Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Fighting to Get There!

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Feng Jiu laughed lightly and said: “You don’t have to worry about that. Grandfather, look here.” She pulled out three bottles and placed them on the table.

“What are they?” The Old Patriarch picked them up and sniffed at them. He only knew they were medicine, but he didn’t know what kind of use they had.

“These are Mind Revitalizing Pills that I specially developed for Grandfather and just by taking them for a period of time, Grandfather’s forgetfulness should be cured very soon.”

“This….. This can really be cured?” The Old Patriarch asked Feng Jiu, looking rather shocked.

“Mm. Grandfather’s condition isn’t really very serious and once you finish these doses, you should already have more or less recovered.” Feng Jiu said with a smile. After informing the Old Patriarch about a few more things, she sat with her Grandfather for awhile more before she went back to her own courtyard.

Before daybreak the next day, Feng Jiu brought Leng Shuang with her and left the manor quietly, making their way towards the black market…..

And when the sun rose, the eight Feng Guards came to the courtyard seeking Feng Jiu but could no longer find any sign of her. They had thought that she had just merely gone out for awhile and they did not give it much thought. Who would have known that this missed opportunity then resulted in becoming several months.

When a highly luxurious airship came sailing in through the skies of the Cloudy Moon City, it became like almost the entire Cloudy Moon City erupted in activity. Even the ruler, Murong Bo in the Imperial Palace sent people out to go find out what was happening.

It must be known that the Sun Glory Country itself was not able to get an airship and countries who were able to own an airship were at least of the sixth grade and above, or were highly mighty powers before they could possess magical flying artifacts like that.

After they managed to acquire the news, the palace guard hurried back to report. “Reporting to Your Majesty, the airship has stopped before the main doors of the black market and it is said that it was sent here to pick up the Ghost Doctor.”

“Pick up the Ghost Doctor! ?”

Murong Bo asked in shock, his entire body immediately shooting to his feet as he shouted out at the same time: “Ready my horse!” [He had still not gotten the chance to ask for medicine from the Ghost Doctor, so how could he possibly let him leave just like that! ? Moreover, if he leaves, when will be ever be back! ?]

Upon hearing the news, Murong Yi Xuan was startled as well. [Ghost Doctor? Is it that sinister and devilish man wearing red clothes he saw on that night?] Murong Yi Xuan quickly snapped back to his senses and took wide strides to go outside.

[He needs to go seek medicine! To get miracle medicine that can rejoice scars and restore one’s countenance!]

— Feng Residence —

Feng Xiao was in a great hurry as he went rushing out. The steward saw that and he quickly went up to block him and ask: “My Lord! Your body still has not completely recovered! Where are you intending to go! ?”

“Didn’t you see that airship just now? I heard that it was sent here to pick up the Ghost Doctor. I need to hurry over to the black market and ask for miracle medicine that is able to help Qing Ge remove her scars!”

Pushing the steward out of his way, Feng Xiao continued his way outside. Without even turning his head, he instructed: “If Old Master asks about it, just tell him I’ll be back very quickly.”

“My Lord! My Lord! Haiz, the few of you over there! Hurry up and follow the Lord! I’ll go inform the Old Master!” The steward quickly summoned the several Feng Guards to go chase after Feng Xiao, while he ran inside towards the courtyard at the back.

“What? He went running to the Ghost Doctor to seek medicine?” The Old Patriarch asked, his eyes widening as his face filled with shock.

“That’s right! And the Lord’s body still has not fully recovered! The Lord ran out just like that and your old servant really wasn’t able to stop him.” The steward said worriedly.

“Quickly! Go bring him back here!” The Old Patriarch shouted, and then felt that having the men go there would still not bring Feng Xiao back. Hence, he got up and strode outside while he said: “Ready the carriage. On the double!”

While one by one they were all rushing towards the black market, in a plush private room in the black market, several men sat, sizing up one another.

“I had not expected that the Ghost Doctor would actually be such a peerlessly magnificent Young Master, your reputation precedes you but nothing like meeting you in person.”

The middle aged man who had come to pick Feng Jiu up said in a deep voice, his face all smiles as he looked at Feng Jiu who sat with her back reclined, a little surprised at how outstanding the person before his eyes was.

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