Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 48

48 – Betty

After the first round of screening concluded, a total of more than 5,000 students reached the standard of qualification for spiritual aptitude. The majority of the students’ spirit aptitudes were at level-4.

The second round of screening was soon after the first round, then the list was immediately announced – of the more than 5,000 students, 4,000 of them were weeded out, merely a 1,000 people were left.

The students with a level-5 spirit aptitude or higher, no one was eliminated. The students with a level-4 spirit aptitude needed to combine their backgrounds with their connections, only then might they receive the qualification to join Warlock College Antalya to study.

For ordinary students, without any background, only when they possess a level-5 spirit aptitude or higher, otherwise there was no way for them to join Warlock College Antalya to study. Yang Feng, in the event that he had to follow the general trend, basically didn’t had any qualifications to join Warlock College Antalya to study.

“Congratulations to you that passed the second round of screening, you obtained the qualifications to join our Warlock College Antaly and can begin study here. You have three years to study all kinds of knowledge. After three years, there will be another screening! Those who don’t manage to promote until level-1 Apprentice Warlock, all of them will be eliminated. Increase your efforts!”

The following day after the screening, all the students convened at Warlock College Antalya and gathered in a large square – an official Warlock dressed in a black Pao, expressionlessly, gave a speech.

After that Warlock dressed in a black Pao was finished with his speech, then shortly after, Yang Feng and the other students were approached by their one year seniors.

“Hello, I’m Betty, your one year Shijie!”May I ask if you are the Steel Lord’s nephew Yang Feng and niece Shi Xue?” A beautiful woman with a head full of blond hair, a fiery figure, some small freckles on her face and white skin, walked up to Yang Feng’s duo and asked with a smile.1

When Betty approached them, she carefully looked at Shi Xue’s peerless appearance, a whiff of jealousy flashed through her beautiful eyes, and then a very sweet smile appeared on her face.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and then said: “That’s right, I’m Yang Feng, this is Shi Xue, my mei-mei.”

Betty said with a smile: “The college arranged for me to your guide as well as inform you about some matters in order for you to have a basic understanding of our Warlock College Antalya. Please follow with me!”

Yang Feng nodded, then he and Shi Xue followed Betty inside Warlock College Antalya.

“Our Warlock College Antalya is split into outer and inner court! The outer court is where students like us stay, students who have yet to become Apprentice Warlocks. The inner court is where the elite students reside and study, students that have already promoted to Apprentice Warlocks. We are not allowed to lightly enter the inner court without having received a prior summon, otherwise, we’ll be punished.”

Betty took Yang Feng’s group of two for a walk, while informing them about Warlock College Antalya’s do’s and don’t.

Warlock College Antalya’s ranking was strict, official Warlocks as well as Apprentice Warlocks, all of them resided near the Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree, within the inner court.

Warlock College Antalya’s inner court was perpetually shrouded by a powerful force field. That force field divided Warlock College Antalya’s inner and outer courts. The inner court was enveloped by a formidable elemental force, the benefits of practicing cultivation there were by far greater than in the outer court. The inner court was the soul of Warlock College Antalya.

As Betty was speaking, she handed Yang Feng a price list: “Studying at Warlock College Antalya isn’t free. This is a price list and a schedule for various kinds of courses.”

Main continent’s common language: 20 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic god language: 100 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic dragon language: 100 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic fiend language: 100 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic elf language: 100 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic study of planes: 200 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic mathematics: 20 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic geometry: 20 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic anthropology: 20 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic close combat techniques: 20 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic politology: 20 Gold Coins per lesson. Basic tactics: 20 Gold Coins per lesson …

That price list was tightly packed with a variety of courses, large amounts of Gold Coins were required in order to learn any given knowledge, ordinary people basically couldn’t afford to study them. Even for aristocrats, once they saw the requirements in Gold Coins in order to attend those courses, they would also have a headache.

Lesser aristocrats such as Zhao Jiang, the revenue of several of their generations would at most permit them to attend 4 lessons of basic fiend language, this was the costly aspect of the world of knowledge.

In Turandot Subcontinent, knowledge was firmly controlled by greater aristocrats with Warlock lineages. For ordinary people, only if their spirit aptitude was incredible and their lucky enough to receive a Warlock’s inheritance, otherwise, it would be very difficult for them to achieve any remarkable fits.

Body-Cultivation Warlock’s intermediate secret art: 10,000 Gold Coins or 90 inferior Magic Stones (can be cultivated until level-3 Apprentice Warlock rank).

Finally Yang Feng’s gaze fell onto the last line, his brows creased slightly as he spoke: “The price of the Body-Cultivation Warlock’s secret art is so high. How could ordinary people have so much money to learn this secret art?

Betty said with a slight smile: “Warlock College Antalya provides loan services. Each student may acquire a Body-Cultivation Warlock’s secret art in exchange for a three-year interest-free loan. Other knowledge can be freely taught to others – but for Body-Cultivation Warlock’s secret arts, once it is discovered that they were transmitted to others, then as punishment, that person will automatically be reduced to a slave of Warlock College Antalya.

Yang Feng eyes flashed a whiff of praise and he silently contemplated: “Such a brilliant method! Thus, just in tuition fees, Warlock College Antalya can easily receive 90,000 Magic Stones every year. Knowledge is wealth as well as power and Turandot Subcontinent is a true embodiment of this description.”

After Yang Feng looked at those densely packed courses, he made sure to remember their prices, his heart was brimming with joy: “Fortunately, I have Steel City’s wealth as my support! Otherwise, I really wouldn’t be able to afford to study here!”

Betty warned them: “Those ordinary students who lack money can go to the mission hall to accept missions. However, those missions in regards to students like us, who hadn’t yet become Apprentice Warlocks, are very dangerous. You should not accept them.”

Yang Feng nodded slightly. Steel City’s sphere of influence was practically equivalent to half of Fernandro Principality’s, with everyday bringing him in enormous wealth. He naturally wouldn’t go and accept those dangerous missions. Before promoting to an official Warlock, he wasn’t interested in adventuring.

Betty still kindly reminded: “Among these courses, apart form Body-Cultivation Warlock’s secret arts, for each course’s assessment that one gets a qualifying mark, one will obtain 1 Point and for each excellent mark, one will obtain 5 Points. 100 Points can be used to exchange for a level-0 spell model. Of course, if one wants to buy it instead, then a level-0 spell model requires 20 inferior Magic Stones to be spent. Basic god language, basic fiend language, basic dragon language and basic elf language, these are the prerequisite courses in order to learn a lot of powerful arts. Mathematics and geometry are the key to constructing spell models. Basic biology is the prerequisite course for the study of variation and the study of blood-meridian variation. If you wish to be an official Warlock, then you should start thinking about the direction in which you want to develop as well as study the corresponding prerequisite courses.”

1 – Shijie – a senior or older female schoolmate

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