Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Nowhere to Hide

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Having come to this, there was no way things could be turned around anymore and she had no need of hiding anything.

Till that moment, she finally realized the reason why when she had seen her on the streets the last time, she had found this girl to be a sore sight.

She also finally knew the reason why not only all those assassins she had sent to kill her had failed but even the force she painstakingly built up had also been destroyed as well.

[It all due to her! She had not died all this time!]

She knew very well how capable Feng Qing Ge was. With her abilities, it was impossible that she would be able to annihilate her entire Poison Clan in just one night, and it was even more ridiculous to believe that she would be able to rescue the Old Patriarch from under her nose! The only thing she was certain of now was that she had someone else behind her!

“Why don’t you remove the face veil off your face? Aren’t you Feng Qing Ge? Can’t you remove that face veil now?”

She stared tauntingly at Feng Jiu, her gaze highly arrogant and vicious. “Let everyone here see whether that face under the veil is that of Feng Qing Ge!”

Feng Jiu looked at Su Ruo Yun, her eyes shining with a chilly glint. She ignored Su Ruo Yun’s words and said to the Old Patriarch: “Grandfather, you have just barely recovered and you must not get too agitated. Why don’t you go inside first? Just leave this to me to deal with.”

“Little Feng…..” The Old Patriarch was feeling a little worried that she would not be able to handle it.

“It’s alright, I’ll be fine here.” She said with a light smile, telling the old man not to worry. She summoned the steward thereafter and asked him to help the Old Master inside.

When everyone there saw what she was doing, they became highly curious. [What was she intending to do? Why did she not want the Old Patriarch around?]

Murong Yi Xuan stared at her, feeling rather complicated in his heart, but he had not been able to find the right opportunity to speak.

The ruler Murong Bo had really been completely disregarded by people today. What to do? Who was the one who made everyone’s eyes and attention to be all focused upon the pair of real and fake Feng Qing Ge?

“I want the two of you to bring her outside in front of the Feng Residence’s main doors” Feng Jiu said as her gaze swept over the bodies of the two men who were holding on to Su Ruo Yun, before turning herself around to walk outside herself.

At that moment, the two men gave each other a look and then dragged their prisoner outside.

Before the Feng Residence’s main doors, Feng Jiu had made the Feng Guards bring her a chair and she sat right upon it. Surrounding the sides were gathered the various Family Heads who had followed behind to watch and their respective guards who were waiting by the doors. Even Murong Bo had his interest piqued and he had followed behind as well, where he sat down upon the chair his attendants had carried in, his gaze tinged with interest as he looked at the graceful and unruffled Feng Jiu.

“Having carried my face around for so long, don’t you find it tiring?”

She held her chin in one hand, her legs folded in and crossed as she sat upon the chair. It was such an ungraceful position but it somehow made everyone feel that it just looked highly nonchalant and natural.

“I had tired of it from long ago! Seeing this face everyday had made me feel so disgusted with it!” Su Ruo Yun spat out spitefully, the disdain in her voice obvious as she struggled. “Let go of me!”

With those two Feng Guards holding her, she had naturally not been able to break free.

“Release her. She won’t be able to escape.” Feng Jiu said, gesturing for the two men to release her.

Once free, Su Ruo Yun immediately tore the mask on her face off, and throwing the mask onto the ground heavily, to reveal her original countenance. A delicate beauty.

A pity, although the countenance was delicately beautiful, her heart was venomous as a viper.

One of the Family Heads among the people gathered exclaimed: “Such amazing skill in disguising herself! That mask actually extends past her neckline and goes behind the ears, it’s little wonder people had not been able to see through it.”

Murong Yi Xuan’s gaze was looking slightly startled as he looked at Su Ruo Yun, never having thought that it would be her…..

It might be because she detected Murong Yi Xuan’s gaze upon her, Su Ruo Yun felt shameful and humiliated for the first time. She didn’t dare to even look in his direction once, afraid of seeing the gaze she could not bear to see.

Watching it all, the corners of Feng Jiu’s mouth curled up slightly, and the vermillion lips under the veil parted slightly…..

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