Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 153

Chapter 153: The Old Patriarch Returns!

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[Isn’t everyone who is supposed to attend already present? Why is there another carriage coming? Who else is there?]

While everyone else was feeling rather puzzled, their steps going inside stopped momentarily as people gazed at the highly unremarkable carriage that had stopped right in front of the gates.

Murong Yi Xuan who was about to step inside had stopped in his tracks as well when he saw the horse carriage. He not only found that the horse carriage looked rather familiar, but thought he recognised the girl in black driving it as well. [Wasn’t she with that lady the last time…..]

“Little Jiu, let me help you.” Dressed in all black, Guan Xi Lin leapt out from the carriage and reached his hand out to the person coming out behind him.

The words Little Jiu caused Murong Yi Xuan’s heart to skip a beat and his eyes showed a trace of surprise, his feet rooted to the ground. He stood there stunned as he simply gazed fixedly at the person coming out from the carriage.

At this time, Su Ruo Yun did not see the person stepping off from the carriage as the ruler had already gone inside and she needed to go up front in escort. Hence, she had not only failed to see that Guan Xi Lin and Feng Jiu had come, but also missed seeing the last person to come down from the carriage. Otherwise, she would surely have turned pale from terror.

“Hey! Isn’t that Old Patriarch Feng there?”

When the various Family Heads saw the young man and woman helping the elderly man down from the carriage, they immediately realized that it was the old Patriarch who had gone missing from the Feng Residence!

And, seeing that sharp demeanor, he didn’t look in the slightest like someone who was afflicted with the demons of lunacy! At that moment, everyone started to go forward and crowd around him.

“Old Patriarch Feng! You’ve finally come back!”

“Old Patriarch Feng, during this period that you were not here at the manor, General Feng had fallen ill from worry!”

“Old Patriarch Feng, just where have you been all this while?”

Everyone crowded around the old man and shot their questions at him incessantly, their voices highly tinged with concern. As everyone who came today were all only from the bigger clans and more prestigious families in the Cloudy Moon City, not a single person from the medium sized families was seen. Hence, every single one found Guan Xi Lin and Feng Lin highly unfamiliar and no one was able to recognize them.

“Haha, I’ve caused everyone much worry, but this old man is fine.” Old Patriarch Feng said with a laugh, nodding his head at each and everyone in appreciation.

“Grandfather Feng.” Murong Yi Xuan came walking over and seeing that the Old Patriarch’s spirits had recovered rather well, he could not help but feel slightly puzzled. [Why is he with Guan Xi Lin and his sister?]

His gaze shifted and his probing line of sight finally fell upon Feng Jiu.

When the Old Patriarch Feng saw him, he said in a highly amicable tone: “Oh! It’s Yi Xuan! You came here today as well? This old man heard that the ruler had come?” When he saw the young man looking intently at his Little Feng, the smile on his face deepened further.

This two people here, was a very well matched couple no matter which way you looked at them. A pity, Little Feng’s face…..

When the guards in the Feng Residence saw that the person who stepped out from the carriage was actually their very own Old Patriarch Feng, they ran inside almost flying as they shouted out excitedly: “It’s the Old Patriarch! Old Patriarch Feng is back! The Old Patriarch Feng has returned…..”

“Grandfather, let’s go inside!”

Feng Jiu didn’t even look at Murong Yi Xuan once but just supported her Grandfather to walk on inside. Guan Xi Lin followed on the Old Patriarch right while Leng Shuang trailed close behind Feng Jiu.

“Wha..what?…What did you say?!”

Su Ruo Yun was entertaining the ruler who was seated in the main seat in the hall when she was suddenly shocked to turn completely pale after hearing what a guard had told her and her body began to tremble uncontrollably as she asked: “Who did you say came back? Who?”

“It’s the Old Patriarch! Old Patriarch Feng is back!” The guard replied, greatly delighted.

The ruler who was seated as he sipped at his tea noticed her strange reaction and his eyebrow tilted up slightly, feeling a little astonished at the panic and fear under her reaction.

[Having one’s own Grandfather back, shouldn’t she be feeling happy about it? Why is she reacting in this way?]

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