Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 179

Chapter 179: He Wants to Strip Off My Clothes!

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The jet black eyes turned around, to see the several Golden Core cultivators looking at him in startlement. His brows creased together and he swung his gaze upon them. “What are all of you standing there gaping for? You have nothing better to do? Out!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The Golden Core cultivators answered in a hurry. While they were retreating from the place, they threw a glance at the red clothed figure. They really could not see what was so special about this youth that he could make their Lord speak to him with such gentle words.

After Feng Jiu looked at him for a moment, she then ignored the Hell’s Lord and continued to chomp on the snacks. This time, she ate them a little slower and her half lowered eyes were filled with bewilderment. [Why is that voice sounding more familiar the more she heard it?]

[Where had she heard this person’s voice before?]

When it became evening, the airship stopped upon a flat piece of land. The Hell’s Lord walked down from the airship and Feng Jiu followed right behind him. But then, very soon after, her eyes were blindfolded by some kind of black cloth.

She was led by them to walk all the way. She only knew that it was a long and winding route and her ears heard a number of people respectfully welcoming the Hell’s Lord’s return.

“Let him have a change of clothes and send him to the medical tower.”

After she heard the Hell’s Lord’s voice sounding in her ears, she was led away by people. After coming into a room, one of the cultivators untied the black cloth covering her eyes and he threw a set of grey robes over to her at the same time.

“Hurry up! Change and then follow me!”

Seeing that the cultivator was just standing there within the room to stare at her, she glared at him with her eyes and said: “Then get out! How am I supposed to change with you staring at me?”

“Both of us are men so what is there that I cannot look at? Hurry up! Quit yapping!” That was a Golden Core cultivator and it was a man just about twenty over years of age. He was one of the sixteen men who had returned here together with them and he was called Grey Wolf.

“I am not used to being stared at.” Feng Jiu said with her brows furrowed up.

“Kid, you’re being really troublesome! If you still do not change, I’ll help you do it!” Upon saying that, he took wide strides to approach her, fully intent on stripping off the kid’s clothes.

However, before he could get close, Feng Jiu opened up her mouth and hollered: “ARGH! MOLEST! ARGH!”

The room room was pushed open immediately and the several cultivators poked their heads in to see. When they saw the situation in the room, their eyes glared fiercely as they asked: “Who molested who?”

After one of them stared at the two people in the room, he began to smile slyly as he stared at the cultivator inside and said: “Grey Wolf, I had not thought that you had such a hobby!”

“Get out!”

The Golden Core cultivator’s face had turned dark as he stared fiercely at Feng Jiu and he then shouted: “Two more of you come! Strip off that kid’s clothes for me!”

Hearing those words, Feng Jiu’s eyes narrowed and an icy glint flashed as a smile played out over the corners of her lips. “Strip off my clothes? You can come right up and try.”

“Do you think I do not dare?” Grey Wolf strode forward and his hands reached out towards the kid’s clothes.

Feng Jiu wasn’t about to be polite and seeing him taking a huge stride forward, she immediately stepped in and used Grey Wolf’s forward momentum to throw him out. At that same moment, her finger moved slightly at a speed quicker than sound and the cold glint of a silver needle punctured into an acupoint at his hip.


Caught unawares, Grey Wolf fell to the ground. As rage filled up within him, he clenched up a hand into a fist and was summoning up his spirit power when he heard a cold hard voice sound out.

“Hold it!”

“My Lord!”

When everyone saw that it was the Hell’s Lord, they all immediately bowed in greeting.

The Hell’s Lord came walking inside with his brows creased up together and his chilly gaze swept over the two people as he asked in a deep voice: “What’s going on?”

“I wanted to change and he refused to go out. He insisted that I do it while he stared and he even wanted to strip my clothes off!”

When the words were put in such a manner, everyone would naturally think the worst of the situation and they all turned their eyes to stare at Grey Wolf whose face was burning up red, while the others had expressions of “I see” on their faces.

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