Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Uncle Ling!

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“His surname is Ling, named Mo Han. He’s the Green Gallop Country’s most famous teacher at the Starry Cloud Academy. The origins behind his identity is highly mysterious and he is an Immortal Cultivator, his cultivation rank having reached the Golden Core. A more important point is that he’s merely twenty five years of age and so you can address him as Reverend, or Senior, but calling him Uncle, hahaha….. I think very few people would call him that!”

“Only twenty five years old?”

The expression on her face became rather strange and she said: “Twenty five years old and why would he want to keep that big bushy beard for? I had thought that he would be at least thirty five!”

“Haha. That is why I said the origins behind his identity is kept highly mysterious, as no one has seen his real countenance before.”

Chief Ke said with a laugh, his gaze upon Ling Mo Han as well. “I had not thought that he would come here. I’ll be going over to pay my respects later. Would the esteemed Ghost Doctor like to go with me?”

“A mysterious teacher from the Starry Cloud Academy?”

Feng Jiu nodded looking like she realized something and it was not know what she was thinking. When she heard that Chief Ke was going over to extend his greetings, she had immediately smiled and said: “Of course! A powerful entity like that, it would naturally be highly beneficial to make his acquaintance.”

Hence, Chief Ke led Feng Jiu to go towards the side Ling Mo Han was at.

And when they appeared before him, Ling Mo Han immediately noticed the eye catching figure of the man dressed flamboyantly in red. He was no stranger to that suit of red clothes and that mask with the red spider lilies as he remembered that those items had been placed at the side back on that night in the hot spring.

When he recalled that night’s event in his mind, his penetrating gaze fell upon that man, carefully examining the figure.

That night, due to the misty fog in the hot spring, he had not been able to see clearly. But, that highly disfigured face had been imprinted clearly within his eyes and at that moment, he had to admit to himself that the red clothed Young Master was as dazzling as the sun in the sky, his demeanor devilishly graceful, especially that pair of highly clear eyes tinged with smiles, completely unforgettable…..

But….. Looking at that pair of eyes, why did he feel that they looked somewhat familiar?

“Teacher Ling, it’s been a long time and I did not expect to be able to see you here. I am greatly honoured.” Chief Ke had quickly stepped forward and clasped his palm over his fist with a bow, to offer his greeting with a smile.

Hearing that, Feng Jiu could not hold back her laughter. If Chief Ke had only known that the thief who appropriated those highly prized miracle medicine of his was this bearded uncle before his eyes, he wouldn’t be feeling that “honoured” at this moment.

“I see it’s Chief Ke.” Ling Mo Han stood up to return the greeting by clasping his hand over his fist, his gaze then swinging over to Feng Jiu and he asked: “And this is…?”

“Haha. He is the Medical Cultivator our black market has invited to participate in this year’s Miracle Medicine Grand Meet. This….. Erm, he’s called the Ghost Doctor.” Chief Ke said sheepishly, as he did not know what the Ghost Doctor’s name was at all and he was suddenly at a loss how he was supposed to make the introduction.

“Uncle Ling.”

Feng Jiu called out that form of address in a crisp voice, her gaze brilliantly filled with a bright sparkle, a crafty glint in them, the corners of her mouth holding back a rather infuriating smile, her demeanor like they were on familiar terms as she said: “If Uncle Ling feels that Ghost Doctor is too much of a mouthful to say, then just call me Ghostly and it will be fine.”

Hearing her call him Uncle Ling, Ling Mo Han unconsciously stroked at the beard under his chin as he stared thoughtfully at the red clothed Young Master before his eyes, the expression on his face filled with bewilderment and confusion.


He had kept his beard for a long time but no one had ever addressed him in that manner. But for the tricky little lass he had met back in the Nine Entrapment Woods, she had kept on addressing him as Uncle everytime she opened her mouth then and now this red clothed Young Master was doing the same thing. Could it be that he really looked that old?

Feng Jiu’s gaze narrowed and she split her mouth into a smile: “That’s right! I am only fifteen this year. I heard that Uncle is already at a grand old twenty five! That is a whole decade older than I am. What else should I call you but Uncle?”

“Fif….. Fifteen?” Chief Ke standing beside Feng Jiu suddenly stared with his eyes bulging wide, his face in complete shock.

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