priceless magical herbs the youth had picked out yesterday had been turned into that salve upon the youth’s face, he could not help but feel a twinge of pain. “What a wastrel! A wastrel…..” Shaking his head, Old Lin went on with his own duties.

Hence, Feng Jiu went upstairs and took quite a number of magical herbs with her once again before locking herself in her room to fiddle non stop with them, until it was evening when the sour faced Grey Wolf came knocking on the door.

Meanwhile on the other end in the main building, the Hell’s Lord was holding a cup of tea in his hand, having stayed in that position without moving. It was not known what was going through his mind where he would at times crease up his brows in a frown, and at times have the corners of his lips curl up into an almost undetectable smile. That highly strange sight, caused the black robed cultivator standing guard by his side to become highly edgy, feeling rather afraid.

Taking a sip from the cup, he discovered that the tea had gone cold. He put the cup in his hand down and asked: “Shadow One, where did Grey Wolf go?”

“Reporting to my Lord, Grey Wolf went to consult the Ghost Doctor about an affliction…..”

His voice had not even fallen when he saw his Lord who was seated and was about to pour out some tea when the expression on his face suddenly changed. Putting the mask on his face, his Lord flew out like the wind, leaving him there to watch in flabbergasted surprise.

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