Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 170

Chapter 170: His Identity?

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“I seem to recall that it was all of you that invited me here to help?”

Feng Jiu smiled mirthlessly as she gazed at the men and said: “How had it now been turned to seem like I am not given a choice whether I want to help?”

She dusted off her clothes and stood up to say: “Since you cannot believe in me, then you can find someone else better to do it! Truth be told, in regards to this matter, I am not really interested.”

Immediately after her voice fell, she did not wait for the men to say anything but just strode towards the door.

“Will the esteemed Ghost Doctor please hold your step?”

The man on the main seat spoke and the guards outside the main hall immediately moved to stop the person. But they had just come to stand in her way for a moment when they were sent flying with a flick of Feng Jiu’s sleeves.


A cold shout sounded, and the two guards fell to the ground with a grunt.

The several men within the hall quickly shot to their feet when they saw Feng Jiu’s sudden attack on the guards. One of them shouted in rage, pointing angrily at her to say: “Guards! Arrest that wildful kid at once!”

“All of you hold it!”

The middle aged man upon the main seat shouted with a booming voice, which made all the guards surging forward to quickly retract their arms and turn to look at the man. Even the other men within the hall turned to face him as well.

“All out!”

The middle aged man came walking over, and shouted to the guards surrounding the place before he turned to face Feng Jiu and said apologetically: “Esteemed Ghost Doctor, do not misunderstand. That is not what I meant.”

“It’s just that the competition this time is truly of utmost importance to us. The Green Gallop black market has consecutively lost for the past three years and we really cannot afford to lose another time. Moreover, the top has sent word down, that if we are to lose again this year, my position as the Chief here would come to an end. Hence…..” The middle aged man said with a bitter smile.

“Chief Ke.”

Feng Jiu looked at the man and said: “The reason I had initially agreed to come help, was only because of the black market’s reputation. But having come here, Chief Ke has caused me great displeasure. If you still deem to seek my assistance, then, we will have to talk about remuneration.”

Chief Ke was taken aback a moment but he went on to nod his head and said: “That is but natural. As long as you win this year’s competition, I will definitely not treat the esteemed Ghost Doctor shabbily.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu then showed a satisfied smile. “When will the competition for miracle medicine be held?”

“It’s three days later.”

Feng Jiu made her way back inside and said: “Then tell me everything about it! So that I can understand it better.”

“Of course, of course.” Chief Ke said upon hearing the highly confident tone of the Ghost Doctor, his heart greatly relieved. He then explained the Miracle Medicine Grand Meet in detail to the Ghost Doctor.

— Three Days Later —

That day, was the day Medical Cultivators from all over the Green Gallop Country would come compete. As the Medical Cultivators that the Green Gallop black market sent had consecutively lost for the past three years, hence, this year’s Miracle Medicine Grand Meet was of grave importance to them.

When Feng Jiu rode the Flying Beast Chariot and arrived at the venue, the summit of Mount Green South, she saw that the mountaintop was already filled with people.

For those who were participating in the grand meet, they were allowed to land directly at the summit to avoid the densely packed crowds of people below.

Climbing down from the Flying Beast Chariot, Feng Jiu’s sharp eyes spotted a familiar figure sitting upon a seat in a highly conspicuous position upon the stage. Seeing that, a glint of puzzlement subconsciously flashed in her eyes and she pointed with her chin to ask Chief Ke beside her.

“Who is that senior uncle with the big bushy beard?”

“Big beard….. Uncle?”

Chief Ke was rather taken aback and he followed Feng Jiu’s gaze to look. His gaze then fell upon a tall and wide chested man with a rather reserved demeanor. With that one look, he could not help but break into a smile and shake his head while he said: “The esteemed Ghost Doctor has just come to the Green Gallop Country for the first time and it is only natural that you will not know. That person’s identity is anything but from a simple background.”

“Oh? Why makes you say that?” Feng Jiu asked curiously.

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