Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 169

Chapter 169: Please Remove Your Mask!

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Feng Jiu acknowledged with a nod and seeing that she was already a little full, she put down her chopsticks and wiped the corners of her mouth before walking over towards the man to say: “Let’s go then.”

“This way please.” The middle aged man was highly respectful in his actions, because he knew that the person before him was no ordinary person, hence he must definitely not offend him in the slightest.

If it was said that he had been someone who came from a backward ninth grade country, but even when he saw the airship for the first time, he had not been the least bit surprised, like he had been so used to seeing flying artifacts, something that did not arouse the slightest curiosity in him.

Moreover, after he came to the Green Gallop Country, he had only displayed grace and high composure, never once inviting the least bit of ridicule or contempt from anyone.

The middle aged man brought Feng Jiu to the main hall out front and after announcing that the Ghost Doctor has come, he said to Feng Jiu: “Will the esteemed Ghost Doctor please come in?”

Feng Jiu walked inside but Leng Shuang was stopped to remain outside.

The eyes of the several people within the main hall turned their measuring gazes upon the figure dressed in flamboyant red that had just entered without disguise, some of them tainted with contempt and disdain, some probing and judgemental.

And at the same time that they were looking at her, Feng Jiu’s gaze swept fleetingly over the people within the hall as well, and then stared fixedly upon the person seated upon the main seat in that place.

That was a middle aged man, dressed in a black brocade robe as he sat steadily with his legs wide open, a highly commanding presence exuding from his body, and his pair of piercing eyes were at that moment staring straight at Feng Jiu.

“Will your distinguished self please take a seat.” The middle aged man seated upon the main seat said in a low voice, his hand raised to gesture towards the first seat that was empty on the left.

Feng Jiu curled up her lips in a smile and walked straight up front and came to the first seat on the left. She was just about to sit down and a force pushed the chair away.

Seeing that, she threw her glance at another middle aged man on the lower left and saw the man revealing a highly taunting gaze. She unconsciously showed a smile upon her face and a mystical power surged out from her palm, pulling the chair that had been pushed backwards returning back to its original position as she sat down with great composure.


The sound of a heavy creak sounded and right after that, the chair below the middle aged man on the bottom left side of the hall suddenly flipped and the man fell unceremoniously to sit onto the floor, letting out a cry of surprise.


The other men saw that and they could not hold themselves back from showing a stifled smile upon their lips, where they then quickly averted their eyes.

When the middle aged man saw that, his face flushed red as a beetroot, humiliation turning into rage and he began shouting at Feng Jiu as soon as he stood up: “Do you know who I am? What audacity! How dare you play tricks on me! ?”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu who was leaning back languidly upon her chair turned her eyes onto him and said: “Although I do not know who you are, but without having to guess you are someone from the black market. It is always said that people that comes through your door should be treated as a guest, so what now? Is this the kind of attitude you have always treated your guests with?”


“Medical Cultivator Lin, the Ghost Doctor is right. Once past the door, he’s a guest and you must not be rude.”

The middle aged man upon the main seat had spoken and his low voice was filled with authority, causing Medical Cultivator Lin who was still filled with rage from humiliation to not dare say another word.

At that moment, the other people then spoke up: “Chief, look at him still wearing his mask, like he does not dare face people. I really wonder about his origins. How can we truly trust a man like this?”

“That’s right, Chief. No matter what, we can’t possibly bet the entire Green Gallop black market’s reputation for this year all upon this one man. Look at that slovenly and lazy demeanor of his, and I am guessing that he’s not even matured enough. How can a person like this shoulder such a heavy and important responsibility?”

The middle aged man upon the main seat looked at Feng Jiu, his gaze fixed upon that mask with blooms of red Spider Lilies as he asked: “I wonder if the esteemed Ghost Doctor would remove that mask of yours and show us your real countenance?”

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