Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 161

Chapter 161: I Want to Annul the Betrothal

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Feng Jiu could not help herself but laugh. Her gaze then swept over the eight men looking at her and she continued to say: “I’ll accept the command token then. As for all of them, wait till I’m free and we’ll see.” Immediately after her voice fell, she turned herself around and walked outside.

Coming back to the Feng Residence, Feng Jiu busied herself with getting rid of the people Su Ruo Yun had left behind within the manor. In just three short days, she reshuffled everything within the Feng Residence and tidied the whole place up. And in these same three days, the condition of Feng Xiao’s body was also gradually recovering.

It was early morning on this particular day that Feng Jiu was practising her Tai Chi when she saw Leng Shuang walking towards her. “Mistress, the Third Prince has come and asked to see you. Old Master wants you to make a trip there.”

Feng Jiu retracted her stance and blew a breath out before she said: “Got it. I’ll go over after getting myself a change of clothes.” Feng Jiu was already walking towards her room as she spoke when she suddenly stopped in her tracks to ask: “Right, how is my brother doing at the black market these past few days?”

“Young Master is doing well. Mistress does not have to worry, I have already left instructions with the black market.”

“Mm, that’s good.” Feng Jiu then nodded her head and went into her room to change before bringing Leng Shuang with her as she went out to the main hall at the front.

— In the Front Hall —

“Yi Xuan, this old man knows you’re really an outstanding young man and I am most satisfied with who you are. But Little Feng has already told me her wishes and as her grandfather, I would naturally not be able to say anything much against that. Hence, I thought I should first tell it to you today and I’ll then make a trip to the palace one of these days to make the situation clear to the ruler for him to annul the engagement.”

Hearing that, Murong Yi Xuan looked at the Old Patriarch and said: “Grandfather Feng, don’t go to the palace yet. Let me speak to Qing Ge first and we’ll then discuss about this again!”

[The other day, he had been the one who wanted the engagement annulled and now, she was instead the one who wanted to call off the betrothal. Was it because he had not been able to recognize her and that had angered her?]


A voice came in from outside. Murong Yi Xuan turned his head behind and with that one glance, his eyes narrowed slightly.

A girl in white was walking in with the light behind her, that graceful bearing and her elegant presence made her entire being look as beautiful as a Heavenly goddess. But, when he saw that face on her, the earlier mesmerization he felt faded away till there wasn’t a single trace left.

That was a countenance that was completely filled with long scars, so disfigured her original looks could no longer be identified. The skin upon that face had been almost completely ruined, looking so horrifying. Even as he saw it, his heart could not help but quiver and wince.

There was a sort of wincing pain, a sense of pity, mashed up together with shock and astoundment.

He had never known that her face had been disfigured to such a complete extent…..

“Little Feng, you’re here.”

When the Old Patriarch saw her, his eyes narrowed up and he immediately broke into a wide smile. He then stood up and looked towards Murong Yi Xuan and said: “The two of you should have a good chat!” After saying that, he walked out of the place.

“Qing Ge, let’s get married!” He spoke his intentions for having come here as he looked at Feng Jiu.

Hearing that, Feng Jiu cast a glance at Murong Yi Xuan and said: “Didn’t my grandfather already tell you that I want to call off the engagement?” She went over to the main seat and sat down, as the servant brought in tea for her.

“I do not mind that your countenance has been disfigured.” He had thought that Feng Jiu was calling off the engagement because her face had been ruined. Afterall, the previous her had been so highly reliant on him and the kind of feelings he had for her, couldn’t be so easily severed just because she said so.

Hearing those words, Feng Jiu laughed. “I think you misunderstood. I am not seeking to annul the betrothal because my face has been disfigured, but because I discovered that I do not love you, and that is the reason why I am calling off the engagement.”

Her voice was indifferent, her demeanor gracefully languid, not showing the slightest trace of unease or inferiority with her completely scarred face presented before Murong Yi Xuan’s eyes.

“I do not believe that.”

His gaze was steadily fixed upon her. “I do not believe that you do not love me. We shared so many years having such strong feelings for each other, how is it possible that you can suddenly stop loving me just because you said it?”

Feng Jiu glanced at him queerly and said: “Didn’t you want to call off the marriage as well? How is it different from this?”

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