Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Erectile Dysfunction is an Illness

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“This place is where the Medical Alchemists concoct medicines. There’s another level on the second floor and the third level is a library where there are books about medicine concoction. The fourth and fifth levels are storage for herbs while the sixth and seventh levels are where the finished medicines are kept.”

While the Hell’s Lord walked, his low voice sounded. He brought Feng Jiu to come to a room and said: “I have gotten people to abduct you here because I wanted to use your gifted talents in medicine concoction to produce a medicine that is able to inhibit the effects of Frost Poison. Once you successfully develop that, I as the Lord of this place can guarantee you of your return home.”

“Frost Poison?”

Hearing those words, Feng Jiu was a little puzzled, her mind thinking about the thousand year Frost Poison that Uncle Ling was afflicted with. Why was the Hell’s Lord seeking medicine to cure the same affliction?

“That’s right. Besides a select group of alchemists who are developing an antidote to counteract the Frost Poison here, some of the others are developing medicines for the Hell’s Palace as well. As long as one is serious in the task given to him, I will not treat them unfairly. But if one is here to stir up trouble, I will similarly not spare them easily!”

Feng Jiu glanced at the Hell’s Lord and then said: “This is not something that can be easily concocted. There are many types of Frost Poison and the symptoms between them are largely different. If the pulse of the afflicted person is not taken or his body’s condition not carefully checked, which Medical Alchemist would dare concoct the medicine carelessly?”

Feng Jiu stretched her hands out with her palms open and shook her head as she sat down by a table. “If I have not taken the person’s pulse and not even seen the person, I am not able to concoct anything.”

The Hell’s Lord looked at the kid for quite a while, remaining silent throughout, and it was not known what was going through his mind. He then stood up and said: “Then you should just familiarize yourself with the situation here and when you are able to outrank the Medical Alchemists in the Medical Tower, we’ll then discuss further about this!”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Feng Jiu quickly reached out a hand to grab him. She tugged at his sleeve and shouted: “Wait!”

The Hell’s Lord turned around with his face creased in a frown, his gaze falling upon the fair hand that grabbed at his sleeve and his eyes flashed as he shouted out in a cold voice: “Let go!” With a flick of his sleeve, he dislodged the hand tugging at it off and pulled his sleeve free.

Feng Jiu did not mind it at all as she said: “Hell’s Lord, you ordered for me to be abducted here but did not even provide me with a proper place to sleep, leaving me to squeeze with so many others upon a large common bed. Isn’t the Hell’s Palace ashamed of themselves at all? And there’s more! You have sealed my mystical powers and with the security here being so tight, are you afraid that I will still be able to escape? Do you really have to restrict me from even stepping out through the courtyard’s main doors?”

She then glanced up at him and seeing that he had not just walked away with his sleeves billowing out, she went on to say: “Since you have invited me here to concoct the medicine, then I should at least be treated as a distinguished guest. You can have people go ask around, those guys at the black market worship me like the way they treat their grandfather. Compared to you guys here, isn’t the way you guys treat your guests lacking way too much?”

Seeing the kid so audaciously speaking to the Hell’s Lord on the right way to treat a guest, Old Lin and Grey Wolf could not help but to steal a glance at the kid, feeling that the kid was too naive in his thinking. Afterall, he was a prisoner, why was he even talking about things like the correct way to treat a guest! ?

However, what they had least expected to see was the Hell’s Lord’s level of tolerance towards this kid. It had surpassed their expectations of their Lord several times by now.

The Hell’s Lord swept his glance over the face of the youth that was pouting with indignation and he then ordered: “Grey Wolf, have an independant courtyard arranged for him and he is free to move about within the Hell’s Palace.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Grey Wolf acknowledged, his gaze sweeping over Feng Jiu briefly, not understanding why his Lord is treating the kid so well.

Seeing his Lord walking out, Grey Wolf called out to say softly: “My Lord, please return first. Your subordinate isn’t feeling too well and would like the healers in the tower to have a look at me.”

The Hell’s Lord turned his head back to gaze at him and curtly replied: “Mm.”


Feng Jiu could not hold her laughter back as she looked at the nervous looking Grey Wolf and she shook her head to glance at him.

“A man suffering from erectile dysfunction is an illness. You should have it treated.”

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