Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Will be Leaving

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“Ain’t that right! I’ve already said to not hit the face but every single punch was all aimed only at my face! That was just too vicious.”

The blue robed man became agitated and it tugged at the wounds on his face. He gasped, drawing in a deep breath: “I limped every single step on my way back here and the servant girls in the manor were all covering their mouths as they sniggered at me, forcing me to shield my face with my sleeve the entire way. I really do not have the face to see anyone now.”

“Could it be that your injuries were given to you by Guan Xi Lin? It couldn’t be. His powers are not a match for you. Then it’s the Old Master?” One of the men tried to guess, seemingly very intrigued by it.

Hearing those words, the blue robed man’s mouth curled slightly, to reveal a smirk in glee: “I knew that all of you would not be able to guess it correctly. Because, I myself had not expected it in the least which led me to become such a painful example. Oww, it really smarts.”

He tugged at the white robed man’s sleeve and said: “Fan Lin, bring me some ointment will you? The pain is really killing me.”

“Tell us everything first or you can apply the medicine yourself.” The white robed man, Fan Lin immediately sat down, refusing to budge.

Seeing that, the blue robed man then said helplessly: “It’s the Young Miss who did this. Her strikes were really lethal! And, let me tell you…..”

His voice fell a few notches softer: “She possesses great power and employs strange moves. Definitely stronger than you and me.”

As he spoke, he pointed at the bruises on his own face. “See these? If I had the slightest bit of power to resist, I will never have allowed my incredibly handsome face that had mesmerized millions of ladies to be beaten up so badly to look like a pig’s head.”

Everyone was well stunned hearing those words. “Young Miss? She was the one who beat you up into such a state?”

“Otherwise, who else in this manor would you think possess such capability?” He then said with a pout: “I’ve said it before right? Our Young Miss is definitely not a simple person and all of you didn’t believe me. That’s right, I had already addressed her as my Lord but just did not take an oath.”

“You accepted her as your Lord?” All of the rest of the men were rather surprised. He had just gone out for a little while and he had suddenly acknowledged a new Lord?

“That’s right. I did. I acknowledged her. Hey! Now go fetch the medicine and help me apply it!”

Fan Lin stood up and glanced at the several other men who were deep in thought before he walked towards the inside of the house to fetch the medicine box to treat the blue robed man’s wounds.

That very night, Feng Jiu came to her Grandfather’s room.

“Little Feng, Leng Shuang told me in the evening that you have something you want to tell me. What is it?” The Old Patriarch was sitting at the table as he looked at Feng Jiu to ask.

Feng Jiu lifted the teapot on the table and poured out two cups of tea before she said: “Grandfather, the black market asked for me to help them. The airship they sent to pick me up should reach here tomorrow. My trip this time will take at least several months and I will need to trouble Grandfather to look after things here in the manor.”

“Sent an airship to pick you up?”

The Old Patriarch became rather excited: “Is it those magical flying artifact? That is not something an ordinary country could possibly possess. Could it be that the country you are going to on this trip is a country that is above the sixth grade?”

Feng Jiu shook her head: “I haven’t got the chance to ask them that yet and I do not know much about it. I was thinking whether I should tell Father about my identity as the Ghost Doctor? So that he won’t get so worried when I’m away for a few months.”

“No need no need. Your Father shows everything he is thinking directly upon his face. If you tell him the secret will surely be leaked. And if he happens to have a few more drinks with others and happily blurts it all out, I guess the entire Cloudy Moon City will then know about it.”

The Old Patriarch waved his hand dismissively and said: “Don’t worry, when that happens, I will tell you Father that I sent you out for some intensive cultivation training and will not come back so soon.”

Hearing her Grandfather, Feng Jiu could not help but smile and say: “Grandfather, are you sure you’re not talking about yourself?”

“Kek kek, impossible! Your Grandfather remains sober even after a thousand cups! It’s just that I will sometimes become muddleheaded and I’m afraid that I will forget some things.” Upon bringing that up, the old man was suddenly feeling a little helpless.

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