Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 168

Chapter 168: The Green Gallop Country’s Black Market

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Ling Mo Han’s face was thunderously black when he turned his head back. That one look that Ling Mo Han took, had him seeing a man with highly disheveled hair staring unwaveringly in flabbergasted shock at his underpants, the man looking like he had been struck like lightning, with his mouth hanging wide open and his hand still holding on to the ripped portion of Ling Mo Han’s pants.

Seeing that, Ling Mo Han immediately raised a foot and kicked out: “Let go!”


The stunned Feng Jiu was kicked right back into the hot spring and after swallowing a few gulps of the hot spring’s water, she flopped about in the water and stuck her head out through the water’s surface, and saw that the man who had been standing there earlier was no longer anywhere to be seen.

“Oww… Kicked me again! You just wait and see!”

She slapped her hand on the water in rage, and then walked out from the hot spring. Hearing some sounds of commotion outside, she quickly slipped into a suit of dry clothes and massaged her shoulders as she put on her mask with a darkened face before she went walking outside.

“What’s all this commotion about! ?”

Her voice was cold as she shouted in an angry tone.


Leng Shuang came to her side and said: “They said that someone sneaked into the black market’s treasure vault and stole several kinds of miracle medicine. They had pursued that person all the way here and are insisting to go into the hot spring to take a look.”

Feng Jiu’s icy gaze then stared at the black market guards, her eyes finally fixing upon the middle aged guy leading the others. She raised up her foot and let it whip.


The middle aged man was caught off guard when he was kicked in his abdomen, his entire body flying out a distance a few steps away. He gasped in pain and shouted out in rage: “What are you doing! ?”

Feng Jiu strode forward and her sharp and icy glare was filled with an absorbing oppression as she looked straight at the man and said: “Who gave you the audacious guts to act so impetuously before me! ? Didn’t my attendant here tell you that I was bathing inside?”

“You!” The middle aged man stared angrily at her, but did not dare to do anything to Feng Jiu.

“You’re still staring at me? Do you not want those eyes anymore?”

Her voice was so icily cold and her gaze frostily chilling, added with those words, the middle aged man immediately shuddered with fear, instantly lowering his head and did not dare to stare at Feng Jiu any longer.


She snorted derisively, and with a flick of her sleeves, she then opened up her strides to go inside.

After the two of them left, the middle aged man then raised his head up with a vicious look in his eyes, the fists under his sleeves tightly clenched up as he said indignantly with contempt in his voice: “A person who came from a lowly ninth grade country and he really thinks he’s somebody? When tomorrow comes and if you make a mockery of yourself, I would then really like to see how you will continue with such contemptuous arrogance!”

Back in the room, Leng Shuang saw that Feng Jiu was still fuming with rage. She recalled the sounds she had heard within the hot spring earlier and she immediately fell to her knees in self reproach to say: “Your subordinate has failed in her duties, I beg for Mistress to mete out the punishment!”

Seated beside the table, Feng Jiu poured herself a cup of water and gulped it down, as she waved her hand dismissively and said: “Get up! It has nothing to do with you.”

Leng Shuang kept her head lowered and said: “No, your subordinate failed to stand guard adequately which allowed the intruder to sneak inside and disturbed the Mistress.”

“Even I will not be a match for that person. No need to even mention you.”

Feng Jiu then went on to say indifferently: “Moreover, I wasn’t disadvantaged in any way. Instead, heh, I snatched away his pants.”

When she mentioned that, a rather strange and queer expression came onto Feng Jiu’s face. When she recalled that garishly red pair of underpants, the edges of her mouth could not help but twitch.

Leng Shuang who was kneeling upon the floor could not help herself but raised her head up in shock when she heard that.

“Alright. Have a good rest tonight!” Feng Jiu indicated that she was going to retire and rest, as she poured herself another few cups of water to drink as she thought about things.

Seeing that, Leng Shuang acknowledged and retreated from the room.

— The Next Day —

The middle aged man who had gone to the Sun Glory Country to receive Feng Jiu came to the yard at the hot spring. When he saw the red figure seated at the table and having his breakfast, he walked up with a wide smile upon his face and said with a bow: “Most distinguished Ghost Doctor, our Lord requests to see you.”

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