Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Getting Along Strangely

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At the moment, Feng Jiu was instead rather taken aback as she stared at the man before her while thinking to herself in her heart: [Why does this voice sound so familiar? Could it be that I’ve met this person somewhere before?]

But that’s not possible at all! This man had such an outstanding presence and if she had met him, she would definitely not forget it.

The thoughts were still running through her mind when she suddenly saw the man shoot out a few blasts of Qi and she immediately felt her body go limp as she fell to sit upon the ground helplessly.

“Lock him up. If he manages to escape, I will hold all of you here responsible!” The Hell’s Lord said in a suppressed voice. With a flick of his sleeves, he turned and left.

“Yes, my Lord!” The sixteen black robed cultivators chorused respectfully and they immediately pulled up the youth sitting upon the ground.

After her body went limp, Feng Jiu could feel that the mystical energy within her body had been sealed up.

Feng Jiu’s heart jumped slightly at that realization and she then said: “My mystical powers have already been sealed by your Lord, there is no need for you to be holding on to me. I can walk on my own. Moreover, with all of you guarding me, how will I be able to escape?”

“Hah! I’ll advise you to not even think of escaping. If you try it again, beware that we’ll then break your legs!” One of the cultivators threatened as he released his grip upon the youth and said: “Walk!”

Being locked back inside the room, Feng Jiu knew she would not be able to escape in this manner and she no longer thought about that. But only she herself knew that the man had only sealed her mystical powers but had not known of the spirit powers within her. With that, she only needed to find the right opportunity and she might just be able to slip out of their grasp.

But, before that, she seeked to understand why these people had captured her for?

Hell’s Palace? She did not remember having offended such a power before!

Early the next morning, Feng Jiu was brought onto an airship by her captors. When the airship left the ground and flew towards the skies, Feng Jiu who had been sitting inside came walking out to see a man seated at the front of the ship drinking wine. She opened her stride wanting to walk over there but was stopped midway.

“Let him pass.” The Hell’s Lord ordered without even turning his head around.

When Feng Jiu walked over, she sat herself down without asking and picked up the wine flask to pour herself a cup of wine. After taking a sip from it, she asked: “Who is it that you want me to save by capturing me? Or, you just seek my abilities in the cultivation of medicine?”

Although the people were filled with thick bloodthirstiness, they did not seek to kill her, or otherwise, she would not have lived till now. And she guessed that the only thing she possessed that people would yearn for would be her abilities in healing and medicine cultivation.

Seeing her leisurely and carefree demeanor without showing the slightest sign of fear and terror caused a glint of admiration to come into the Hell’s Lord’s eyes as he said: “You’re not afraid that I will have you killed?”

“You would have already killed me if you wanted to. Why would you have waited till now?”

She rubbed at her tummy and asked the guard standing at the side: “Eh, is there anything to eat? Give me some. I have not eaten anything all the way since yesterday.”

The guard turned his gaze towards the Hell’s Lord and after receiving acknowledgement from the Lord, the guard walked towards the middle of the ship. After a short while, he brought out a few dishes of snacks and placed them upon the little table.

Seeing that he wasn’t even wearing his mask and that the youth’s completely ruined countenance was fully revealed, Feng Jiu went on to wolf down her food without any sense of propriety. The Hell’s Lord’s gaze flashed and he then said: “Eat slowly. There’s more if that’s not enough.”


It would have been fine if he had not said anything. The moment he spoke, Feng Jiu immediately choked from shock, the snacks stuck in her throat refusing to go up nor down, her highly disfigured face turning red from choking.

Seeing that, the Hell’s Lord’s brows creased up together as he watched the youth thumping himself on the chest while pouring himself a cup of water hurriedly to gulp it down his throat. After the youth managed to catch his breath, the youth then started staring straight at him.

“What?” This kid was acting so very strange.

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