Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Knocked Out and Carried Away

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At that moment, Feng Jiu turned her head slightly and looked at Ling Mo Han to asked with a smile: “Uncle Ling, why do you keep staring at me?”

Hearing those words, the lady Medical Cultivator could not hold back her laughter and it spilled forth as the gaze she threw upon Feng Jiu became tinged with gentleness while she asked: “Would this youth here now tell me what kind of effects this medicine has?”

“This medicine here is called the Third Grade Speed Enhancing Fluid. Once a person takes it, it can increase a person’s speed by ten folds when he’s running away for his life. Even when a mere Spirit User is being chased down by a Spirit Master, once he drinks this bottle of medicine, he would possess the speed needed to escape.”

Hearing those words, everyone up above and down below the stage all gasped in surprise, all the numerous pairs of eyes shining covetously at that bottle of green coloured medicine. If it was as Feng Jiu had said, then that bottle of medicine would not just be mere medicine, but would be a miraculous life saving fluid at the most critical of moments!

“Hmph! Preposterous!”

The teacher of Medicine from the Starry Cloud Academy snorted in derision as he came walking over to put his bottle of medicine upon the table and to throw a contemptuous glance upon Feng Jiu to say: “That just outrageously preposterous! I have been dealing with medicines for so many years and I have never ever heard of anything like this Speed Enhancing Fluid. That’s just pure utter rubbish!”

“That’s true, judging by how old you are already and you’re still just a third grade Grand Medical Cultivator, it can be seen how limited the level of your proficiency in concocting medicine is.”

Her idle words had instead infuriated the older man so much his face grew red and he pointed a finger angrily at Feng Jiu to say: “You….. You, this disrespectful little wretch! Such sheer arrogance and conceit! Pure ignorance and idiocy!”

“Alright, there’s no need to squabble. This bottle of medicine is indeed a highly prized medicine of the third grade.”

An old man in the middle spoke up and everyone went quiet. Even the teacher of Medicine from the Starry Cloud Academy stared with his eyes wide as he said: “Chief Yu, have you looked at it properly? That little kid is capable of concocting such a highly prized third grade Medicine?”

Hearing that, Chief Yu became displeased and said: “Old Chen, you are questioning my ability in appraisal now?”

Seeing that his face was looking highly displeased, the teacher of Medicine from the Starry Cloud Academy quickly readjusted his attitude and demeanor and went on to say respectfully: “I do not dare. Chief Yu is the Guild Master of the Medicine Guild and an respected authority in the entire field of Medicine who would naturally be much more knowledgeable and experienced in this domain. I have acted highly inappropriately and I beg for Chief Yu to not hold it against me.”

Saying that, he turned to look at Feng Jiu beside him, his gaze looking rather conflicted, unable to make himself believe that he would lose to such a young youth.

Ling Mo Han’s eyes shifted slightly and his gaze fell upon the red clothed youth where it then became more subdued.

The black market’s Chief Ke had immediately upon hearing Chief Yu’s words, suddenly became so overwhelmed and moved that tears almost burst out from his eyes. “It’s actually a third grade miracle fluid! It’s a third grade miracle fluid right there!” He had initially thought that there was no more hope, but who would have known that he would be met with such an astounding surprise in the end! ? How could he still remain calm at this point! ?

However, it was at that moment that sixteen black robed men suddenly leapt out, with ten among them possessing cultivation levels at the peaks of the Foundation Level with the other six at the Golden Core levels. The moment they appeared, a highly powerful oppression immediately spread throughout the place, encompassing throughout the entire mountaintop.

“Whoa! It’s people from Hell’s Palace!”

“What! Hell’s Palace! ? Run!”

“Argh! Quick! Run! The people from Hell’s Palace are here!”

In an instant, the panicked crowd immediately fled in disarray, terrified screams and horrified shouts erupting from all over the mountaintop. Seeing that things had taken a rather bad turn and the enemy’s oppressive aura was just too strong, Feng Jiu was the first to leap off from the stage as she shouted: “Leng Shuang! Run and get off the mountain!”

Her voice had just fallen when a powerful surge of oppressive aura washed over her in assault, rendering her entire body frozen. The next moment, she felt pain in the back of her neck and she lost consciousness to fall to the ground.


Leng Shuang saw Feng Jiu being knocked unconscious and carried away, completely shocked as she rushed herself forward. However, she possessed highly limited powers in that situation and a powerful wave of energy came bursting towards her, blasting her away completely. When she next turned to look, she could no longer see any sign of her Mistress and those sixteen dark figures…..

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