Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Identity Exposed

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The eight men acknowledged with deep voices and two among them stepped forward and held down Su Ruo Yun by twisting her arms behind her, pushing her to come before the Old Patriarch.

Everyone present were first shocked that the Old Patriarch had ordered the Feng Guards to arrest his own granddaughter and then became puzzled by Feng Xiao’s reaction after that. Hence, they all then turned their probing gazes upon that lady in a white dress, trying to guess at her identity.

Murong Yi Xuan looked at the Feng Qing Ge who had been arrested and was being held down before the Old Patriarch. His brows pinched up together slightly and he had wanted to speak when he heard Feng Xiao ask him these words which made him just turn his gaze upon the young lady in the white dress.

[I’m thinking you would like to know as well, just who is she?]

Feng Jiu looked at Feng Xiao whose eyes had turned red rimmed from intense emotions and she sighed in her heart before she said: “You’ve guessed it, haven’t you?”

He was not that dense afterall. After having so many things happen in the Feng Residence and seeing that the Old Patriarch had now returned here together with this young lady, if he still was not able to realize anything, he wouldn’t be the highly famed and well known High General Feng.

“You are my daughter Qing Ge!”

His voice was highly choked as he reached his hand out to grasp at Feng Jiu’s hand to say: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry….. Father actually failed to realize the person by my side was an imposter…..” When he recalled back what the Old Master had said that day, remembered the rage he had felt, and was now looking at that face wearing a face veil over it, his heart wrenched up in pain and he suddenly could not stop himself from crying out in a loud wail.

“I’m sorry….. it’s all Father’s fault….. all my fault…..”

An awe inspiring and revered High General actually bawling like a child with tears flowing down his face was a sight that quickly stunned everyone in shock.

[What did he just say? That young lady wearing a face veil was his daughter Qing Ge? Then who is that one being held down there?]

“Uncle Xiao, who did you say she was?”

Murong Yi Xuan’s voice was tinged with an irrepressible tremble as he stared at the young lady in the white dress in a daze, thinking it rather incredulous but feeling excited and delighted at the same time. His heart was thumping wildly, the overall feeling, just indescribable.

“Woo hoo….. my daughter….. my poor daughter…..”

Overcome with guilt that wrenched his heart, Feng Xiao was still wailing as he cried. But as his body was still weak and it could not bear up under that kind of shock, while he continued to cry, he suddenly fainted, losing consciousness.

“The two of you, send my Father back to his room.” Feng Jiu said softly to several Feng Guards standing at the side who were staring wide eyed at her.


Several voices acknowledged instinctively and the few of them suddenly found themselves startled a moment before turning their heads to look at each other as they felt the situation to be rather strange. But two of them still came forward and carried Feng Xiao inside.

At that moment, Old Patriarch Feng, though an elderly man, said in a booming voice imbued with his mystical power in announcement: “Before everyone present here today, this old man shall now tell you more about all of this.”

He paused a moment to point his finger at Su Ruo Yun and said: “She, is not my granddaughter Feng Qing Ge! She is just an orphan girl, named Su Ruo Yun, that my granddaughter had picked up from the streets when she was very young! My granddaughter had treated the girl to be just like a sister to her but this girl had instead attempted to murder my granddaughter! She had then assumed my granddaughter’s identity, seizing everything my granddaughter had! When this was discovered by this old man, this girl had then used poison to try to harm me. This woman here, is a vicious and venomous wench, heartless and malicious!”

Hearing this words, everyone was in an uproar. Many of them gasped loudly in horror, thinning the entire incident just too incredulous and frightening. The woman had even assumed another person’s identity! If no one had discovered it, wouldn’t the entire Feng Residence end up in her hands?

“Ha ha ha ha ha….. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

The sudden loud laughter startled everyone there, and everyone’s eyes turned to look at the woman who was now looking a little crazy.

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