Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 185

Chapter 185: Not Exposed

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Hearing that, Feng Jiu was completely straight faced as she looked at Old Lin and said: “All of this is of course to be used for concocting the medicine. The Hell’s Lord said he wanted the antidote for Frost Poison produced and I need to bring all these back to research into them a little.”

At those words, Old Lin was still a little doubtful as he said: “But the medicinal properties of those herbs aren’t suitable for countering the effects of Frost Poison at all!”

“Old Lin, it seems that you do not know this. All herbs and medicines pair up and counteracts each other in some way or another. Although I am not yet able to concoct the antidote, but I know that it will not be a mistake for me to bring them back to research into them.” Feng Jiu’s face was serious as she spoke, looking highly righteous and stalwart in demeanor, driving Old Lin into a moment of surprise and then speechlessness.

“Then, is there anything else that you will need? We have many kinds of medical equipment in this Medical Tower. If there is anything you need, you can come find me anytime.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu suddenly smiled till her eyes narrowed up into sparkling slits as she said: “Old Lin, you’re really such a nice guy. Don’t worry, if I find that I need more medicine, I will come back here for more and I will surely come seek you if I need any medical equipment. Come on, let’s go! You can lead me to go pick out some things that I will need.”

She went on to pat Old Lin on the shoulder like he was a buddy of hers and went downstairs together with him.

That very night, Feng Jiu began to mix up the salve for scar removal right in her own private and independent little courtyard.

Meanwhile, on the other side over at the main building.

Old Lin was reporting to the Hell’s Lord on those herbs that Feng Jiu had taken from the Medical Tower that day and after he finished, he continued on to say: “But your subordinate thinks that it’s rather strange. The medicinal properties of those herbs are not used for treating Frost Poison but that Ghostly had insisted that the herbs are suitable.”

“Ghostly?” The Hell’s Lord asked, casting a sidelong glance at Old Lin, his voice raising up an octave at the end syllable of his question.

Old Lin was taken aback, thinking silently to himself: [Why had the Lord not caught the main point he was trying to deliver? He was reporting to the Lord that the youth had taken so many of those highly precious magical herbs but the Lord had not uttered a single word about it, but was instead reacting after he heard the youth’s name.]

But at that moment, he did not dare delve any longer on that and he could only reply: “That’s right. That youth had said to just call him Ghostly and it will do.”

“You can be dismissed!” The Hell’s Lord said with a flick of his hand, indicating for him to go.

“My Lord, those herbs…..”

“Give them to him if he wants them.”

Yes, my Lord.” Hearing that, Old Lin did not dare to say a word more. He bowed respectfully before retreating from the place.

He remained sitting for a while more and after drinking another two cups of wine, he stood up. Opening his stride to take a leisurely stroll outside, but he had unknowingly walked himself to reach outside the youth’s courtyard. Seeing that the light was still lit inside the room, and the shadow thrown upon the paper on the windows walking around inside, a sudden moment of purpose struck and he immediately strode inside.

Feng Jiu inside the room was in a good mood as she hummed a merry little tune while spreading the salve she had just mixed up together in front of the mirror, thinking to herself that her countenance would soon be restored, and the sour mood at having been captured and imprisoned here was finally soothed.

“You took my herbs just for you to make something so nonsensical?”


The voice that had suddenly sounded out behind her greatly startled her and she instinctively jumped and turned around. She saw the Hell’s Lord and she did not know from when he had already been standing there with his hands behind his back, to stare at her with curious interest in his eyes.

“The fact that you can be so shocked just like this only shows that you have committed too many dirty deeds.” The Hell’s Lord said with his eyebrow lifting up, as he stared at that youth whose face was covered in that black and green paste.

When Feng Jiu saw that it was the Hell’s Lord, she finally heaved a sigh of relief, her hand patting herself over her heart as she said rather indignantly: “I’ll say, my mighty Hell’s Lord. It’s already so late at night and you choose not to sleep but come running to this little place of mine for what? If you wanna run here, then run! Why do you choose to float about like a wraith, so silently and stealthily as you come in? What are you trying to achieve with that? You really shouldn’t scare people out of their skins like this you know?”

Seeing his gaze staring fixedly at her, she subconsciously looked down at her body and thought: [Although I’m only wearing my white inner robe, but the inside around my chest is still bound, unremarkable and flat, I have not exposed anything!]

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