Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Wretchedly Pathetic

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The sword in Feng Jiu’s hand flipped and she held it behind her. She stood right before Su Ruo Yun and looked at that ashen faced woman whose entire body was shivering as she asked in a lazy tone: “Haven’t you been just too shameless? I think it might be better for you if you don’t wear anything. Isn’t it?”

Seeing that scene before them, the usually nonchalant one who was a little playful among the eight Feng Guards gulped heavily subconsciously and with his eyes alight, he said in praise: “Woohoo! This move by the Young Miss is executed just so beautifully. What a benefit for everyone! Heh heh. Those shapely curves on that body looks much better than most and the skin is rather fair as well. Merely killing her off would have been such a waste.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu could not help but laugh and glanced at that man to say: “You like it? Why don’t I gift her to you?”

Hearing that, the man was startled and he immediately waved his hands before him while he said: “No need, no need. I need to remain chaste for my wife to be.”

Murong Yi Xuan watched the trembling heap that was Su Ruo Yun before his eyes, his eyes looking a little pained as he turned his gaze to look at Feng Jiu.

“Qing Ge. Enough.”

Feng Jiu’s gaze turned, her clear eyes rippling strongly with smiles as she asked: “Enough? I haven’t even done anything to her yet! How can it be enough?” At the moment she spoke, the sword in her hand flipped once more that slashed straight towards the tightly curled up Su Ruo Yun, drawing a bloody line upon her body.


“Qing Ge…..”

“Shut up!” She shouted, her gaze cold as she stared at him. “This matter is the concern of the Feng Residence and I wish that Your Highness the Third Prince would not interfere.”

The moment her voice fell, the sword in her hand was thrust straight towards Su Ruo Yun’s thigh. With a swish, a anguished cry sounded and red blood spilled upon the ground.

“All these, are what I am returning to you!”

Everything she was doing here was what she seeked to claim for Feng Qing Ge! She had promised that she would make Su Ruo Yun pay back in folds!

The curled up Su Ruo Yun had after hearing Murong Yi Xuan’s words, suddenly had her eyes flare slightly, and she barely dragged out a smile that was uglier than her crying. She lowered her head and she reached her hand into her hair, her eyes suddenly filling up with venom.


She endured the burning pain on her thigh and shot to her feet to pounce towards Feng Jiu, a dark purple hairpin appearing in her hand as she thrust it straight at Feng Jiu, looking like she was all preparing to bring her enemy down into Hell together with herself.

“Look out!”

Murong Yi Xuan quickly snapped to his senses and shot to stand in front of Feng Jiu to shield her, instinctively executing a strike of his palm to send Su Ruo Yun flying.



Su Ruo Yun vomited out a mouthful of blood as she fell in a wretched heap onto the ground, her eyes staring at Murong Yi Xuan while barely alive, that were filled with a kind of liberation. For this man, she had ultimately come to no good end, and he had never once truly given her a place in his heart.

She raised up a hand and right before Murong Yi Xuan’s stunned gaze, she struck herself on her Heavenly Spirit meridian. With a loud crack, Su Ruo Yun had ended her own pathetic life…..

Feng Jiu threw a glance at the back of Murong Yi Xuan before her and then turned to the eight Feng Guards to say: “Dispose of her corpse.” It had been too easy for Su Ruo Yun. She had not toyed with her enough and she had already died.

Only then, did she turn herself towards the various Family Heads and the ruler, Murong Bo, who had been sitting there to watch the show to say in a raised voice: “I have neglected all our esteemed guests today and I beg for you to not take offence. After my father’s health recovers, we will definitely hold a banquet for our guests by way of an apology from us.”

“Ha ha, Young Miss Feng is being too harsh with yourself. The Feng Residence having been haunted by several incidents recently have been known by all of us. Hence, there is no need to concern yourself about any neglect or not.”

“That’s right, Young Miss Feng. Since the venomous woman has been dealt with, you should quickly go take a look at your father. We’ll all just take our leave from here, and come pay a visit on another day.:

Everyone spoke up in turns, clasping their fists to take their leave, to depart from the place one after another.

Murong Yi Xuan looked at Feng Jiu and was about to say something when he saw her turn, to walk off abruptly into the residence….

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