Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 47

47 – Conditions

Yang Ye’s image was silent for a moment and then said respectfully: “I’ll sincerely comply with Your orders! However, I ask You to permit my Steel City start a war against the Sanger Clan!”

Blitz said coldly: “No!”

Anger welled up in Yang Feng’s heart, under his orders, Yang Ye’s image fell into perpetual silence, loosing that appearance of the frank and straightforward reply of just a moment ago.

Blitz said lightly: “I can let the Sanger Clan provide you with a compensation! 10,000 Magic Stones, I will let them pay you 10,000 Magic Stones for their own foolishness.”

10,000 Magic Stones was equivalent to 1,000,000 Gold Coins. Fernandro Principality lost to Yang Feng and had to pay him however 300,000 Magic Stones in war reparations. Those 300,000 Magic Stone, that huge amount of war reparations, already added some pressure to Fernandro Clan. 10,000 Magic Stones, regarding Sanger Clan, a Warlock group that wasn’t in charge of any state, definitely was a huge sum of money.

Yang Ye’s image said respectfully: “I have no need for Magic Stones! I only ask that you agree to my four requests. First, let my nephew enter Warlock College Antalya’s Secret Arts Pagoda and choose a secret art that can be advanced util Great Warlock. Second, please give my nephew a bottle of Mermaid Tears. Third, Bantania’s severed head. Fourth, I ask that my niece can be exempt from the admission testing.”

Warlock College Antalya’s Secret Arts Pagoda had countless secret arts, there was no lack of secret arts that could advanced until Great Warlock. The reason why Warlock College Antalya could become one of the six great overlord-ranked forces in Turandot Subcontinent was because of their several thousands of years of continued tradition of Great Warlocks, it had yet to be severed. Even when they were at their weakest, they still had two Great Warlock backers. One of the principal reasons was the Secret Arts Pagoda with its countless secret arts. They could let those geniuses choose, according to their circumstances, to practice different secret arts.

Mermaid Tears was a kind of elixir capable of changing the practitioner’s spirit aptitude. It was of higher rank than Blue Mirage and was more difficult to be refined. Each bottle’s worth was at 8000 Gold Coins or higher – furthermore, it was also in short supply

Although Blue Mirage was rare yet it still could be bought from time to time in the market. But Mermaid Tears would only occasionally appear in an auction or in some black markets. In Warlock College Antalya, basically all of Mermaid Tears was bought by great official Warlocks, with only a miserable amount of it flowing outside. Although Yang Feng acquired a huge amount of Magic Stones, yet there was no way for him to purchase such a rare elixir as Mermaid Tears.

Blitz’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and he said in a deep voice: “If your nephew Yang Feng signs a spiritual contract, one that prohibits him from transmitting the secret arts, in any shape or form, to anyone, including any of your own people. Then i can agree to your request.”

Yang Feng’s spirit aptitude was only at inferior level-1. In Blitz’s view, even if Yang Ye stakes it all on collecting medicine that raises one’s spirit aptitude, at most, he would only be able to promote Yang Feng’s spirit aptitude until around level-3. Level-3 spirit attribute, even if one possesses a Great Warlock rank secret art, one would at most become a level-3 Apprentice Warlock, then promoting to an official Warlock would be extremely difficult.

Yang Ye’s image said respectfully: “Good! I’ll let him sign the spiritual contract and he definitely won’t transmit the secret art to anyone.”

Yang Feng stood respectfully at the side, his lips bent slightly and in his eyes was a trace of a smile.

“Sign this spiritual contract!” Blitz took out the hide from an unknown formidable mythical beast, drew a spiritual contract on top of it and then handed it to Yang Feng.

Yang Feng carefully checked that spiritual contract for a moment, after making sure that there were no issues, only then did he signed it.

After Yang Feng signed the contract, then the hide immediately combusted and turned into a lump of dark blue flames without any heat.

That lump of dark blue fire suddenly flew out and merged with the place between his Yang Feng’s eyebrows and disappeared.

Blitz took out a silver emblem, threw it at Yang Feng and said faintly: “Once you officially promote to an Apprentice Warlock, hold this badge and you can enter the Secret Arts Pagoda! With your current physical constitution, you’ll die as long as you enter Secret Arts Pagoda, you don’t even have the qualifications to accept the secret arts.

Every type of Warlocks’ Secret Treasures had outrageously formidable powers. Mortals basically couldn’t come into contact with the Warlocks’ Secret Treasures nor their domains. That Secret Arts Pagoda was one of the core places of Warlock College Antalya, it had the defensive force of numerous Secret Treasures, just the traces of power fluctuation dispersed by those Secret Treasures could easily kill such a mortal as Yang Feng.

Yang Feng saluted respectfully towards Blitz and said: “Many thanks Blitz Daren!”

Blitz swept Yang Feng with a cold glance and waved his hand, the gate once again emerged, a large scarlet hand appeared out of thin air, clutched Yang Feng and threw him into that gate.

Yang Feng only felt a burst of dizziness, his eyes went bright and he once again appeared on Warlock College Antalya’s examination site.

At Warlock College Antalya’s examination site, youngsters from Southern States Coalition looked at Yang Feng’s figure and their eyes flashed with a whiff of dread, no one daring to comment on him once more.

Yang Feng swept the surroundings with a glance, found that Bantania was already missing – Jessica from Fernandro Clan was actually staring hatefully at him.

Without a pretext, even if Steel City’s strength was far more tyrannical than that of Fernandro Clan, it currently still couldn’t strike at Fernandro Clan. Or else, if they defy the laws drafted by Warlock College Antalya, at that time, in order of uphold its dignity, Warlock College Antalya would definitely send countless experts to deal with Yang Feng’s Steel City.

Yang Feng didn’t pay attention to Jessica, a lone person standing at the site of the qualified examinees.

At the site of qualified examinees, a lot of aristocratic youngsters from Southern States Coalition had already formed small circles. There haven’t been any small circles taking the initiative to approach Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s strong performance just a moment ago, it made it so that a conflict arose within a lot of those aristocratic youngsters from the Southern States Coalition. Although they didn’t dared to openly contend with Yang Feng, yet they acted by silently rejecting him.

Facing those youngsters’ joint rejection, Yang Feng simply didn’t care about it. He braved the huge risk of coming to Warlock College Antalya in order to practice cultivation on his Warlock Path. Once he was able to promote to a Great Warlock rank expert, then even if he was an oriental, there would be countless people currying favors with him.

There was still Shi Xue, who didn’t had to have her spiritual aptitude examinated in order to be admitted, standing by Yang Feng’s side.

The gazes of those youngsters were focused on Shi Xue, who stood beside Yang Feng – a lot of the aristocratic youngsters birthed favorable impressions of her. The only thing restraining them from daring to bother her was Yang Feng standing by her side.

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