Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Clipped Wings Can’t Fly

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When the sixteen men heard that, they immediately leapt to sail through the air, towards the place behind them.

Seeing that, the Hell’s Lord stood up and just as he was thinking to walk to the back, he paused in his steps and rubbed at his chin. Thereafter, he pulled out a half side silver mask and wore it over his face before he strode forward to walk towards the back.

When he came to the back, he saw the red figure tangling with his subordinates upon the rooftop, the dodges carried out at shocking speed and those highly vicious attacks elicited a ripple in his eyes.

Back at the summit, he was knocked out from behind while taken unawares and now that he had his guard up, even two of his subordinates who were Foundation Cultivators were unable to bring him down. It must be said the kid made him look at the young one in a different light.

Unfortunately, having fallen into his hands, escape was no longer possible.


A black robed man with Foundation cultivation was struck by a kick from Feng Jiu and his entire body fell back a few steps as he clutched at his chest to rub the pain away, while cursing out in a low voice.

“Sheesh! What did this kid grow up eating? That made that leg of his to become so strong!”

Feng Jiu retracted her leg and threw out a punch towards the other black robed man with Foundation cultivation and sneered: “Breast milk of course!”

Hearing those words, the Hell’s Lord who was standing below with his hands behind his back lifted the corners of his mouth in an arc so faint it was not highly unnoticeable, his gaze fixed upon that red clothed figure as he ordered: “Capture him.”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The Cultivators in the Golden Core stage immediately acknowledged and two men among them leapt flying into the air, their powerful oppressive aura flaring. The moment they struck, they immediately held Feng Jiu in a tight grip.

“Gawds! Not only are you guys bullying me with numbers, you’re even torturing the weak! Oww! Stop twisting! That’s my arm!”

Feng Jiu cried out, so infuriated she stared fiercely at them. This was the difference in having power, in a world where the powerful reigned.

Even if her powers could be considered to be among the very top in the ninth grade Sun Glory Country, when she’s here in a sixth grade country like this, faced with these Immortal Cultivators, she would not be able to even withstand a single strike.

With such powerful enemies before her, she had known that she would not be able to escape, but she had still wanted to give it a try. As expected, the result of her attempt was having both her arms twisted up behind her.

Ouch! Having twisted the arms of others all this while and she had not thought it to be so painful. Not that she was caught in the grip of others, she felt that her bones were almost about to pop out of their joints!

“My Lord. We’ve captured the fugitive.” The two Golden Core cultivators said as they held the fugitive in a tight grip, to come before the Hell’s Lord.

Feng Jiu lifted her head and that was when she saw the figure dressed in a suit of dark cloud patterned robe as he stood before her with his arms behind his back. The top half of his face was covered by a silver mask which only exposed the countenance below the nose, revealing those sexy looking lips and that distinct jawline and his cold hard chin. That slender and well toned body, that straight backed and muscular physique with the strong presence exuding from his being made Feng Jiu’s eyes light up.

Immediately, she acted just like a recalcitrant and unruly ruffian as she whistled and said in high praise: “What a sexy and highly alluring example of a pretty boy!”

Seeing such blatant hooliganism being shown to their Lord before everyone by such a ruffian, the sixteen dark robed cultivators were stunned and they immediately turned their eyes to steal a quick glance at their Lord, before they hurriedly lowered their heads to hide the uncontrollable smiles that were threatening to spill forth from the slightly lifted corners of their mouths.

[A sexy and highly alluring example of a pretty boy? That was talking about the Lord?]

[That little youth must have tired of living.]

When the Hell’s Lord heard Feng Jiu’s words, an eyebrow lifted up and a slight arc curled up devilishly upon his lips.

“Sexy? Alluring? Maybe. This Lord here can take it as a compliment.

But, that low and deep voice that was tinged with a kind of magnetic languidity, no matter how one heard it, it seemed to be filled with a kind of deadly danger.

[Comp….. compliment?]

The sixteen dark robed men exchanged glances between each other, the skin stretched taut over their faces as they lowered their heads even deeper.

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