Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 163

Chapter 163: My Lord! Stop Hitting Me Already!

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Caught off guard, the blue robed man was hit right in his eye with the sudden punch thrown by Feng Jiu, quickly retreating backwards as he covered his eye with a hand.

“Young Miss, why would you hit me?”

Feng Jiu smiled evilly at him: “Don’t you all deal with things with your fists? Since you delivered yourself right up to me, and I just happen to feel an itch on my hands, I thought I would use you to scratch my fists a little.” Immediately after her voice fell, the figure of Feng Jiu flashed in place and suddenly hurtled forward.

Seeing that, the blue robed man put down his hand from his eye and said: “Since that’s the case, then Young Miss must not blame me for being discourteous!” This time, he did not dodge, but had instead charged forward, throwing his fist viciously out straight at Feng Jiu.

But against all expectations, the punch thrown out was caught in a grip by Feng Jiu in one hand, his other hand engaged in a furious exchange of strokes with Feng Jiu. The sounds of fists striking each other crashed resoundingly, with an occasional grunt from pain mixed in between from him. He made the slightest miscalculation and he suddenly felt his entire body being lifted up into the air, to crash back heavily onto the ground where he found himself being pinned down.



The loud crash from the heavy fall was accompanied by his groan as they sounded together. His entire body was being pressed into the ground and he didn’t even know how and what kind of position she had twisted his arms up into but just found himself suddenly becoming limp and lacking any strength to struggle in her grip. Before he could even catch his breath, he saw the fist diving straight at him once again, startling him so much he immediately shouted out in a panic: “Not the face!”

‘Bam bam bam bam!’

“Argh! Why are you only aiming at my face! ? Not the face! Don’t hit my face! Arggh…..”

Hearing the commotion, the guards in the Feng Residence thought something might have happened and they hurried over to have a look. Who knew that they would see the highly revered Feng Guard being pinned to the ground and being mercilessly pounded upon! ? Instantly, one by one their eyes flared wide open to stare incredulously, unable to believe what their eyes were seeing.

[How was it possible for the Young Miss to be able to overpower a leading officer of the Feng Guard? The Feng Guard must be holding himself back against the Young Miss right?]

“Oof! My stomach! Argh! No! Stop hitting me! My Lord! My Lord! Stop hitting me already, My LORD! I YIELD…..”

The moment the sound of that scream trailed off and he found the knee jabbed painfully into his stomach finally lifting, he immediately heaved a long breath in relief, his entire body finally able to relax. But just as that breath was leaving his body and he had completely let down his guard, another hard punch was driven straight into his abdomen without mercy, causing his body to curl up like one well cooked prawn, half his breath suddenly stuck within him, unable to be expelled, which caused his face to turn a bright red shade.

“I….. have….. called….. you….. my Lord….. Why are you still….. hitting me…..”

Feng Jiu stood up and dusted her clothes off as she looked smilingly at the man whose face was all black and blue and his body tightly curled up upon the ground to say: “The last punch is a free lesson to you from your Lord here. Before the danger is completely eradicated, you must never relax your guard. Only when you feel the pain, will the lesson then stick.”

Watching the figure that was now dusting her hands off as she walked towards her room, the blue robed man winced as he clenched his jaws tightly to endure the pain while he struggled to climb to his feet, miserably limping alone while he slowly made his way back.

When the other men of the Feng Guards saw the blue robed man slowly limping in, their eyes uniformly registered absolute shock. One of the men stepped forward and asked with great curiosity: “What happened? You just went out for a short while and you return here beaten up all black and blue like this?”

“Who did it? In this manor, who else but the Old Master and the Family Head would be able to beat you up to such an extent?”

“Oww….. Can all of you not ask me anything about it now? Can’t you see I’m all covered in bruises? Quick, help me sit down first, the pain is really killing me.”

The blue robed man then grabbed at the arm of the man before him and leaned his entire weight upon the man as he said: “My sacrifice today has been great, but it’s all really worth it.”

“What really happened?”

The several men crowded around the badly battered up blue robed man. Seeing the handsome face that the blue robed man had always been so proud off now transformed into a pig’s head , someone among them could not help but burst out laughing.

“That person had been really vicious with his strikes! All aimed right at your face! Hee hee, these injuries will definitely not subside within these three to five days.”

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