Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Lord of Hell’s Palace

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Ling Mo Han immediately went in pursuit but then came back not long after and said apologetically to everyone: “They came in too fast and left too quickly. I could already find no trace of them by the time I went out in pursuit.”

The people from the Medical Cultivators all shook their heads one by one when they heard that and Guild Chief Yu said with a sigh: “You are not to be blamed. Those people from Hell’s Palace have always been highly elusive and possess high power. That youth must have attracted their attention because of his gifted talent in cultivating and concocting medicine.”

“What kind of a power is Hell’s Palace? Will my Master be in any danger?” Leng Shuang came right before the people and asked anxiously.

The black market’s Chief came over and said: “Hell’s Palace is holds more might than our black market and it’s a power that not even the Starry Cloud Academy or the various Family Clans can afford to provoke. The Lord of Hell’s Palace is also a highly powerful entity who is even more elusive. No one knows where the Hell’s Palace is really located and for our little Ghost Doctor brother to fall into their hands, I’m afraid that it will only bode ill for him…..”

“It’s can’t be! Nothing will happen to my Master!” Leng Shuang shouted loudly, her eyes gazing frostily at the black market’s Chief. “The black market must help me find my Master!”

“Rest assured. We will definitely look into locating your Master’s whereabouts.” Chief Ke said, not refusing Leng Shuang.

“You can set your heart at ease in regards to that. To my knowledge, the Hell’s Palace had recently abducted quite a number of Elixir and Medical Cultivators. Your Master might not be in any danger at all.” The Chief of the Medical Cultivators Guild said and then gave out a sigh. It had been a proper and well organized Miracle Medicine Grand Meet to pick out strong talents but those guys from Hell’s Palace had to come make a mess of everything.

The incident quickly spread like feathers caught in the wind, making people sigh helplessly while they could only guess whether that red clothed Young Master was still alive or dead.

However, as the darkness of night descended, a dark figure came silently with a few long leaps over the rooftops to come to a courtyard.

“Our respects to Hell’s Lord!”

The sixteen black robed cultivators within the courtyard knelt respectfully on one knee and greeted solemnly.

“All rise!”

A low and chilling voice imbued with a powerful oppressive aura rang out. With a billow of his robes, he sat himself down by the stone table. As he turned around to sit, his countenance also came into view.

That was a shockingly handsome face, one looking like that of a celestial being. The features on that face seemed like they had been carefully sculpted by the Heavens, the outline of the face highly distinct like it had been carved out with a knife, cold and unyielding but not reducing the handsome looks in the slightest. Under the strong straight brows, was a pair of eyes filled with a mysterious light, holding in a chilling but alluring sharpness. With one single glance of those eyes, one could not help but lower their heads, unable to meet the sight of those enchanting jet black eyes filled with such oppressive power.

And beneath that highly raised and straight nose, was a slightly thin pair of sexy looking lips, where at that very moment were pressed together, his entire being exuding with a powerful and chilling aura, august and imposing like a celestial deity, a tyrannical air of one who was able to seemingly reign over the Heavens and Earth!

If Feng Jiu had seen him at that moment, he would surely yell out in surprise: “Uncle Ling!”

That’s right. The Lord of Hell’s Palace, Hell’s Lord, was exactly the very same Ling Mo Han that Feng Jiu was familiar with. Ling Mo Han was just an identity he had assumed as a teacher of the Cloudy Brook Academy while on his travels out in the world. The big bushy beard he had on his face was also something that had been carefully treated and stuck on, so real it could easily pass off as the real thing.

“How is the he?” The Hell’s Lord asked softly, in a deep voice filled with lazy indolence, tinged with a dominating aura.

“Reporting to Hell’s Lord. That kid we brought back is still unconscious and has not awoken.” One of the black robed cultivators answered respectfully.

“Watch him carefully. Bring him back to Hell’s Palace with me tomorrow.”

Hearing those words, the sixteen black robed cultivators were absolutely filled with delight. “The Lord is coming back to Hell’s Palace?”

His voice had just fallen when a guard from behind shouted out in shock: “Guards! That kid is trying to escape!”

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