Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Almost Exposed Herself Fully

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The ends Feng Jiu’s lips curled up slightly into a faint smile: “Having two Grand Spirit Masters and a Foundation Cultivator to come all the way here to pick me up, I’m deeply honoured instead.”

Hearing those words, a glint of surprise then flashed within the eyes of the several men in the room. They had not expected that the Ghost Doctor would be able to identify their cultivation levels. But, from his body, they were however unable to detect any cultivation of mystical energy or spirit energy, so how had he been able to determine their powers?

“Ha ha. This is also to show the high regard we, the black market, places upon your esteemed self, and hence, even it’s just to welcome and to provide an escort, we would naturally not even dream to be slipshod about it.” The middle aged man said with a smile. He clasped his hand over his fist and said respectfully: “It’s getting late and the airship is waiting outside. This way please.”

The middle aged man extended out a hand towards the door, inviting Feng Jiu to walk in front.

“Mm.” Feng Jiu acknowledged curtly and stood up with a flourish of her red clothes, her strides bringing her towards the outside.

Standing guard outside, Leng Shuang was at that moment dressed up as a male, shrouded fully in black, her jet black hair tied up and a mask upon her face. Seeing Feng Jiu come out, she stepped forward to walk by her side, to go down together.

The black market at that moment was already surrounded by a huge crowd of people. They had all heard of the Ghost Doctor’s name but had not seen what kind of a man such an entity would really be like. Hence, when that peerlessly magnificent figure in red walked out from inside which mesmerized the entire crowd, the sound of highly raucous cheers immediately erupted.

“The Ghost Doctor! Ghost Doctor! It’s the Ghost Doctor!”

Everyone fought to squeeze and push, wanting to go forward, but the area surrounding the airship had the black market’s guards forming a protective wall around it and they were all unable to get in.

Guan Xi Lin stood upstairs within the black market and watched Feng Jiu depart and did not approach her as if he went too close to her, her identity might be found out.

“Please.” The middle aged man extended his hand out in invitation once again, to invite the Ghost Doctor to board the airship.

“Mm.” Feng Jiu acknowledged, and stepped into the airship with Leng Shuang following right behind her.

After the several people have boarded, the airship then lifted up off the ground, to fly up into the sky…..

By the time Murong Bo, Murong Yi Xuan and Feng Xiao came rushing in, they only got to see the airship gradually growing smaller into the distance. In mere moments, it then disappeared among the clouds…..

— Three days later. Night. Green Gallop Country. —

— A hot spring within the mountain behind the black market —

Feng Jiu slipped out of her clothes and removed the mask off her face, stepping barefoot straight towards and into the water, her skin submerging under the water’s surface as she waded with her knees bent to find a spot to sit down within the hot spring and spread her arms out to lay them flat upon the slippery stones at the edge of the pool, her head lifted up with her eyes narrowed in sweet blissful comfort.

Three days’ worth of pure exhaustion, finally got a reprieve within the calming waters of the hot spring, and it was so soothing and relaxing that it made her a little drowsy.

On the outside of the hot spring, she had already set up a boundary barrier and she had Leng Shuang standing guard outside, hence, she was not worried that someone would come barging in.

Although it was highly relaxing and comfy, she knew she must not soak herself for too long. So, after soaking in the waters for about an hour or so, she prepared herself to get up. However, just as she was about to stand up, through the misty fog brought about by the heat from the hot spring, she could hazily make out the shadowy black figure seemingly running away from something to flash its way in.

This caused her body that had been about to stand up to sink back lower into the water, using the misty fog to cover and hide her modesty.

“Could it be that your distinguished self is hiding from someone?”

The languid voice tinged with a sliver of slight raspiness sounded highly indifferent, its tone kind of leisurely and carefree, like the stranger’s sudden intrusion had not shocked at all. And that voice that had suddenly sounded out from behind, had instead startled the black shadow who was plastered against the stone wall and carefully watching outside, instantly causing him to turn his head back to peer warily towards where that voice had come from.

That one glance, immediately caused his good looking pair of sword brows to crease up together.

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