Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Who Are You?

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“The Old Master is back? Where?”

Hearing that voice, the ruler turned his head to look in the direction that the voice had sounded from. With that one glance, his face showed great surprise. It had only been a few days but Feng Xiao had actually been reduced to such a weak and frail state? He could not even walk on his own and had to depend on others to support him?

“My Lord, you should sit down here first. The Old Master is already at the door and he will come in shortly.” A man dressed in a white robe who was holding a folding fan in his hand said gently as he helped Feng Xiao sit down before his own gaze looked outside into the courtyard.

The ruler, Murong Bo looked at the outstanding man standing beside Feng Xiao, his sharp black irises glinting deep in thought, a very brief glance that swept past the two men unnoticed as his gaze turned away from them.

When Su Ruo Yun saw the several Feng Guards standing guard beside Feng Xiao, she gritted her teeth tightly. These men had not only disregarded her, they had even brought Feng Xiao out here on their own accord. Damn them all! She had originally intended to just let Feng Xiao show up for a brief moment before sending him back in case anyone notices anything suspect about his condition but now…..

Just at that moment, Feng Jiu came in helping the Old Master along, with a mass of people behind them.

When she saw Feng Jiu beside the Old Master, Su Ruo Yun let out a gasp and said: “Why is it you! How could you be here! ?”

[This woman! She had not forgotten that the poison she had employed had been countered by this very woman! This woman, her identity highly strange and mysterious, had today even appeared right here in the Feng Residence, and right before her eyes! Did that woman really think she would do nothing to her?]

“Guards! Capture that woman immediately!” She screamed out loudly, immediately wanting the Feng Guards to capture Feng Jiu.

However, nobody moved. Because they didn’t dare. Even an idiot could see that the lady with the veil was holding their own Old Master to support him as he walked! Capture that lady? They have not yet become that tired of living.

Feng Jiu did not say a word but merely looked at Su Ruo Yun with a faint smile in her eyes.

Old Patriarch Feng at that moment called out in a deep booming voice, hollering: “Feng Guards hear me!”

The eight men looking like refined and dignified Young Masters standing beside Feng Qiao immediately took a step forward all at the same time, their step steady and demeanor imposing. They stood in one straight row, their actions uniform as they clasped their hand over their fists in greeting, the resounding clap imbued with the strong aura of robust mystical power flowed out in deference towards the Old Patriarch.

“Your subordinate greets the Old Master!”

With just those few words, they sent tremors into the hearts of everyone present. After the eight men proffered their greeting, they stood ramrod straight, the earlier languid nonchalance that hung upon their bodies immediately disappearing without a trace right at that moment.

The stern faces exuded an absorbing kind of sobriety, the aura felt from their bodies harsh and chilling, like those of steely warriors who just stepped off from a battlefield. That completely synchronized movements, their heroic stance and demeanor, made everyone’s eyes light up, their hearts to tremble.

They were the Feng Guards! The team of Elite Masters that drove fear and terror into the hearts of the armies within their neighbouring countries! In this troop, every single one of them were men just as steely and hardy, all of them outstanding men of talent!

“Seize her this instant!”

The Old Patriarch’s finger was pointed right at the ashen faced Su Ruo Yun, his penetrating gaze so filled with rage they could kill. That woman could very well die a hundred deaths and it would still not be enough.


Su Ruo Yun managed to regain her senses under the sudden shock and her first instinct was to see Feng Xiao’s protection. Because, against the Old Patriarch, only Feng Xiao would be able to protect her against him.

But, she was doomed to be disappointed.

Because Feng Xiao was at that moment staring in startled astonishment at the graceful young lady wearing a face veil and a full white dress. A startling thought had suddenly risen within his mind, and he opened his mouth to say in a stutter.

“Who….. Who are you?”

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