Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 184

Chapter 184: Magical Herbs Worth Thousands of Gold

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Once those words came out, the Hell’s Lord who was on his way out paused in his steps and turned his head back to see Grey Wolf who was glaring with his eyes opened so widely that he looked like he was about to kill someone. That deep gaze then turned further and looked into the eyes of the youth which were sparkling with mirth.

“Erectile Dysfunction?”

The low and highly magnetic voice fell upon Grey Wolf once again, the Hell’s Lord’s gaze moving downwards from Grey Wolf’s humiliated face quickly to stop at an area just below his waist, a indiscernible smile curling up the corner of his lips.

Without needing to think about it, it must be that youth’s doing.

So it was erectile dysfunction. No wonder Grey Wolf had been so haggard and fretful the past two days.

“It’s you! You are the wretched brat behind it isn’t it?”

Grey Wolf was glaring at Feng Jiu, his fists tightly clenched up as murderous rage flared out from him intensely. Unfortunately Feng Jiu was not afraid of that murderous gaze in the least, but had lifted up her chin to glance at Grey Wolf in askance.

“What do you mean it’s me? What does you being afflicted with erectile dysfunction got to do with me? Do not forget, I am the well known and highly renowned Ghost Doctor and if I am not even able to detect such a minor condition in you, that would just trash my reputation as the Ghost Doctor.”

Hearing that, Grey Wolf was boiling with fire and looking at the strange gazes everyone was throwing upon him. He felt absolutely humiliated but he was not able to do anything to that person at all!


The Hell’s Lord coughed slightly and said: “Since you have erectile dysfunction, you have to get it treated. There are quite a few Healers within the tower. Just get them to have a look.” Upon saying that, the Hell’s Lord the strode off towards the outside.

Feng Jiu grinned sinisterly as she looked at Grey Wolf a glance, before she followed behind outside. Once outside, she saw the Hell’s Lord standing in the yard outside and she went up to him to ask: “Hell’s Lord, you wouldn’t happen to be waiting for me would you?”

The Hell’s Lord turned around and looked at the youth standing right before his chest, his deep voiced lowered as he said: “This place is the Hell’s Palace. Do not forget your place here and do not carry things too far. Otherwise, I will deal with you personally on their behalf!”

Seeing him immediately leaving right after issuing a warning, Feng Jiu’s mouth pouted a little. At the end of it, couldn’t he just say she was being too short sighted and it will do?

But, she also thought it rather strange. No matter which way you looked at it, the Hell’s Lord did not look like he was someone with a good temperament, but why had he given in to her in so many ways? And allowed her to play her little tricks?

Actually, what Feng Jiu did not know was, as the Hell’s Lord had interacted with Feng Jiu as Uncle Ling before, in his eyes, Feng Jiu was just a highly eccentric and crafty little youth. But as he felt a natural sense of familiarity towards this youth and her calls of Uncle Ling had made him begin to suspect that he might have aged. But it cannot be denied that the Hell’s Lord could not make himself feel any enmity towards this youth.

As per the Hell’s Lord’s instructions, as long as it was not restricted grounds, Feng Jiu was able to walk freely in any other place. Hence, she did not even take half a day before she got to know the insides and outsides of the area clearly.

Among them, several places had boundary barriers placed upon them but she did not step into them. But instead, she had been able to discover a good place, a hot spring within the mountain right behind the academy. It was said that that place was a personal piece of land that belonged to the Hell’s Lord himself and no one else was permitted to enter. Feng Jiu had merely just taken a look at the place from outside and had immediately left, because that place had a Boundary Barrier set upon the place.

After having gone one big round, Feng Ji went back to the Medical Tower, going into the third and fourth levels where the herbs was kept to have a quick look at the place, immediately unable to draw herself away.

The magic herbs she had gotten the black market to help her gather had never been completed, and she had never expected that this place would have everything here. Immediately, she happily picked out a few of the magical medicine and she was intending to concoct some medical salve that could remove scars.

Old Lin who had followed her up saw the youth picking out more than ten kinds of magical herbs to put in his basket and who was about to go downstairs when the old man could not help but opened his mouth to ask: “What did you take all that for? Those are all highly precious magical herbs and every one of them are worth thousands of gold.”

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