Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 46

46 – Begging Abjectly for Mercy

That extremely beautiful lady with the superior level-6 spirit aptitude also bowed slightly towards Yang Ye’s image in salute and said dimly: “Respected Steel City’s City Master Daren, I’m Jessica of Fernandro Principality and Fernandro Clan’s third successor. Our clan also doesn’t wishes to be enemies with You!”

It doesn’t matter how much Jessica hated Yang Ye, with regards to a formidable official Warlock, she still must be humble – otherwise, it would give Steel City a pretext to once again start a war.

Fernandro Clan was already injured because of the war with Steel City. Jessica was also distinctly clear about the strength Steel City. A 100,000 Knight rank mechanical golem legion, even if the two great clans joined together, Fernandro Clan and Sanger Clan, they also wouldn’t be necessarily Steel City’s match.

Finished speaking, Jessica also left Bantania under his somewhat desperate gaze.

That small group at once collapsed and fell apart. Bantania, who merely a moment ago was still high-spirited and basking in the limelight, now stood there all alone by himself.

A teacher responsible for the aptitude examination stood up, gloomily faced Yang Ye’s image and asked: “Yang Ye, I’m IUrii, a teacher at Warlock College Antalya and a level-1 Warlock! Tutania Principality is an important member of our Southern States Coalition. Southern States Coalition prohibits the starting of wars without a cause nor reason! Do you really want to violate the laws drafted by our Warlock College Antalya?”

Southern States Coalition was Warlock College Antalya’s foundation. Warlock College Antalya basically won’t permit internal conflict and mutual consumption of power within Southern States Coalition.

Yang Ye’s image swept IUrii with a glance and then said coldly: “IUrii, I don’t have the desire to violate the laws drafted by Warlock College Antalya! However, this mortal ant insulted me! A Warlock’s honor is inviolable, in order to uphold the honor of a Warlock, I have the right to retaliate against him and his clan! I’ve decided to uproot him and his clan, only like this can I quell my rage! Anything or anyone obstructing my vengeance is an enemy of mine!”

IUrii didn’t know how to respond and therefore fell into silence.

Turandot Subcontinent was a place ruled by Warlocks. A Warlock’s honor was inviolable. Once any mortal insulted the dignity of a Warlock, he or she would receive the terrifying retaliation of the Warlock – this was a Warlock’s right.

Bantania’s spirit attribute reached up to intermediate level-5 and he had the strength of a high-level Warrior. He was regarded as a genius among mortal youngsters. But a mortal genius was still a mortal, he wasn’t a Warlock – once he insulted a Warlock, Yang Feng wishing to uproot his clan was also reasonable and proper.

Bantania’s eyes were filled with a whiff of despair and he shouted at the top of his lungs: “Mighty Steel lord Daren, I didn’t insult You, ah! I swear on my life that I hadn’t insulted You!”

Yang Feng took the initiative to step forward and deliberately misrepresented the facts: “Uncle! He said that we orientals were yellow monkeys, that we should be staffed into cages and be fed bananas, that we don’t have any qualifications to become Warlocks and don’t have the qualifications to join Warlock College Antalya.”

Yang Ye looked down coldly at Bantania and said very grimly: “This is the Warlock College Antalya and no one is allowed to harm others in here! I also won’t deal with you here. However, as long as you leave Warlock College Antalya, our Steel City’s mechanical golem legion of 100,000 will deal with you and erase you from this world!

Bantania at once knelt on the ground and shouted at the top of his lungs while crying and pleading: “Mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye, I implore You, let me off! I really didn’t meant it! I apologize! Yang Feng, I apologize! I beg you to spare me, let me off!”1

Yang Feng didn’t even spare Bantania a glance.

Within Turandot Subcontinent, caucasians were the main ethnic group, for orientals to integrate in this society was extremely difficult. As long as Yang Feng shows any weakness, then he would be bullied. He doesn’t want to be bullied. And if he could seize this opportunity and annex Tutania Principality, then his forces would receive a huge boost once again.

Yang Feng’s territory currently borders on Savage Claw’s Denixia Empire and on Rose Garden’s Rosa Empire – Savage Claw and Rose Garden were two of the six great Warlock groups. In order to expand his territory, the only option would be to invade Denixia Empire or Rosa Empire.

If Savage Claw doesn’t dispatch Great Warlock rank experts, then Yang Feng was sure to seize Denixia Empire in a war. However, once Savage Claw dispatches Great Warlock rank experts, then his odds at victory would be reduced to the lowest. It was very difficult for Yang Feng to expand under such circumstances. To now get the opportunity to expand, he naturally won’t easily let it slip past him.

At this moment, a terrifying coercion gushed out from within Warlock College Antalya and enveloped this patch of land.

Under the terrifying coercion, all those present were oppressed, their complexions pale and bodies trembling.

Yang Feng was also under that terrifying coercion, his complexion changed greatly, his entire body was brimming with fear and he almost couldn’t help but kneel.

At this moment, the level-1 Secret Treasure Green Heart, it looked like a green leaf, it bloomed with traces of green radiance on Yang Feng’s chest, weakening that terrifying coercion by more than 50% – only then could he barely bear that terrifying coercion without kneeling nor loosing face.2

A gate manifested itself out of thin air, it opened and a foul wind spewed out from within the it, then a large scarlet hand extended from within the gate and grabbed Yang Feng and pulled him inside the gate.

Yang Feng entered the gate, then the gate immediately closed and faded.

Yang Feng eyes opened his eyes wide, then saw himself appear in a lounge.

A middle-aged man with silver hair was sitting in the center of the lounge, he was like the sun and his body bloomed with extremely terrifying fluctuations of power.

Yang Feng glanced at the middle-aged man with silver hair, his eyes in pain, just like looking directly at the sun, he was suddenly unable to see.

“I’m Scarlet Hand Blitz!”

A formidable and refreshing power suddenly merged with Yang Feng, poured into his eyes and alleviated the pain, while a flat voice sounded inside the lounge.

Tears flowed from Yang Feng’s eyes and his heart shook: “Scarlet Hand Blitz, the most formidable level-3 Warlock of Warlock College Antalya, known as the man closest to a Great Warlock! Truly formidable!”

Yang Ye’s image bowed slightly towards Blitz in salute and said respectfully: “I’m Steel City’s City Master Yang Ye, welcome Blitz Daren!”

Blitz declared flatly and very overbearingly: ” I’m aware of what happened! Steel City is not allowed to wage war with Tutania Principality.”

1 –

2 – Mysterious Treasure was changed to Secret Treasure

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