Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Handing Over the Feng Command Token

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The Old Patriarch readjusted his composure and then said with a highly serious expression: “Rest assured. Grandfather will help you keep the secret.”

He knew very clearly, how big of a ruckus it would cause if her identity as the Ghost Doctor was leaked. To the people out there, most of them thought that the Ghost Doctor was someone from another country and if they realized that the Ghost Doctor was actually the Young Miss of the Feng Residence, grave danger would definitely follow after.

“And about you and Yi Xuan…..”

He might already be old, but he was not yet dotty. Hence he had naturally noticed the cold manner she had shown towards Murong Yi Xuan. [This little lass had always stuck very close to that man before, but now….. sigh!]

Hearing that, Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed as she said: “About that betrothal, find some time and have it annulled!”

“Annulled? Are you being serious?”

The Old Patriarch was taken aback and he went on to say: “Although that child Yi Xuan is a prince, but we watched him grow up from a kid. No matter from which perspective one looked at him, no one in the Sun Glory Country can compare to him. Do you really want to annul the engagement?”

“Mm. Break it off.” Feng Jiu reiterated, her tone firm.

Hearing his granddaughter’s words, the Old Patriarch saw that it was helpless to force her any further and he said: “Since you are decided, Grandfather will then go to the palace and discuss about it with the ruler one of these days.”

“Alright.” Feng Jiu nodded in agreement.

At that moment, the voice of Leng Shuang who had been standing guard outside sounded: “Mistress, the eight Feng Guards are waiting outside in the courtyard and they requested to see the Old Master and the Mistress.”

The people in the room exchanged glances and they stepped outside together.

The room doors opened and they saw the eight men whom some were standing and some were leaning immediately moving speedily to form up in a neat row, to offer their greeting respectfully with a bow. “Your subordinate greets the Old Master and Young Miss!”

“What is the matter?” The Old Patriarch asked, his gaze sweeping over all eight men.

“Your subordinates here would only like to inquire if Old Master has any instructions for us. Would you need us to remain here or do you want us to go back?” A man dressed in a full black robe asked, his gaze looking straight at the Old Patriarch.

The Old Patriarch stole a brief glance at Feng Jiu and paused a short moment before he said to the men: “All of you remain here.”

“Yes, Old Master.” The men acknowledged, and they turned their gazes upon Feng Jiu, their eyes blatantly probing and measuring her up, undisguised and unashamedly.

Feng Jiu cast a glance over them and turned to say to the Old Patriarch: “Grandfather, I need to go find the steward to talk to him about something. Father will be fine here with Big Brother guarding him. Why don’t you go get yourself some rest?”

“Alright, I will. You go ahead then.” The Old Patriarch said. Seeing Feng Jiu opening up her stride to walk away, he suddenly thought of something and called out to Feng Jiu in a hurry. “Little Feng, wait a moment.”

Having already taken two steps out, Feng Jiu turned around to look at her grandfather and saw him pulling out a command token as he brought it over to her.

“This is the Feng Command Token. Seeing the token is as good as seeing the Lord himself. Not only will one be able to mobilize the Feng Guards, the holder of the token will be able to deploy the Feng Family’s soldiers as well. I will now hand this Feng Command Token to you. Make good use of it.”

Watching the scene before them, the eight men had strange expressions on their faces. They had never expected the Old Master to hand out the Feng Command Token so easily, so assuredly handing the entire Feng Family into the hands of the Young Miss!

Feng Jiu was a little surprised herself and she asked: “Why is this thing with Grandfather? Shouldn’t it be with Father?”

“Haha, the one your father has is just a puny grandson of this. This one in Grandfather’s hand is the real deal, and it’s much more useful.” The Old Patriarch said gleefully as he stroked at his beard.

Hearing her grandfather’s words, Feng Jiu clicked her tongue out of the corner of her mouth and said: “With this in your hands, would Grandfather then have to be so worried about the Feng Guards falling into the claws of that Su Ruo Yun?”

“Haha, that grandson is still a treasure afterall, and of course it must not fall into the hands of an outsider. Moreover, although the command token can mobilize the Feng Guards, what’s more important is who the Feng Guards themselves recognize as their real Lord.” He said with a meaningful glance thrown towards the eight men, his eyes lighting up with a wise glint.

He strongly believed, with the Feng Family’s proud Little Feng’s capabilities, she would definitely be able to make all of them submit to her willingly of their own accord!

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