Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Atrocious!

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The red clothes billowed and everyone only saw a flash of red upon the stage and a figure falling from off with a cry.


One of the Medical Cultivators fell wretchedly to the ground, and was scratched by the sharp rocks upon the ground. And as he fell and landed badly, with that fall, the Medical Cultivator could not stand back up.

While up upon the stage, a young looking Young Master stood resplendently with his red clothes fluttering gently, his mask of red spider lily blooms reflecting eye catching brilliant rays of light. People could only see the faint vestiges of a smile at the corners of his lips and feel a sinister yet mesmerizing presence exuding from the man’s body as his slightly disdainful gaze glanced at the miserable looking middle aged Medical Cultivator who had fallen wretchedly off the stage who was sitting upon the ground.

Seated up upon the stage, Ling Mo Han watched the entire scene, his deep and penetrating black eyes glinting darkly at that sinister and mesmerizing figure when the figure suddenly turned around without any warning and the figure’s eyes just stared right into his sharp and incisive ones.

And it was at that moment that the sharp glint faded from his eyes and he just remained seated quietly, his face stoic, his body straight and upright.

Feng Jiu glanced at him in surprise, thinking that the Uncle was also a person who masked himself deeply. She could be considered to have encountered him many times but with every encounter, she had always been able to see a different side to him. That had inevitably made her think, just what kind of a person would he truly be?

The people on the stage just threw a cursory glance upon the Medical Cultivator who had fallen off and did not bother with him after that as they went to take their proper places upon the stage. That middle aged Medical Cultivator had discreetly shoved the red clothed Young Master and quite a number of them had seen it. Hence, when he was kicked off the stage by that red clothed Young Master, no one kicked up a fuss about it.

Meanwhile, the face of the Family Head of the clan that that Medical Cultivator had been from immediately darkened and with a wave of his hand, he ordered: “Take him off the mountain!”

He gazed malevolently at the red clothed figure but knowing that the other party was the black market’s candidate, they did not dare to do anything against him so blatantly in front of everyone.

A middle aged man standing next to the messy pile of herbs then issued a prescription to each of the participants and said in a low voice: “Pick out the herbs written down upon the list and the first ten people to come up here with the complete list of herbs will advance to the next round while the rest will be eliminated. Begin!”

The moment his voice fell, all the Medical Cultivators up on the stage immediately began looking through the list they held in their hands while they snatched for herbs upon the table. When the teacher from the Starry Cloud Academy finished picking out the herbs and came walking out, he could not help but to glance beside him, to sweep his gaze over the red clothed Young Master carrying the herb basket and his brows immediately pinched together.

Feng Jiu turned her head slightly, and flashed a smile at him. In just moments, after ten people advanced and the rest were eliminated, they immediately went on into the final round of the competition. They were to concoct medicine on the spot, and the rarest and highest grade one would win.

Looking at the herbs numbering several tens in kinds and variety, Feng Jiu immediately began concocting her medicine. The way she carried out her concoction was rather different from others, and even if other people were looking at how she did it, they would not be able to learn it.

Because, it was done just like modern time experiments, processing and refining layer by layer, to finally produce a finished concoction. When she finished with her concoction, she walked over and brought the bottle of green coloured liquid to the eight judges from the Medical Cultivators Guild and placed it right before them.

“Please appraise.”

“This is medicine? What a beautiful colour.” A female judge about thirty years of age among the judges exclaimed in surprise when she saw the half filled bottle of medicine in the transparent jar, thinking it rather inconceivable.

“Pretty and graceful elder sis, this is indeed medicine, I do not deceive one so young and the elderly.”

The female judge blinked at Feng Jiu, her mesmerizing smile and her clear and mirth filled eyes causing the thirty odd year old Medical Cultivator to blush a slight pink, her face burning slightly.

Watching all that, Ling Mo Han’s brows furrowed up together and he thought to himself: [This kid is just downright atrocious!]

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