Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Peak Level Martial Masters

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Hearing that, the several people fell silent. The eight of them were not anyone else but the very eight Team Leaders of the eight Elite Masters teams of the Feng Guards.

To these men who had been practising cultivation behind closed doors, the happenings at the Feng Residence if not for reports from the Feng Guards which told them, they would not have known anything about it. And after finding out about the recent incidents that had occurred in the Feng Residence recently, they had then taken up investigations into the matter.

Especially about the incident where they were told that the Old Patriarch had been afflicted with the demons of lunacy and abducted. They had not expected that the person that the Family Head who brought all the guards inside and outside of the manor to search for but still failed would actually be taken by a young woman and he was actually recuperating within a courtyard outside.

They had tried to get nearer to observe but the moment they got closer, they had been detected. They really didn’t know whether it was just that the young woman was too sharp or that their abilities at hiding their presence was just lacking.

They had initially wanted to bring the Old Patriarch back but after they saw that the Old Master was highly jovial when with the young woman, and that the young woman would help the Old Master to move around within the courtyard without the Old Master displaying the slightest sign that he was afflicted with the demons of lunacy, the group of leaders quickly dropped the idea.

Although they did not know who that young lady was, but her high concern for the Old Master’s wellbeing could not be faked. Since it was ascertained that she harboured no ill intentions towards the Old Master, they left them well alone.

“Sigh, you guys tell me, that young woman’s face had been so badly disfigured, why did it seem like she didn’t really care much about it?” The blue robed man asked in curiosity. When he first saw that disfigured face, he had been rudely shocked.

Afterall, that was a young lady and seeing her face so badly disfigured that he could not bear to see it any longer, he felt that the lady was rather pitiful.

“There wasn’t any mystical power on that young lady’s body and I think she is just a regular person. Whereas for that Guan Xi Lin, his aura was rock solid stable, that one’s somebody.”

The black robed man lowered his voice and said, hesitating a moment as his eyes narrowed: “Have all of you seen the Family Head’s daughter today? What do all of you think?”

“Nothing much to look at. To become the Lord of the Feng Guards, she’s not good enough.”

“Mmm. Her powers aren’t outstanding but her looks are rather exceptional.”

“Seeing a prissy and dainty little girl becoming the Lord of the Feng Guards? Tsk, that, I’m not too keen to see.”

“Haiz! It’s the first time seeing her and I must say I’m disappointed.”

“I don’t think much of it either.”

“She won’t be able to make us submit.”

“We don’t have much of a choice in this you know? Who asked our Family Head to only have just that one and only daughter! ?”

After hearing his comrades words one after another, the black robed man stood up and said: “No, she is not that simple.”

“Huh? How?” The other seven immediately asked in unison, feeling rather puzzled why the black robed man would say such a thing. None of them had seen anything special about that Feng Qing Ge afterall.



The others scoffed to say: “Didn’t feel anything.”

His gaze then turned and all the others looked in the same direction as one of them said with a laugh: “It’s always said do not talk about people in the day and to not talk about ghosts at night. Look, once we mention that person, she appears.”

Not too far away, a figure dressed in a colourful and resplendent dress was walking towards them with two servant girls following behind her. When she saw the group of several young men with their outstanding looks and highly imposing demeanor, some standing some sitting, under the pavilion, a brief glint immediately passed through her eyes.

These eight men, were the eight Team Leaders of the Feng Guards’ Elite Masters teams. The powers of these eight men had already reached the peak level of a Martial Master.

It must be known that the Old Patriarch had practised his cultivation his whole life and he had only achieved the powerful eighth stage of the initial level of a Martial Sovereign.

As for Feng Xiao, he had only just broken into the realm of a Martial Sovereign a few years ago and had now only managed the mystical initial level at the second stage.

In time to come, these eight men would definitely rise into the realms of a Martial Sovereign and by that time…..

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