Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 159

Chapter 159: The Ghost Doctor’s Identity

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He had just wanted to follow behind when he saw Leng Shuang suddenly blocking his way forward in front of him.

“Your Highness Third Prince, the Feng Residence still has a lot of matters to handle today and it might not be convenient for us to entertain you today. Maybe you should leave as well.”

After giving Murong Yi Xuan another glance, Leng Shuang stepped away to follow behind Feng Jiu inside the manor, not giving any more attention to the Third Prince standing there flabbergasted.

Instead, the eight Feng Guards looked on with interest. For according to their knowledge, this Murong Yi Xuan was their Young Miss’ fiance and from what they were seeing before their eyes, they were all guessing that might no longer be the case for much longer.

“The few of you over there come here and dispose of this corpse!” One of the Feng Guards ordered several of the regular guards at the side to clean up the place before striding with wide steps inside.

“Yi Xuan.” Murong Bo who was already on his Imperial Chariot called out.

“Father.” Murong Yi Xuan came before his father, lowering his eyes as he addressed the ruler.

“Return to the palace with me. I have things to talk to you about.” Murong Bo said as he looked at his most outstanding son, knowing for sure his son’s cultivation will definitely reach higher levels than he himself could and hence, he had always held the greatest expectations for Murong Yi Xuan from a very young age.

“Yes Father.” Murong Yi Xuan acknowledged and immediately flipped himself up upon his horse. He cast his glance towards the Feng Residence one more time before he left following behind the Imperial Chariot.

— In the Feng Residence —

The Old Patriarch with Feng Jiu and Guan Xi Lin were in Feng Xiao’s room and at that moment, after the middle aged healer took Feng Xiao’s pulse, he shook his head and said with a sigh: “Old Master, Young Miss, the Lord’s has suffered too hard a hit and my skills are inadequate. I’m afraid I’m unable to do anything.”

Upon hearing that, the Old Patriarch’s brows furrowed up tightly together, his face darkened and the worry in his eyes was unmistakable.

“Go outside first.” Feng Jiu indicated, asking the healer to go out of the room.

“Yes, Young Miss.” The middle aged healer sighed inwardly, bowing to take his leave before he walked out.

“Grandfather, you do not need to worry. Father will be fine.” Feng Jiu said comfortingly as she moved to come stand beside the Old Patriarch. She then went to sit by the bed and placed her hand upon Feng Xiao’s wrist to take his pulse.

“Little Feng, you…..”

The Old Patriarch could not help but be taken aback upon seeing her seemingly familiar and experienced movements of her hands. Recalling that she had been the one nursing his condition the past few days, the Old Patriarch’s heart suddenly rose with certain suspicions.

After taking Feng Xiao’s pulse, Feng Jiu opened her array of silver needles and then turned her head to look towards the Old Patriarch with a smile upon her face before she asked: “I’m sure Grandfather has heard of the Ghost Doctor?”

“I have. It is said that even a person when a person has one foot set inside the doors of Hell, the Ghost Doctor would still be able to save him…..”

The Old Patriarch’s voice paused a moment. Like he had suddenly realized something, his eyes then widened in incredulity and shock as he said in almost a whisper: “Little Feng, you….. You mean to say…..”

“Mm. Exactly what grandfather is thinking.” Feng Jiu told her grandfather with a wink. “Keep it a secret.”

The Old Patriarch’s eyes were still wide with astonishment, his heart filled both delight and shock, thinking everything he was hearing to be unimaginable and too unbelievable…..

[The Ghost Doctor?]

[His own granddaughter is the mysterious and revered Ghost Doctor! ? What is happening here! ? Can this really be true?]

“Xi Lin, is what she is saying really the truth?” The Old Patriarch slid over to stand beside Guan Xi Lin, and grabbed at the young man’s arm to ask.

“Heh heh, Grandfather, it’s true. Come, let help you over there to take a seat first while I tell you the whole story.” Guan Xi Lin said with a grin, as he helped the Old Patriarch to go sit down beside the table in the other part of the room before he told the old man everything about it.

Meanwhile, on the inside of the room, Feng Jiu began using her silver needles to treat her father’s condition. It was just several minutes later that Feng Jiu then kept her things away and walked out to the outer portion of the room when she saw the Old Patriarch staring at her with his eyes shining. That eyes from that gaze looked just like two glowing magical artifacts that just made her hair stand.

“Grandfather, are you alright?”

“Little Feng, you’ve really kept your Grandfather in the dark too much!”

“Haha, I just haven’t found the right opportunity to tell you that’s all.” She laughed a little sheepishly, slightly embarrassed, as she had actually not intended to tell them about it.

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