Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 172

Chapter 172: What Are You Doing! ?

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Chief Ke could not help himself but looked at the Ghost Doctor before his eyes from head to toe, sizing him up. He wasn’t able to see the Ghost Doctor’s face clearly but from his demeanor and mannerisms, the man should at least have to be over twenty years old already! Who would have thought that he would suddenly claim himself to be only fif….. fifteen! ?

At that moment, he could not help but suspect whether it was right for him to stake the entire Green Gallop black market’s reputation upon this man!

As Chief Ke was suddenly finding his forehead covered in a layer of cold sweat, Ling Mo Han was staring deeply at Feng Jiu as he knew that the other party had recognized him, fully aware that he had been the dark robed intruder who had sneaked into the hot spring that night.

Another middle aged man strode over to them, his gaze sweeping disdainfully over the flamboyantly red figure of Feng Jiu before he turned to Chief Ke and said with a sneer: “Fifteen?”

“Haha, Chief Ke. From where have you dug up such a little kid who still had not been weaned off from his milk? Doesn’t the black market have anyone else? Do you really have to resort to using a bumbling kid to come take part in the Miracle Medicine Grand Meet? Aren’t you afraid that you will only end up completely shaming and humiliating the black market you belong to?”

When Chief Ke heard those words, his swung a sharp and dignified gaze upon the middle aged man and said impolitely: “I do not seem to recall that the affairs of the black market is of any concern to this gentleman here!”

“Haha, the black market has lost for three consecutive years and I must say I can understand how Chief Ke must be feeling.”

The middle aged man then looked tauntingly at Chief Ke and then pulled a young man of about eighteen or nineteen years of age forward, to put on a fawning smile towards Ling Mo Han as he said: “Teacher, Ling, this is my youngest son…..”

He had not even managed to finish his words when he was suddenly interrupted.

Ling Mo Han did not even look at the father and son pair, his gaze fixed only on Feng Jiu as he said: “Young one, the Miracle Medicine Grand Meet has not yet begun. Why don’t you take a walk with me?”

“Sure.” The corners of her mouth curled up in a smile and she turned to Chief Ke to say: “I’ll be back when the meet begins.”

Chief Ke stared in surprise at Ling Mo Han and then turned his gaze onto Feng Jiu before he replied: “Sure sure sure. Go right ahead.”

Watching the two people, one dressed in black and one in red walking to the other side, he started to question himself within his heart. [The two of them knew each other?]

“What relationship do you have with the black market?”

Ling Mo Han asked as he looked at the red clothed youth who was a few notches shorter than he was, his brows creased together. It was little wonder the youth had addressed him as Uncle. Standing together, the youth did indeed look like a kid still not fully grown.

“It’s just as you have seen. They invited me here to help them. They want me to win back the top position for them.” Feng Jiu said casually, finding herself a rock before she sat herself upon it.

His eyes were deep like an ancient lake as he gazed probingly at the red robed youth before him and he then asked: “Have I seen you before?”

Hearing him say that, Feng Jiu looked at him, her faintly smiling gaze tinged with a glint of tease. “Uncle, are you still wearing those red underpants?”

The instant her voice fell, her eyes shone hungrily like a wolf as she looked at him with a filthy gaze, smiling as she said: “Actually I like red too. Look, I wearing all red myself.”

Those words made Ling Mo Han suddenly feel a highly wicked chill. Especially when the youth’s gaze was staring so blatantly at him like a hungry wolf, which just made him feel highly uncomfortable.

He thought to himself in his heart: [This youth couldn’t possibly have that kind of undesirable habit would he?]

“Uncle Ling? What’s wrong?”

It was not known from when Feng Jiu had leaned her body over to come right before him, already almost sticking to his chest as she asked her questions.

“What are you doing! ?”

Ling Mo Han’s face turned chilly and he immediately moved himself back a few steps.

“I didn’t do anything!” Feng Jiu exclaimed innocently.

His face darkened as he stared at the youth, his voice deep and low as he berated in a stone cold tone: “A man should act just like a man should. Like what you are doing now, it’s absolutely scandalous!”

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