Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 167

Chapter 167: Red Underpants!

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Peering through the fog, he only saw a hazy figure leaning back while seated within the water, barely able to make out a pair of rounded shoulders exposed above the water’s surface, and that highly alluring snowy white neck, but the person’s countenance could not be seen clearly due to the swirling fog in the air.

But, judging from the calm and composed voice that was tinged with a sort of laziness and had a rather low and slightly raspy tinge, the other party would naturally be male. Afterall, if a woman was faced with this current situation, she would already be screaming her head off.

“Apologies for startling the Young Master.”

When the man’s voice sounded, Feng Jiu who was in the water suddenly stared in shock, almost crying out in surprise. [Uncle?]

[She was really bumping into him everywhere in this life! She had just arrived in the Green Gallop Country and she’s bumped into him once again. But it was clear that he had not recognized her.]

When she realized that, her entire being was finally able to relax as she laid back within the water, to look at the straight backed figure, the ends of her mouth curled up, to reveal a mischievous smile.

“Startled indeed! I had initially thought that it was a beauty that the black market had picked out for me who had come, never expecting that it would be a man who came in instead.”

Hearing that, the frown on Ling Mo Han’s face grew deeper, his gaze trying to penetrate through the mist to get a clear look at the person, but the words that came out from the person right after immediately caused him to be unable to stop the corners of his mouth from twitching and his face to darken.

“You should be aware that this Young Master here currently does not have a single inch covered under the water and seeing that your distinguished self is staring with a gaze so intense at this Young Master here, could it be possible that you have a preference towards the masculine male species?”

The Young Master is thinking too much into it.”

Ling Mo Han’s voice had grown stiff but that magnetic and highly masculine voice was still pleasing to the ear.

He was just about to leave the place when he heard the sounds of people searching the area and the leg he had raised to step outside hesitated a moment before he suddenly turned his head back and looked towards the hot spring.

Her mind thinking how she was supposed to stand up, Feng Jiu suddenly saw his gaze turning back towards her and she could not help but be startled. All of a sudden, like he had suddenly thought of something, he stated to take wide strides towards her without waiting for her to say anything.

“Stand right there!”

She shouted out. The fog will no longer block anything at close distances and she was stark naked at that moment. If he came any closer, she would have no longer have anywhere to hide.

Ling Mo Han’s feet did not stop with his strides but instead continued on steadily towards the other side as his low and magnetic voice came floating out of his mouth: “Based on my knowledge, this boundary barrier should still have a live door and its right behind the Young Master.”

[No kidding! Of course I know that!]

Feng Jiu’s eyes were wide as she stared at the figure walking towards her. She clenched her jaw tightly and summoned up her mystical power to scrape the water’s surface, sending water droplets to fly straight towards Ling Mo Han in assault.

At the same time, her hand slapped upon the water surface once more, causing a water curtain to spray up. Her entire body then flew out from the water as she pulled out a set of red clothes from the space, as she speedily threw it over her body behind the cover of the water curtain.

But just as the water curtain fell back down into the hot spring, she had just adjusted the red clothes she had thrown over her body. When she turned herself around to land upon the ground, her bare feet slipped upon that wet and slippery stones, causing her to lose her balance as she fell forward.


Her body was falling forward completely off balance and by instinct, she reached out her hand to grab at whatever could let her steady herself. Who would have known that she would then hear the sound of something ripping. She turned to look in astonishment and that one glance caused her to become hopelessly stunned.

The Uncle’s pants had actually ripped at the back, pulled down by Feng Jiu, to reveal a pair of the most devilishly eye catching, underpants.

But, the one thing that she would never have expected was, that the Uncle would actually be such a inwardly passionate man, that would actually wear such a garishly red pair of underpants…..

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