Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 162

Chapter 162: Settle it with Fists

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“That’s not the same.” His eyes held deep emotions as he gazed straight at her. “That was because she was Su Ruo Yun and not you.”


She burst out with a stifled laugh in scorn, her lips curling up in a sneer. “Which man doesn’t like beautiful women? Don’t tell me that you were not mesmerized when you saw me back at the Plum Blossom Forest? Were you not surprised and delighted when you saw me in the streets then? If men’s words are believable, pigs will then find trees climbable.”

“Qing Ge…..”

Feng Jiu took a sip from her tea and stood up, to come right before Murong Yi Xuan. “I am definitely going to break off the engagement and I am not here to discuss it with you but am merely informing you about it, so that you can at least be prepared.” Immediately after her voice fell, she called out: “House Steward, see the guest out!”

The steward outside came in and said to Murong Yi Xuan: “Your Highness, this way please.”

Murong Yi Xuan was silent and after gazing at her another moment, he said: “I will go seek medicine to remove those scars for you. I will let you see that my heart towards you has never changed.” Finishing what he wanted to say, he then opened up his stride to walk out.

Feng Jiu shook her head, sighing in her heart. [A pity, that Feng Qing Ge that loves you is dead. However much you do, it will be of no use…..]

After that, she walked out from the front hall and went towards the courtyard at the back. When she saw the Old Patriarch and her father chatting while enjoying tea, she called out to them: “Grandfather, Father.”

“Qing Ge, I heard that Yi Xuan came. How did the chat with him go?” Feng Xiao asked with concern. Seeing that badly disfigured face on his daughter, his heart wrenched up with bitter pain.

[His daughter, and her face destroyed like this…..]

[That was all due to his failure as a father who did not protect her well, causing her to go through so much suffering.]

“He’s left. Grandfather, find a good time to go talk to the ruler about it and have the betrothal annulled.” Feng Jiu said as she came to the table and sat down, and then turned to Feng Xiao. “Father, is your body still feeling unwell in anyway?”

“Not any longer. Father is fine and my body is recovering very quickly.” Feng Xiao said with a wide smile, not wanting Feng Jiu to worry.

“Mm, you have to continue taking your medicine.” She said with a laugh. She accompanied the two men and chatted with them in conversation for a while, before she returned back to her own courtyard.

Not long after she stepped into her courtyard, Leng Shuang came walking in.

“Mistress…..” She was just about to open her mouth to speak when Leng Shuang saw a man in a blue robe wandering about just outside the courtyard, and the words at the tip of her tongue suddenly stopped.

Inside the courtyard, Feng Jiu followed Leng Shuang’s gaze and saw that blue robed man turning his head here and there to peer all around. Seeing that, her brows creased up together. “What are you doing there?”

“Heh heh. Was too idle and am just looking around.” He said with a grin, his gaze staring straight at Feng Jiu’s unveiled face, his heart slightly startled.

He had heard that the Young Miss had removed her face veil after coming back here, revealing her disfigured countenance as she wandered about in the Feng Residence the entire day. He had not believed those words then and he just realized that it had been true.

“Too idle?” The corners of her lips curled up slightly and she looked at the blue robed man like she was almost smiling. “Now that you mention it, the bunch of you have not acknowledged your Lord!”

“Young Miss wants us to recognize you as our Lord? Heh heh, that might be a little tough.” The blue robed man was candid with his words, not bothering to be too polite.

“Mistress.” Leng Shuang went close to Feng Jiu’s ear to whisper a few words, and then retreated away.

After hearing Leng Shuang’s words, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed with a dark glint. Her gaze fixed upon the figure of the blue robed man but her words were spoken to Leng Shuang: “Mm. Go reply to them and say that I’ve agreed.”

“Yes.” Leng Shuang immediately left after acknowledging.

Feng Jiu then strode forward and came right before the blue robed man. Without any warning, she threw out a punch…..

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