Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 150

Chapter 150: The Mysterious Feng Guards

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“But I do not seem to recall having seen those Feng Guards in our Feng Residence.” From memory, she had not seen any of that group of Feng Guards of the Feng Family but just that team of Feng Guards by Grandfather’s and Father’s side protecting them.

“You will definitely come across the Feng Family’s Guards in the future but now, we’d better go back home first. Otherwise, once this matter blows up, it might become too difficult to contain.” The Old Patriarch said in a deep voice and then turned to look at Guan Xi Lin beside them. “Xi Lin, go prepare the carriage now as we already do not have much time till noon and we need to hurry back to stop them.”

“Right away.” Guan Xi Lin acknowledged, immediately walking outside.

At that moment, Leng Shuang came in holding snacks in her hands and said: “Old Master, Young Miss, have some snacks! Mother Qing just made them.”

Feng Jiu smiled and then said: ” We’re going back to the Feng Residence. Bring the snacks along and we’ll just eat them on the carriage.” Towards the situation the Feng Family was facing, she was not as worried as the Old Patriarch was as with just Su Ruo Yun alone, she wouldn’t be able to kick up too big a ruckus.

And within the Feng Residence, due to the news that was sent out, various Family Heads within the city were arriving one after another. They sat together and discussed in hushed whispers. From what they think, Feng Qing Ge was still too young and she might not be able to exert control over the Feng Guards to become the Feng Lord.

But no one had expected that the Feng Family would have so many things happen to them recently. First, the Old Patriarch had been afflicted with the Demons of Lunacy and was even abducted with his whereabouts still unknown. Then, barely two days later, General Feng himself had also fallen and the only person who could make decisions in the Feng Residence was only Feng Qing Ge. But everyone there did not think highly of the kind of powers she possessed.

Although Feng Qing Ge was the most precious pearl of a daughter of Feng Xiao’s, but compared to her powers and capabilities, her peerlessly beautiful countenance was what made people talked about in relish instead. Afterall, with all of them being residents in the Cloudy Moon City, they naturally knew the kind of level Feng Qing Ge’s cultivation was at.

In fact, with the level of cultivation Feng Qing Ge possessed, it wasn’t even comparable to most of the children from medium ranged families. But she had the advantage of having a proud son of Heaven as a fiancee and the strong backing of the Feng Residence behind her, hence, the level of her cultivation was not what everyone else paid much attention to.

Under a pavilion in the backyard, there were eight men in brocaded robes, some seated, some standing, and some leaning against the pavilion with their arms folded across their chests as they chatted.

“Does any of you think the Old Master will return today?”

“The one who spoke was a young man dressed in a blue robe. He was seated at the table with his chin supported with one hand as he asked the others.

A stern faced man in a black robe lifted his tea and sipped a mouthful as he said in a deep voice: “The news had all been released out. He will definitely return.”

“There seems to be quite a number of people who turned up. I heard the people from below reporting that even the old Emperor himself had come.” Leaning against the outside of the pavilion, a man with his arms folded across his chest quipped nonchalantly.

A white robed man who held a folding fan in his hand then asked: “But, is it really fine for us to not reveal the information we hold? Will we be going overboard like this?”

“In what way? The Family Head had not asked us to look into it at all and we knew about it all due to investigations we did on our own. That doesn’t count as withholding information.” The man who spoke had an eyebrow lifted, his tone indicating that it was highly natural and was only to be expected.

Another one of the men could not help himself but laugh out loud to say: “It was lucky for us that those old fogeys are in secluded cultivation, otherwise, if they were to see us not lifting a finger to deal with the trouble, I think we will all be put another session of drills.”

“Speaking of that, just who is that girl with the Old Master that even we were unable to dig up her real identity? That is really rather strange.”

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