Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Feng Jiu Returns Home

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The man in blue robes saw her standing outside the pavilion to look at them without saying a word and his eyebrow lifted as he asked: “Does the Young Miss need something from us?”

Su Ruo Yun recovered her senses and her gaze swept over the faces of the eight men as she asked in a gentle and demure tone: “What are your names?”

“Our names?”

He walked closer in approach and leaned against the pavilion to say: “The several old men above our heads had left instructions that our names are to be revealed to our Lord, hence, before the Young Miss becomes our Lord, we wouldn’t mind if the Young Miss can assign numbers upon us to be used as our names in an order you deem fit.”

Another man who came walking up from behind him had his arms folded across his chest as he glanced at the man beside him before he looked at the people outside with a slight look of lazy nonchalance upon his face and said: “She is still not our Lord yet! So she can’t give us any orders. Giving us numbers as our names will still not let her mobilize us.”

“Young Miss, although we are part of the Feng Guards, we still have not acknowledged you as our Lord. Whether you are able to make us acknowledge you will depend on your capabilities.” Another man said as he came walking up, his tone distinctly unfriendly.

Afterall, although they were also Feng Guards, but towards people who were not their Lord, they did not need to be too courteous.

Upon hearing those words, Su Ruo Yun was not angry. She instead revealed a smile and glanced at them as she said confidently: “All of you will submit to me.” The moment her voice fell, she turned around and went walking towards to front courtyard.

From what she could see, the real Feng Qing Ge was already dead and having the Feng Guards fall into her hands was just a matter of time. She did not believe that with what she was capable of, she would be unable to make them submit!

When she came closer to them, a black robed man walked up and swept his gaze the two men at his side while saying: “You guys shouldn’t overdo it. She is afterall the Lord’s daughter, and the Lord we would soon pledge loyalty to.”

“Chey! How do you know that she had that capability to make us call her Lord of our own accord?” The highly nonchalant man said indignantly, obviously not thinking much of her.

“But do not forget how the few old men have been supporting us.”

Hearing that, the several men fell silent, and no one said another word.

After awhile, the black robed man then said: “It’s about time, let’s go out front to take a look!”

“Might as well.” Several of the men acknowledged and they made their way together to the front courtyard.

At that same moment in the direction towards the Feng Residence, the common citizens were gathered upon the main street as the Emperor was passing through and they followed behind the contingent to watch, gawking in awe at the resplendent troop of soldiers making their way towards the Feng Residence. And upon the Emperor’s Dragon Carriage, the ruler sat imposingly dressed in his magnificent golden Dragon Robe, while at the edge on one side, dressed in a purple robe and exuding a highly noble air, was Murong Yi Xuan who followed after upon a stallion.

Upon hearing that the country’s ruler had come, the various Family Heads within the Feng Residence were rather surprised. The Feng Residence announcing Feng Qing Ge as the Lord of the Fengs would usually not require the ruler to personally attend but he had still come. What that was supposed to signify was rather intriguing.

Even so, everyone still went outside to receive him. That was afterall the ruler of the Sun Glory Country and he was a highly powerful exponent himself. Hence, all the people did not dare to show any form of disrespect.

As the person holding the highest authourity in the Feng Residence, Su Ruo Yun walked out from within the crowd and prostrated herself before the Dragon Carriage to say: “Your lady subject Feng Qing Ge respectfully welcomes the ruler’s esteemed presence.”

“We all welcome the ruler.” All the various Family Heads chorused in unison, bowing respectfully.

“Mm.” From upon the Dragon Carriage, a deep voice sounded and the ruler dressed in his golden Dragon Robe stepped down from above, his sharp gaze imbued with his imposing aura sweeping over the people gathered briefly before he opened his stride to walk inside.

After he went in, everyone immediately heaved a sigh of relief and exchanged glances with other. Just as they were about to follow behind to go in, they saw a horse carriage slowly coming to a stop before the front gates of the Feng Residence…..

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