Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 157

Chapter 157: Off with the Tongue

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“You tell me, how should I pay you back for everything?”

“Ha! A person who lost all her mystical cultivation and had her countenance completely ruined, why would you still want to live? You should just die in that state!” Su Ruo Yun scorned in a highly cold tone of ridicule, her gaze looking mockingly at that veiled face and that pair of eyes shone with venom as they then turned to look at Murong Yi Xuan.

“You didn’t know that, did you? I destroyed her cultivation meridian with poison and her face, was slashed up by me. That face was turned into a bloody mess with its flesh turned outwards in flaps. She had looked more frightening than a hideous witch. And….. ha ha ha ha…..”

She suddenly let out a low laugh, her gazes looking almost maniacal: “And I had then sold her to a brothel. I wonder how many men had had fun with her already… ARGH!”

Her voice had barely just dropped when an anguished scream sounded. Feng Jiu who had been seated had suddenly pulled out the sword at her hip and with a few wide steps, she had come before Su Ruo Yun. With a flick of her sword’s tip, she had cut off the woman’s tongue.

“One can never find ivory in a dog’s mouth, you might as well not have a tongue.”

The crowd gasped silently, taken aback by Su Ruo Yun’s words and by Feng Jiu’s sudden strike. They had not even notice how she had moved but only saw that bloodied section of a tongue dropped upon the ground and Su Ruo Yun’s mouth immediately filling up with unstoppable blood.

When the eight Feng Guards saw that, their eyes lit up with a light.

They saw Feng Jiu standing there erect, a sword gripped in her hand, it’s point dripping with blood, the white dress fluttering slightly under the passing breeze. The cold and languid demeanor exuding from her was delightful for them to see, especially that clean and highly precise strike, which just drove excitement into their hearts.

They all had to admit, even if her countenance had been destroyed, that air and bearing around that figure was not something that most people could match up to.

If a person like this became their Lord, they wouldn’t really think it unacceptable.

Murong Yi Xuan’s eyes went wide with shock as he stared at the lady in the white dress who had moved so viciously and swiftly, his heart startled.

[That’s….. that’s really Qing Ge? She’s really that same gentle and demure lady that would lean and snuggle up at his side?]


Without her tongue and her mouth filled up with blood pouring out, she was not able to speak, but only to make sharp pointed cries like this.

She leapt at Feng Jiu in front of her like she had gone mad, but before Su Ruo Yun could even get close to her, she saw Feng Jiu’s eyes suddenly narrowing and a wicked glint appeared within them. The next moment, she saw the sword in Feng Jiu’s hand thrust right towards her, and she felt the rush of the sword’s Qi brushing past her. Immediately after that, she heard the splitting and tearing sounds of her clothes.

“Arh….. Arh arh…..”

Su Ruo Yun let out a scream as her clothes fell to the ground in tiny pieces. Feeling the sudden chill on her body, she clasped her arms over her body, wanting to cover her uncovered and exposed dignity, her ears hearing the sharp intakes of breaths and uncouth sounding heavy breathing all around her, making her feel so ashamed that she yearned for a hole to open up in the ground for her to hide in.

The Family Heads surrounding them were all men in their middle ages and although they had dutiful wives and beautiful concubines back home, seeing a beautiful young woman standing stark naked right before their eyes they knew they were not supposed to stare at, they found that they could not shift their gazes away at all.

Some of them cleared their throats awkwardly, their old faces flushed slightly red, but their gazes remained gawking relentlessly at the snow white skin upon that shapely body. At that moment, everyone finally knew why Feng Qing Ge wanted the Old Patriarch to retire back into his room first. She must have intended to put on this heart pumping and highly erotic show right from the start for everyone to see.

It must be said, that it was a truly vicious move. Killing someone is merely having someone’s head touch the ground but this young lady really knew how to torment people. And the highest form of torture was obviously to torment a person’s heart. This hand that she played was done truly beautifully, making Su Ruo Yun feel worse than death instead of just killing her.

Afterall, standing under the open sky completely naked without a single form of covering to suffer utter humiliation under the piercing gazes of all those men, that kind of ruin that wrecked at a woman’s heart was not something any young lady would be able to endure.

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